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The overall idea of what A.D. stands for IS NOT MINE - credit as above! I repeat, the idea of what A.D. stands for is not mine! But, since I loved the idea so much I’m going to explain it in my own way and give my own clues that I found myself.

I’m fully convinced that A.D. stands for Advocatus Diaboli, which is Latin for Devil’s Advocate. Here was our clue:

Oh and at the end of 714, what do we hear in the final song? Devil, devil. These are the main lyrics they make us listen to, on full blast. Devil, devil!

Another occasion of a song about a devil playing, is in episode 401: “The Devil Within” plays. It plays during a scene with Black Widow:

More devil references in the above scene. Is a ‘devil’ endgame?

So there are clear devil references in the show. But what does it all mean? Advocatus Diaboli?

The job of a devil’s advocate is to prove that people are not saints, and actually, they have flaws. There is someone out there in Rosewood who is so obsessed with these five pretty girls, but absolutely cannot stand the idea that they come across so perfect, when in reality, they create their own problems through lying. Throughout the series we’ve seen A’s obsession with the girls - stroking Aria’s pink hair, making dolls of the girls, eating popcorn while watching the girls on TV… the list goes on. A.D. finds these girls so pretty! But they’re not pretty on the inside. They create their own problems and they need to own up to it.

Advocatus Diaboli wants to expose the truth behind these five pretty girls. Why do they keep getting into terrible situations but somehow come out the other side clean?

  • Aria killed Shana, got away with it.
  • Hanna (and Emily?) killed Noel, got away with it.
  • Emily killed Nate, got away with it. 
  • Hanna killed Archer - got away with it. Or did they? A.D. was close with Archer and is working to punish the girls for this, starting with ‘the finger’.
  • Aria is in a relationship with her teacher - well she’s not the innocent perfect girl everyone sees on the outside.
  • Hanna stole sunglasses - she shouldn’t be Rosewood’s it-girl.
  • Spencer kissed her sister’s fiancé. Why is Spencer considered Rosewood’s greatest achiever and role model student?
  • The list goes on of problems the girls create themselves but somehow manage to get away with it.

This is the whole theme of the show: these girls are not perfect. They actually create their own mess, and A.D. is obsessed with exposing the fact that they’re not as pretty on the inside. I remember one quote from Hanna: “I don’t even know why I just lied”.

You know what is really making me believe in this theory? WHO THE HELL WROTE THIS? This was NOT Andrew’s diary - the writers wanted us to think it was his, however he was revealed to not be Charles, so it makes no sense for Andrew (an innocent person) to have written this. Somehow, A.D.’s diary stumbled into Tanner’s hands while she was investigating Charlotte (further highlighting the relationship between Charlotte and A.D.)

The girls indeed are Pretty Little Liars.

Followers of my blog know I am obsessed with the idea of Bethany Young being A.D. (You can read posts entirely dedicated to Bethany here and here.) I believe this idea of A.D. standing for Advocatus Diaboli works perfectly for Bethany.

She never ever draws her face properly. Is it possible that she was the Black Widow as mentioned above (when The Devil Within played, again hinting to Advocatus Diaboli) and her face deformity is precisely why she sees the girls as so pretty; these girls have what she will never have - a pretty perfect face, and she’s frustrated that everyone sees these girls as so perfect, and so she becomes the Advocatus Diaboli/Devil’s Advocate to expose their flaws. Perhaps, she was caught in the fire of The Jenna Thing too, which caused her face deformity, making this more personal too for her to attack Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison. They did cause that fire.

Is this our true Uber A/A.D.?

When you have a friend that you love and appreciate with all your heart

[Original courtesy of Josh Keaton’s spacedad wall] Tried to brighten the pic/apply some filters to see details better and thought I’d share! 

UPDATE: [Artist Credit], guys! This poster was done by Cteez, AnthonyGoes,and ChristineBean33 over at Twitter- VLD art staff for season 1! With special mention to Kwang Kim and Jin Sun Kim (Studio Mir) in the thread.

You can also get it in MUCH better resolution from the artist credit/post link above for wallpapery stuff. :) Go like/retweet it!

  • Coran has pizza! Where has he been hiding that??
  • Check out the enthusiastic shoulder-lean Hance! 
  • What IS scaring Hunk, anyway? 
  • Allura’s so prim. Also, leaning towards Pidge a little there.
  • Pidge… has the Aang pose/face. xD
  • Keith is master of poker face– or he doesn’t understand what’s going on again. 
  • I live for the casually together Sheith. 9/10 times if they’re both in a scene they’re together in a panel. ♥ Can we talk about how SHIROS KNEE IS UNDER KEITHS THIGH?
  • This and the shower/ playfight makes me think Shiro REALLY misses the simple things in life and hanging out. :’) 
  • I like how all the Galra are casually chilling watching them watch… I think? Maybe ‘like’ is a strong word.

