creatures of midgard

Just some things in old Norse.

Wheim ritþr þausi stain à marki mi?!
(Who rise this stone on my land?!)

(-Where is Ragnar ?)
(-he went over the river.) Hilde•furu•fra•sveariki•af•øwfer•haf•okk•jola*Un•skola•nah•kamo•heim•a•i•manemini•af•alja•tiþi* (Hilde traveld from svealand away over sea and earth. Not should she come home in all mens memories of all time.) Ein•Jøtun•kums•fra•Jotunheim•ok•ein•þurs fra•Nifelheim*Þe•twa•wæsen•furu•øwfer• midgård•ok•lifi•vel•ub•i•bergi* goðR•festi•æt af•manus•folki* (A Jontun came from Jontunheim and a troll from Nilfelheim. The two “creatures” went over midgard and living well up in the mountains. There thay feast and eat of the human folk.)

TITLE: Crueler Practices


AUTHOR: Elly-hiddlesherloki

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: (Possible Trigger) Imagine Odin severely underfeeding prisoners as part of their punishment.


NOTES/WARNINGS: So Loki is starved (then continues it on himself) here and I might have romanticized a horrible disease, but I wrote it and now it’s on my computer and if I’m going to be miserable for thinking it, I’m taking everyone down with me.

— —

The tray slid into the room, briefly passing through the barrier before coming to a stop at Loki’s feet. He looked down at it and smiled. It was to be expected really.

There was half a loaf of bread, a small bowl of broth, and an apple just short of molding.

Loki sighed, this was the 100 day anniversary of his imprisonment for his crimes against Midgard. In all honesty, it was his crimes for disobeying Odin. Odin couldn’t care less about the death toll, he had committed similar crimes, but how dare Loki act out of place.

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Distracted Much?


Of all the places in Midgard that could hold up to his training, the gym at Avenger’s tower was one of the few. Between super soldiers and Asgardians and Hulks, Tony Stark had gone all out to ensure that the building wouldn’t collapse or the equipment wouldn’t fail. After promising to help in any Avenger level missions that needed a little extra muscle, Modi was gifted a security clearance card that allowed him into the gym. 

Between destroying weird twig faced creatures, being sent to Midgard, and dealing with an awkward love spell; Modi was long overdue to work off a little stress. He let Narvi tag along just to get her out of the apartment, and to show her where to go if she ever needed help. He trusted his father’s comrades enough that if something were to happen, they would protect her. 

As soon as the security system blinked green, Modi pushed open the gym door to find it empty aside from the equipment. Which was nice. He didn’t feel like sparring with anyone at the moment. He set his duffel bag down and pulled his shirt over his head. He never trained with the article of clothing on anyways. 

“Make yourself comfortable.” Modi smirked at her as he pulled out long strips of cloth to wrap his hands with. 

When the War Ends |BlackFrost | thewidownatasha | closed

Loki sat in the caged wagon as it rumbled along the dirt road. He could barely recognize the desolate land that had once been the vibrant realm of Midgard. Creatures from all different planets had ended up in this hovel of a world; fleeing the destruction of their own homeland. 

Loki ran his finger along the collar around his neck. It cut him off from his powers unless the collector allowed it. He controlled it from a matching bracelet he wore. How the young god longed to find a way to freedom. 

The wagon came to a stop. Taneleer Tivan jumped down to inspect the small makeshift market they had come upon. 

Loki sighed softly, not bothering to stand. His emerald eyes watching the different creatures moving about. 


To Save You

TITLE: To Save You 


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being held captive by Thanos, with him you meet Loki who then promises to return and save you from your captor.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Mild references to Rape and Torture

“You will do what you are commanded to Asgardian.” Thanos declared, his deep and terrifying voice resonating around the room.

“When?” Loki grimaced in pain from the whipping he had just received. “When am I to go?”

“Tonight, and do not fail me, or else.” He chuckled deeply and maliciously. “What you just received will feel like a mothers loving embrace in comparison.”

Loki winced, terrified of what that would entail. “Yes Thanos.”

He was dragged back to his cell, wearing only his pants, his back marred in lines of bleeding deep wounds. Dropped to the floor as though he was a sack of dirt, he grunted as his face collided heavily with the filthy surface. Those who brought him in looked at the rooms other inhabitant warning her not to move, before walking out again.

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Two worlds

She fell, it felt like an eternity. Just before she reached the ground Helga bolted awake. Taking in her surroundings she did not seem to recognize the place she had fallen asleep in. This forest was dark, and cold and it looked nothing like the forests surrounding the Fjords where she lived.

There was no sound to be heard, only the whistling of the leaves of the trees surrounding her. “Floki?” She shouted into nowhere, hoping her husband was hiding somewhere behind the trees, but the only reply she got were the whistling sounds getting louder. “Hello?” Helga tried again, getting a little worried now. Out of nowhere 2 monstrous beasts appeared before her. These were no creatures from Midgard, that she knew and by praying to the gods she hoped this was all just a dream.

Before these beasts could strike her, two individuals jumped down from the trees, striking the fearsome beasts.

panic-veiledkilljoy said: Is that a tropical tiger moth caterpillar? Thor and Loki (and you!) were super lucky. They like to launch those fuzzy looking hairs and cause some serious skin irritation. Still, super cool that you got to see them up close! (Totally not geeking out)

erm, lazy research says yes? they’re quite common where i live, and they’ve never caused me (or anyone i know) any skin problems. we call em woolly bears.