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 {EVENT} 140211 SHINee - SHINee World J Official Fanclub Event 2014



  • Letter time: Jonghyun: Did you take it out of your shoe…. Onew: I don’t have any pockets which I can put the letter in… (source: 菜小绪_)
  • Palm reading: Jonghyun’s ‘brain’ line has 2 strands and the teacher said that it is rare to see a person with such good brains.
  • Luck game: Taemin unfortunately chose the sushi which contains mustard and Jonghyun said “basically, he has never won in such a game before”
  • Palm reading-Onew has a short 'brain’ line and a long 'life’ line. So Jonghyun said “So his brain isn’t good but has a strong life vitality”
  • Palm reading: Taemin was chosen as the one with the “strongest/most luck”. The teacher said that if anyone has any doubts in the future, they should follow Taemin’s instructions and listen to his opinions.Taemin: “That is incredible!!!”Cr: 菜小绪_Trans: squishyjinki
  • Question: “Will you feel awkward if you are alone with a member?” Minho pressed his buzzer and his reason is “a secret” (source: MrMinho)
  • MC asked if there was anyone who is excited to see SHINee. Many raised “YES” and Minho 'glared’ at those who raised “NO” (source:MrMinho)
  • An Onew male fan was selected as one of the game players. He wore a SHINee Skechers cap and had a JAT towel around his neck (source: 含酱酱)


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  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 The first greeting by Key - “Though it’s late already for this, happy new year~” (Cr emi_onni)

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 A plushie dog (which 'supposedly’ a dog that SHINee keep) came out and they’re to name the dog.

    ON: Jii-chan. Jii is its name. (T/N: jiichan also means grandpa)
    JH: Does that Jii is the English (alphabet) 'G’?
    KEY: Come on, give it a name that sounds more like a dog. Something like 'Happy’ or 'Cookie’
    ON: Zarusoba (T/N: Zarusoba - buckwheat noodles (soba) served on a bamboo basket (zaru))
    In the end, fans voted for the name 'Happy’.
    Even so, in the middle of the talk Onew still slipped in the name, 'Jii’!!
    (Cr s_s4s_m, emi_onni)

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    At the question “Those who were looking forward to meet SHINee today?”.. there were quite a number of people who raised the answer 'NO!’ instead of 'YES!’. Then Key said, “Those who raised 'NO!’, you’re the guys who came here with your girlfriend, aren’t you?!!”
    (Cr cmh_189 )

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    Talking about the members that they think is working hard…
    MH: One of those with blonde hair
    ON: Who is a bit tiny…
    JH: Not just short but tiny?! LOL
    TM: Not tiny, just very short! LOL
    MH: Very very very very short! LOL
    (Cr cmh_189 )

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet

Members that they think is working hard…TM: I think, all of them. Onew supposedly tired because of his age but even so he works hard (laugh). Jonghyun is the busiest one ever since our debut, Key even practiced in the car for his musical and Minho keep going on forward in whatever situation!(Cr cmh_189 )

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 
    Palm reading “Onew’s line of Head is short. But his line of Life is long; he is powerful with stamina so I think he is a leader that can lead his members well.
    JH: But his head is bad. 
    (Cr cmh_189 )

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    Palm reading - "Minho’s line of Head and line of Life are separated apart, in other words, he is a KY”
    Everyone laughed (especially Key)
    (T/N: KY - kuuki yomenai, can’t read the situation, unable to read between the lines) 
    (Cr cmh_189 )

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    Totalizer (the one where they press the button to answer anonymously). 
    Q: I am a SHINee member.
    A: 1 (means, only one member answered yes)

    JH: SHINee is all chingu (friends) so 5 members are 1!
    (Cr cmh_189 )

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    Q: There’s a member that I feel awkward when it’s just the 2 of us.
    A: 4

    JH: I even feel awkward right now.
    MC: Who didn’t press the button?
    KEY: It’s Minho, right?
    JH: I think it’s Minho too.

    But Minho actually pressed it
    (Cr cmh_189 )

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    Any member that you feel awkward with?

    TM: When I make a mistake, even though I solved it, there’s a member that still would warn me.
    JH: It’s because you’re the maknae.
    KEY: He is about to cry~

    How nice it is to see Jjong smiled lovingly at the sad looking Taemin.
    (Cr pimil_93718)

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    SHINee members wrote a letter.
    “I’m happy that I can spend playful time that’s different from concerts with everyone!
    Also… I have an announcement!!!
    Everyone… I love youuuuuu~!”
    (Cr korea_shygeeks)

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    When they’re about to leave the stage.
    JH: Annyeong~ Annyeonghiiiiii~ (cutely shouted)
    Then Onew followed with his shouting, with full smile
    ON: Arigatoyaaaaaaa~n
    (Cr korea_shygeeks)

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 

    Palm reading. The analysis was shown in VTR.
    Minho, Onew, Taemin… all 3 of them got their line of Heart divided to 2. The palm reader praised, this shows that they concern for others!!
    But in the case of guys, that kind of line usually appeared for onee-kei.
    Onew came forward to the screen and protested with all his might, “Shut up~”
    (T/N: Onee-kei person basically is a man who uses feminine words with feminine manners/gestures)
    (Cr korea_shygeeks)

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 
    Palm reading. 
    Apparently Onew has the shortest line of Head among the members. Everyone had a good laugh when this was revealed.
    The palm reader then continued, “He has sharp instinct! He also has line of Stamina, means he is powerful!”
    Even so Key still laughing hard!
    (Cr korea_shygeeks)

  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 
    Palm reading. 
    It’s revealed that Jonghyun has two lines of Head. It was said that such lines exist for those with greatest brain!
    (Cr korea_shygeeks)
  • 【2/11 Osaka Fanmeet】 
    Palm reading. 
    Key seems to be the type that would put on hold his love relationship. He is the one that loves freedom and dislike being tied down.
    Also… it’s also said that he is a narcissist.
    But then again, it’s said that stylish people usually have such pattern.
    (Cr korea_shygeeks)



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