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On April 20th, KBS viewers will be able to hear B.A.P’s voices in “The Day of Disables,” an adventure cartoon aimed at teaching primary school students to have the correct attitudes about how to treat the disabled right. 

It seems like a very educational radio program and it’s quite fitting to have such woke, thoughtful, and caring people like B.A.P be a part of it!

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There’s a reason Himchan means “full of strength”~

Himchan has been so strong his entire life.

I am so unbelievably proud of Himchan, it’s incredible that even as a child he was this determined to live his life to the absolute fullest and he deserves all of the love and happiness in the world.

He’s dealt with body image issues, rude antis and fans alike, sitting out not one but two comebacks, and countless other things that we don’t even know about; he’s a real inspiration for those times where it seems nothing can go right that we still need to stay strong and keep on fighting. 

Let’s pray for Himchan’s full recovery and let’s work hard to give him that extra strength he needs, not just while he’s on hiatus but every single day.