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NGC 6752 

NGC 6752 is the third brightest globular cluster in the night sky, being bested only by Omega Centauri and 47 Tucana. At a visual magnitude of 5.4 it is visible to the naked eye from a dark sky site. It’s roughly 13,000 light-years from Earth in the direction of the southern constellation Pavo (The Peacock) and contains well over 100,000 stars within its 100 light-year diameter. Bright red giant stars which dominate this cluster can be seen in the above image. 

Credit: David M. Jurasevich


#theArtfulTruth - Expressions & Emotions 

If you’re trying to get better at faces, expressions, eyes, noses, mouths, etc, one of the best exercises I can recommend is to create a grid of boxes labeled with whatever emotions you want and fill them in with SIMPLIFIED drawings. I got the sheet above from my former instructor Will Weston and filled it in using Disney animated movies. Here’s how you go about doing this:

1. Make your grid (you can use the clear one above, credit: Will Weston)

2. Label as many emotions/expressions that you want. Try to have a range.

3. Find some good source material. I recommend the book above by Mark Simon if you want real photos. You can also use cartoons and movies. Just put on a DVD and start watching. When you get to a scene where a character’s facial expression matches something you want, pause it and sketch out the basic shapes very SIMPLY. DO NOT try to copy the exact design of the character’s features, but instead try to see what the general expression is. It might be hard at first but keep trying to simplify. 

4. Rinse and repeat. You can make yours as realistic or as cartoony as possible. And don’t be afraid to change them. Looking back at my own sheet above, I don’t necessarily agree with my former self but that’s ok. We’re all constantly improving or at least we hope so :)

ONE LAST THING: Remember that there is no one single way to draw expressions. This should serve as a guide for when you’re stuck or just to get better in general. There’s probably a million ways to draw “Happy” so experiment and see what you learn. And if you feel like it, write me and tell me about it. I’d love to hear about your growth.

Happy Drawing!

Happy Valentine’s Day Clexakru

The members of Rikleimt hope everyone has been having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Today we’d like to spread some love to our favorite artists in the fandom. Thank you for keeping Clexa alive with your art.

Just to name a few of the many talented artists in the fandom, we asked Rikleimt members for their favorite fanart and a few can be seen in the image above. All credit for the art goes to the artists: @blindwire @futagosa @critter-of-habit @papurrcat @jay-jay-jaay braincells on Ao3 @sheep-in-clouds @savescreen @fapaniniart @immochiball @madebybon @noodlerface @bibinella @lambocalypse @homu-satan @thebitterone @summerfelldraws @zhe-end @terra-7

♡ Photo credit @uf0-trashy

I just wanted to start off my blog with a little welcome post, and I also wanted to let you know that I’ll start posting my own content tomorrow (this picture isn’t mine credit above) starting with a short story I’ve been working on. I hope to keep this blog as an aesthetic fashion/writing blog, but I don’t know how I’m going to lay it out (either alternating story and picture or attaching the picture to the story. I’ll figure it out) Anyways, look forward to what I hope is quality content tomorrow and in days to come :)