April Pool’s Day?

Atticus answered a knock on the door, yelped in surprise as he observed a giant orb of floating water, and took a step back. A moment later, a face swam to the water’s perimeter and stuck out with an expression as bright and warm as sunshine.

“Happy April Pool’s Day!” the mermaid said grinning, “am I too late? Did I miss it? I lost track of time! Will there be a party? Crunchy snacks and the games of skill? I am the best!”

Atticus laughed loud and merrily, gestured her to float inside with one hand while signaling an unseen minion with the other. “Yes my dear, you are just in time, we are setting up now!” he lied, hurriedly planning, “come in, come in. And happy April Pool’s Day to you!”

Villainy and good manners mean being prepared for anyone, or anything, to drop in unexpectedly.