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Trico is finally finished! My boyfriend and I took him to the park to take some pictures, it was so much fun. He was very fun to pose and looked really cute in the woods and on the beach. A little girl thought he was real and came up to pet him and mentioned many times how much she loved him

I learned so much working on him, I hope you guys love him as much as I do

Today, while working on jewelry, I caught a little hobgoblin stealing one of my quartz crystals. He thought he could hide behind my succulent but it didn’t work so well. We had a nice little chat over some lemon cake and ice tea. Turns out he is looking for a home to call his own. It’s really better to know your own hobgoblin than to just guess at what is in your home. He’s a protective little creature who has an affinity for crystals. He really enjoys getting to dig them up.
His name is Pickrig and I’m here to help him find a home.

Oh Journey <3
This game never ceases to amaze me.

This one is not needle felted!
It’s 1mm felt glued together. And to make it posable (!!!) I glued wire between the yellow and red parts. THIS THING IS COMPLETELY POSABLE EVEN IF ITS JUST 1MM THICK

The wanderer will follow somewhen (not in the near future). This will be one of my most desirable projects of all time. A posable and accurate NF of the wanderer from Journey.


° The Reign of June ° da Koala Krash
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Welcome Juniper! (´∀`)♡


♥ You make my Mind go NEBULOUS ♥ par Koala Krash


Faerie Progress Shots

She is coming along, this is the first time I am not going to gloss the eyes which I feel gives her eyes a softer look.

Tomorrow we start re rooting her hair :)

I am so glad to be creating my faeries again, I was running into so many things preventing me from doing them in the past few weeks that I was beginning to think a mischievous faerie had made its way into my work area.

~Burned Raven~

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Raven Eclipse - One of  Kind Commission

My latest commission is finished in all of his feathery glory! This smiling troublemaker was a really cool request, and is completely one of a kind. He was made without any molds or patterns, using hand painted epoxy sculpt and glass eyes for the face, layered felt for the feathers, and needle felted wool with a wire armature for the body. He sits 8" tall and is about 11" long with that big fluffy tail upright. He’s also equipped with several super strong magnets that allow this little familiar to sit securely on his keeper’s shoulder and explore the wider world!

This doll was made on commission and is not available for sale. There are still a few other dolls in the shop, as well as magnets and postcard prints!

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Okay, imagine, if you will, that the aliens decided to invade earth. It’s taking a bit longer than they thought it would, but it is happening. They start seeking out as much knowledge about humans as they can, as well as the planet. Lucky for them, we have the internet! Unlucky for them, is what they find.

There is no possible way any of these can be real, right? A faceless tall creature that hunts children? Dolls that can cause electronic devices to malfunction? beings that can alter space and time? A secret organization that hunts, catalog, and contain anomalous creatures and items? Half of them can’t possibly exist! The giant lizard does look similar to a species they know, but they don’t speak!!

And then, the humans caught wind of this. And boy, did they blow these stories out of proportions. Captured humans would tell tales of mysterious creatures living in the woods, about monsters that crawl out in the dark, and now the invaders are seeing things out of the corner of their eyes.

Surrender is still an option, right?