you don’t get to have 

  • soft leather armour that would offer literally NO protection
  • double-bladed axe heads
  • fire arrows being used against people
  • torches in the daytime
  • armoured people being killed with a single slash
  • holding bowstrings drawn for an extended period
  • every other common trope in historical movies that is historically wrong

 in your history film and then use ‘historical accuracy’ as an excuse for excluding poc, women, lgbt+ folk and other minorities. you have shown by virtue of including the above that you don’t care about historical accuracy. (and minorities have always existed, their presence is not anachronistic)


So, this is happening! This is the first 3 cards of the oracle deck that I am making called Universal Messages. The credit on the pictures above will NOT be on the final product, but because I’m very proud of these so far and don’t want them stolen, I’m using a credit for now. My plan for this deck is 15-20 cards and I will be making it available on The Game Crafter once it’s complete!

Universal messages exist to connect you to your inner comsic nature and always remind you of the bigger picture. We all have a higher purpose in this life. Ironically, life itself can get in the way of us reaching those divine potentials. That’s when the Universal Messages come in; magical, synchronistic nudges from the other realms that offer guidance and insight for our lives on Earth.

There are synchronicities in every form imaginable, but the Universe has it’s patterns. We can see these in geometry and mathematics - Universal language. Crop circles & sacred geometry are perfect examples. Geometry has been used for thousands of years to represent many concepts and spiritual truths. These patterns can be seen in Nature, showing that all is connected.

Repeating numbers, also known as angel numbers, are a phenomena that occurs to many that have had spiritual awakenings. Whether its 11:11 on the clock or seeing 333 & other variations, these numbers all carry messages and appear to us at certain times for a reason. There are no coincidences!

The goal of this deck is to connect you with these signs so that they may appear in your life more often. It aims to help you understand these signals and be able to connect with the vast and wonderful cosmos we are in.

Cards beautifully adorned with a NASA Hubble image will bring calm and a feeling of oneness with the Universe. Each card has a geometric design and corresponding number, along with words associated with that number.

Whether you believe your messages come from extraterrestrials, angels, spirits, etc. doesn’t matter with this deck because the messages are Universal. Starseed and Indigo children may be especially drawn to this deck! You can draw as many cards as you would like at a time, but 1-3 cards is ideal. You can use this deck for the purpose of daily readings, as well.

May this deck provide the guidance your soul desires.

Credit for above poster goes to Brandi McCloud (@ BrandiMcCloud ).

This poster perfectly describes what Wynonna Earp has done. We need to make a lot of noise because I don’t want to lose the show that helped me accept myself and be open about it.

Send letters, messages, fan art, whatever you can to Syfy and their affiliates (even the President of Syfy himself @mccumberc ). Show them how Wynonna Earp broke barriers and destroyed destructive tropes. I truly believe they are listening to us because they know Earper the fandom are not going to stay quiet. 


Castiel Graphics Challenge
ad-astra-castiel | Movie Quotes
↳ Movie: Interstellar
Perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers.
And we’ve barely begun.
And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.  

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Characteristics of Emotions:
  1. Emotions are Complex; they generally consist of several parts or different reactions happening at the same time
  2. Emotions are Automatic: Emotions are involuntary, automatic responses to internal and external events.
  3. Emotions Cannot Be Changed Directly: We can change the events that cause emotional experiences, but we cannot change the experiences directly. We cannot instruct ourselves to feel a particular emotion and then feel it. We cannot use willpower to stop an emotional experience even when we desperately want to.
  4. Emotions Are Sudden, and They Rise and Fall: Emotions ordinarily occur suddenly, although the intensity of a particular emotion may build up slowly over time. They are also like waves in the sea because they rise and fall. Most emotions only last from seconds to minutes.
  5. Emotions are Self-Perpetuating: Once an emotion starts, it keeps restarting itself. We might even save that “emotions love themselves.” This is because when emotions sensitize us to events associated with the emotions. Examples: When we are in a house at night alone and are afraid, every little sound seems like it may be someone breaking in. When we are in love, we see only the positive points of the person we love. Once we are jealous, every time our loved one looks at someone else, it is proof of betrayal.
  6. Emotions have Components: These components are interrelated, and each component influences all others. Thus, although an emotion can be thought of as a complete and transactional systematic response to external and internal events, it can also be very helpful to examine each component separately. A very important take-home message here is that changing just one component can often change the entire emotional response.
  7. Some Emotions are Universal. There are probably about 10-12 universal emotions (e.g. anger, disgust, fear, guilt, joy, jealousy, envy, sadness, shame, surprise, interest, love). People are built with the potential, the biological readiness, for these. Others are learned and are usually some combination of the basic emotions.

Disclaimer: We do not own the content above. Complete credit goes to The Second Edition of the DBT Skills Training Manual by Marsha M. Linehan