creature week

types of valid bisexuals
  • cis female bisexuals
  • trans female bisexuals
  • cis male bisexuals
  • trans male bisexuals
  • nonbinary bisexuals
  • intersex bisexuals
  • aromantic bisexuals
  • demiromantic bisexuals
  • heteroromantic bisexuals
  • homoromantic bisexuals
  • biromantic bisexuals
  • panromantic bisexuals
  • bisexuals in “gay” relationships
  • bisexuals in “lesbian” relationships
  • bisexuals in “straight” relationships
  • single bisexuals
  • bisexuals who have never had sex
  • bisexuals who have attraction but no interest in sex
  • bisexuals who really fucking love sex
  • bisexuals with a preference of partner
  • bisexuals with no preference, at all
  • young bisexuals
  • middle-age bisexuals
  • old bisexuals
  • closeted bisexuals
  • out bisexuals
  • neurotypical bisexuals
  • neuroatypical bisexuals
  • disabled bisexuals
  • non-disabled bisexuals
  • any other bisexual i have possibly left out because,
  • if you identify as bisexual,
  • then you are a valid bisexual

I am so glad to know this information! So many of us have been wrong for such a long time.

Folks, we now know that there are only three types of queer people:

  1. straight
  2. gay or bisexual
  3. bullshit

Please label yourselves accordingly from now on. We are all members of the SGBB community. <3

Harry Potter is my oldest and favorite fandom, and I am so excited to see the universe and fanbase extended through the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movies. I loved the first movie, and watching it prompted me to again try to memorize all of the creatures in the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ red nose day book. (It sort of worked, I can remember about 9 ¾ of them!)

love being able to read between the lines and love not acting like everything has ended only to be looking like boo boo the fool next time they stay in the same city more than they strictly had to so that they can be together