my knight in shining armor

The life of a mage was a lonely one. Levy McGarden would sit and read spells for all of her days, secluded in a little tower from the outside world. The most exciting thing she would do–and this was only if she was feeling daring–would be to write a new spell, which is totally out of the question now. She had woken up to her particularly organized papers scattered about, her vases on the floor, and glass bottles broken. In the corner of her eye, she spotted a small, agile figure creep into the shadows.

Looking over to the spot, there was nothing to be seen. Putting her glasses and slippers on, she went over to investigate, going over her attack spell in her head.

Impetus, Levy, impetus, she went over in her head as she crept to the area. Suddenly, something small with whiskers jumped into her arms, and started…

…licking her? In her arms was a furry, midnight colored creature, nuzzling and purring against her chest. Frozen, she waited until it jumped onto the ground and made its way to her bed.

What is that thing? She asked herself. Levy then heard a deep, gruff voice calling out a name.

“Pantherlily! Where’d ya go?” they called, obviously looking for this “Pantherlily” character. She would have asked herself who in their right mind would name their son or daughter “Pantherlily” if she were not in panic mode. Looking over the living creature with wide eyes, she put a finger to her lips as if to shush it. Confidently, almost swaying, the cat walked over to the window of the tower, avoiding the mess on the floor. Peeking its head out, it gave the man a loud meow to signal where it was.

“There you are! I’m comin’ up there, hold on.” He yelled, as he started to climb up the stones to reach the arch-window. Levy was still figuring out where to hide when he got up, quicker then she would give him credit for.

“There’s my lil’ kitte-”

His gaze met hers.

And she swore time stopped for a moment.


ok so basically i had this idea i really want to do!

SO you can fill out this form:

favourite animal (try to be specific and give species/breed/color variation)

favourite mythical creature

favourite color/colors

favourite food (can be neopet items)

favourite fruit/vegetable

favourite rock/mineral

favourite neopian land

some cute items you like on neopets

anything else you like that occurs in nature and you find pretty


and anything else that you like that has a specific appearance!

or you can just list of things you love!

basically i will be making a design based off of things you like. you can even do something like write a personality/story idea, anything! feel free to make it as specific or vague as you can :0

some disclaimers:

1. you don’t have to be an artist/writer/anything

2. you do NOT have to ever use or even think about these designs!! they’re for fun so if you don’t really like it it’s all good! and feel free to change them in anyway.


ravenknightvincent  asked:

I just realized that the backside of a number of transform creature are not its original color's part of the pie and has transformation that doesn't involve that color's mana, like Avacyn, the Purifier deals 3 damage to each creature. Is the color indicator good enough reason for color pie "bend"/"break"?

We made sure the backside were bends and not breaks.

Favorite animal: Rabbit (checkered giant, cinnamon, or Belgian hare)

Mythical creature: the fae folk

colors: pastels in mint, pink, blue, and lilac. Bolds in true blue, hot pink, and vibrant purple (think the bi pride flag)

Food: strawberries, flaky pastries

Fruit/Veggie: Berries, tomatoes

Rock/mineral: Quartz of any color but esp amethyst, sapphire, and opal

Fav neopian land: faerieland

Fav species: CYBUNNIES (or aishas but mainly cybunnies)

Cute items on neopets, uh I love all the eastery/pastel stuff.

items from nature, my favorite flowers are fuchsias, I love the colors of the sky when the sun is setting, that fiery pink/orange/golden/purple hue (like eventide brushes without the dark blue), I’m very fond of the sea and of the mountain meadows.

vague ideas: Twins, one full of wonder and magic. Everything is soft and gentle and bright pastel hues and sparkling iridescence. Everything is nostalgic and pretty, like a faerieland winter wonderland filled with snow and gumdrops and lollys. Ribbons and bows adorn a room that is full of cluttered creativity.  The other is quiet and serene, like the eventide just before the night falls. Everything is soft and dark with a flare of bold beautiful hues. Faerie lights twinkle in the twilight, strung on a rustic wooden fence in a field of flowers that rustle in the breeze. The world, for a moment, is calm and quiet and meant for reflection.

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tea witch.

ocean gem

Another lunch break illustration from my sketchbook.  Godzilla was a pretty big part of my childhood.  Looking back at it now, the movies were kinda silly, but I still love all the different types of monsters.

I imagined Godzilla passing by a peaceful floating village after a tough fight.


Tales of Alethrion: Thug´s Life

Thug´s Life was our stretch goal, a comic, for our last Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion. We will reveal a chapter everyday this week with a new chapter. It is about Mira who you saw in The Reward face Wilhelm in a deadly battle: ( ).

This is about her before she faced Wilhelm and how she turned into a thug. She started out wanting justice in the world and wanted to become a police guardian of Draloque. Enjoy! Return tomorrow and read chapter two!

Support our Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion the animated series and watch the first two episodes The Reward and The First Hero HERE!