So remember that mask I made? =) this is why.

I made the mask and took the picture. Lienna28 did the kick ass editing to put the city in the background, and it’s stunning, and I love it. My friend John modeled for me =)

Obviously, this is based off CreatureXIII’s AMAZING fan art

AU - Stiles Stilinski

So Creature XIII created this amazing piece of art of an AU Stiles that I immediately fell in love with, and then Saucery, one of my absolute favorite Teen Wolf fanfic authors, wrote a piece inspired by that art, which only made it better. 

And then I decided to cosplay it? Idk, there’s something about this fandom that makes me want to do things.

Mask is paper mache over cardboard; shitty Photoshop skill are my own. Background image is from here.

Writing a new Dark!Stiles fic!

 I want to thank Creaturexlll, didaverseend, and theboywhorunswithwolves, for their fanart/photosets that have inspired me to act upon the dark shadowy idea lurking in the back of my mind and to make it into a fic.

these are the art works i’m talking about:




fic should be up on AO3 in the next few hours.