Are You Looking For A Homemade Foundation Powder Tutorial? You Have Found It!
Are you looking for homemade makeup tutorials and tips? Would you like to know how to make homemade foundation powder? Now you can learn more about it! Nobody loves spending too much money on expensive cosmetics, what\\'s more, homemade products are definitely organic. So don\\'t miss the following idea! source Ingredients you need: arrowroot...
This Bully Thinks He Can Mess With The Chubby Kid But What Happened Next I Couldn\\'t Believe!
Bullying is a very important issue in many schools. Kids often get picked on because they\\'re weak, overweight, or basically anything that makes them stand out of the crowd. However, this bully has messed with the wrong kid. This bully gets owned in a way that sends a message to everyone! source During a break...

Walk in the Glow (a self-portrait) by Richard Wille
Acrylic ink, watercolor, India ink, pen, and marker on 5" x 7" 300 lb. watercolor paper.
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