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Gio I think you did the same thing it did. As soon as I saw it with no cred, looked through Lauren's tag found the person who posted it. Now I'm searching it on tumblr and Twitter

i’m actually mad someone removed the name of my tumblr because it took me time to edit but it is what it is

Dragon Asks!(made by yours truly)

Scales: favorite texture?
Fire: what’s one thing you enjoy about nighttime?
Wings: flying or invisibility?
Caverns: where’s a place you like to relax?
Poetry: favorite book?
Latin: what’s your first language? if english, do you know any other languages?
Roar: what does happiness sound like?
Talons: pet peeves?
Treasure: have you ever done something greedy? describe.
Knight: celebrity you dislike the most?
Castle: what does your dream house/apartment look like?
Princess: do you wanna get married? why or why not?
Dragoness: do you believe in love at first sight?
Water: favorite drink?
Earth: are you an outdoors person? why or why not?