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1. Best Gift you’ve ever received/given.

My best gift would have to be when my mom gave me Warriors: Bluestar’s Prophecy for Christmas.

2. Favorite Gif.

3. A couple you ship.

not exactly a couple but hey :)

4. If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

i Would love to be able to fly! XD

5. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Oh geez…. um i threw up during English class…on my desk….

6. What was the worst punishment you had at school?

i really haven’t gotten punishment at school :P

7. The latest new thing you’ve tried?

New thing? interacting with new kids at school. normally i would just ignore them and hope they go away…

8. Favorite condiment?

i love ketchup XD

9. Blue or black pens?

I prefer black most of the time.

10. Which song do you hate the most?

none really…..

11. Have you ever appeared on Youtube?

no :(

Answer these please:

1. Are you single? 2. Where (in general, no need to be exactly specific) do you live? 3. Do you have an OTP? 4. If you answered yes to the last question: who? If not, why not? 5. Do you have pets? 6. Which is better: Cats or Dogs? 7. Which is better: Xbox or Playstation? 8. Which is better: Spyro or Crash? 9. Which is better: Sonic or Mario? 10. What genre of music do you like? 11. What is your favorite band?

My tumblr is being dumb so the questions are all squished together…. :/