Spiral Down

Here’s some progress and detail shots of a little project I’m working on. I feel like I’m beginning to fall in love with art again and starting to learn how to draw things that I like instead of things I think I should draw and two thing’s I love are emaciated figures, gnarled hands and shiny objects. This particular project was inspired my a particular person, though I won’t reveal who it is until I’m finished with it. Can anyone guess who it is I wonder?


some friendly axolotl people. They eat bland, soft foods, wear minimal but colorful clothes, and like pom-pom “jewelry” because it’s gentle against their delicate skin. They have lungs, but if they have to spend too much time away from water (like to go to a town farther inland), they wear wet veils over their heads to keep their gills damp longer.

The club is made from strong wood and shark teeth, and can be swung with one or two paws. These axolotl people are friendly, but they’re not pushovers.

The signs as mythical creatures

ARIES: Dragon, Werewolf, Vampire

TAURUS: Hippogriff, Unicorn, Giant

GEMINI: Vampire, Basilisk, 

CANCER: Yeti, Basilisk, Unicorn

LEO: Dragon, Sphinx, Angel

VIRGO: Hippogriff, Unicorn, Angel

LIBRA: Unicorn, Giant, Angel

SCORPIO: Dragon, Vampire, Basilisk

SAGITTARIUS: Vampire, Centaur, SATAN

CAPRICORN: Vampire, Yeti, Cersei Lannister

AQUARIUS: Unicorn, Fairy, Angel

PISCES: Mermaid, Siren, Basilisk, Sea Serpent


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Ostiarius, a giant alien worm thing whom deemed themselves as a king in their empty kingdom.  Dress up as king so does that make you a king? Hmmm who knows. ( edit: here’s more drawings of them [ x ] )

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