ocean gem

Well, this reaffirmed my belief that blue tinted animals are hard to draw. The glossiness of the colored pencil wax bloom reflecting the light did NOT help.

Quirks and oddities aside, a lot of effort and care went into this one, and when I wasn’t second guessing every little thing, I was enjoying it.

Colored pencils (Derwents and Caran d’Ache) on Fabriano Tizziano pastel paper, roughly 11x13″ (28 x 33 cm). This is a commissioned piece, so please do not use, thank you!


…actually, it probably might do that. it’s kind of an ornery thing.
please protect your aesthetic.


another monster, though this one is an individual OC, unfortunetly still nameless

Its species are astral beings that consist on the hoarding of energy. Their power is meassured on the ammount of “eyes” they have, the more energy, the more “eyes” the creature will have. Their body sturcture usually represents the ammount of eyes by having the same ammount of limbs, fingers, and such. This one has currently five eyes, but is desperate to aquire the 6th one, which is why it has 6 limbs.

I took me a while to get used to drawing four arms in a way to make it lookm somehow proportional rather than just plain deformed, bluh