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“It’s easy to have the impulse of, ‘I’ve got to strike, I’ve got to be relevant, I’ve got to keep this thing alive,’ ” [Andy Samberg] said. “But the truth is, if you’re doing stuff you like, it’ll happen, and it’ll happen in the way that’s right for you.”


“I don’t necessarily believe that I should be a political commentator but I’m proud to be working on a show that feels it has a duty to hold up a mirror to the political landscape and therefore provide an element of accountability.”


All blood stain / blood at knife / knife cut @ neck edited by me (except the one that running down from nose. That one belongs to @jingleriotsims) So, sorry if the editing quality kinda trashy // 

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Ziam S.W.A.T. au,

Who’s going to write this ?!?!

Ok, i start…Zayn is the sergeant of this L.A. division and Liam is the new transfered officer. So in order to hide his obvious attraction to the new member of the team, Zayn gives Liam a really hard time. But instead of make Liam give up his job, this only makes him wanting to prove Zayn wrong. I need someone to go from here… Pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee.