So remember that mask I made? =) this is why.

I made the mask and took the picture. Lienna28 did the kick ass editing to put the city in the background, and it’s stunning, and I love it. My friend John modeled for me =)

Obviously, this is based off CreatureXIII’s AMAZING fan art


I found these two nerds making out on my pumpkin. I wasn’t gonna say anything until it turned into something more.

After drawing this I had to explain Spideypool to my mom.  It was worth it.

Source picture isn’t mine.  creaturexlll is the artist.  Give her praise and thanks. Repost: I fixed this post like a minute after it went out into the internet, but for some reason the uncredited version was the one every one saw.

AU - Stiles Stilinski

So Creature XIII created this amazing piece of art of an AU Stiles that I immediately fell in love with, and then Saucery, one of my absolute favorite Teen Wolf fanfic authors, wrote a piece inspired by that art, which only made it better. 

And then I decided to cosplay it? Idk, there’s something about this fandom that makes me want to do things.

Mask is paper mache over cardboard; shitty Photoshop skill are my own. Background image is from here.

Writing a new Dark!Stiles fic!

 I want to thank Creaturexlll, didaverseend, and theboywhorunswithwolves, for their fanart/photosets that have inspired me to act upon the dark shadowy idea lurking in the back of my mind and to make it into a fic.

these are the art works i’m talking about:




fic should be up on AO3 in the next few hours.


(Warning : This is a personal artbook, not commercial) 

OMFG !!!!!!!!!
One of my closest friends just offered me this compilation of commissions that I ordered for Pandocheus and it’s just beautiful <3 I’m so touched and filled with emotion ! Meeeeeeh <3 <3 <3 It’s like … a little palpable thing that reminds me that Pandocheus is real, and also a real work, a real project. And that means a lot to me. Fuck, thank you Camille <3 
But the merit returns also to all the wonderful and lovely artists who drew for me :3 Sorry for the phone quality ! 

Here the credits ! 

Pic 1 : Zamarat by @creaturexlll
Pic 2 : Zamarat by @creaturexlll
Pic 3 (Mini-comic) : Zamarat & cie by @creaturexlll 
Pic 4 : Eleâzar & Saül sketch by @cashileart
Pic 5 : Samaël sketch by @cashileart
Pic 6 : “ Fall of Eden “ by Thander Lin
Pic 7 : Vasariah sketch by @cashileart
Pic 8 : Eliêzèr & Vasariah by @creaturexlll
Pic 9 : Samaël by @art-of-vyrhelle
Pic 10 : Asaliah by @anndr
Pic 11 : Asaliah & Jeliel by @harteus
Pic 12 : Norahslev by @anndr
Pic 13 (mini-comic) : Asaliah & Jeliel by @doublethickcustard
Pic 14 : Samaël by Andaglas 

Pandocheus is a story that belongs to me and @damahime

anonymous asked:

Yep! Unfortunately I can't post the link, but these are my favourite Spideypool artists: CreatureXlll, Mudust, Morghasm, Lkikai, Shiroerika, Muepin, Nabang5221. Good vision! :°°°°D

thank you for your recommendation, im going to check them out!