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This is probably definitely something that’s been done before, but what can I say? All Robert’s talk of cryptids made me wanna draw some monster Dads.


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“Daddy doesn’t know I got you but just you wait, once he sees you he’ll fall in love and hopefully won’t kill me”

You told this to the little kitten putting on your chest that you just couldn’t resist at the pet store. You had gone in just to get your friend’s dog a gift and you ended up walking out with a kitten. Harry was going to kill you.

He loved cats sure. But you two hadn’t exactly agreed on getting a pet just yet. But this was an impulse decision as he was away on tour. You figured you could justify getting the cat as you get lonely every time he is away. So why not a cute little kitten to play and cuddle with?!

The kitten had curled up on your chest as soon as you got home. She was quite the unique kitten and you couldn’t wait till Harry was home and met her. You knew as much as it’d kill you, she’d probably turn into a daddy’s girl. Everyone always fell in love with Harry. You looked down and noticed the kitten had fallen asleep and not long after you did as well.

The next thing you knew someone was pushing your hair behind your ear and pressing a kiss to your forehead. You snugged into the hand and sighed happily. When you heard a low chuckle quickly opened your eyes and let out a gasp. “Harry, you’re home early!”

Harry let out a laugh and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Yes I am. Figured I’d surprise you. But seems you have a surprise if you own”

You followed his eyes down to the kitten still sleeping on your chest. You gulped and picked her up and held him out to her with a soft “Surprise?!”

Harry just shook his head and gently took the kitten from you. He held her close to his chest and you could instantly see she was falling in love with him. Her purrs were louder than they ever were with you. You watched Harry for any indication that he was mad. You saw him open his mouth to speak but before he could you began rambling.

“Please don’t be mad H. I just couldn’t not get her. I mean look at her, she’s soooo cute. And you know how lonely I get when you’re gone. I mean yeah I have work, and friends and family but it’s not the same as having someone, something here at the house. And I know we haven’t really fully agreed on getting an animal yet. But we both love cats and I know I should of consulted you but please can we keep her?!”

By the end of your rambling Harry was smiling to himself and shaking his head. “What’s her name?”

Your jaw dropped and you just stared at him. Was that really all he was going to say? You expected him to be mad, or at least a bit upset you did this without asking. “Uhm I haven’t named her yet. I figured you would want to do that. Plus you’re more creative than me”

Harry held the kitten out in front of him to get a good look at her. The kitten meowed and you could see how Harry’s eyes softened and he was falling in love with her. “How about Rhiannon? You know I love my Fleetwood Mac”

You giggled and sat up. You scooted closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder as you both looked at the kitten curled up in his lap. You gave him a soft peck on the cheek. “Rhiannon it is then babe”

Harry turned to you and smiled softly. He placed a soft kiss on your lips before pulling back and looking into your eyes. “Now that her name is settled, promise me next time I leave I won’t come home to another animal? As much as I love cats and am not really surprised you did this, let’s just stick to one for now yeah?”

You turned bright red but giggled. “Yes H, I promise. It’ll just be me, you and Rhiannon till we decide to add another addition to the family.” You felt Harry kiss the top of your head and you smiled.

You were so thankful that Harry just went with your impulsiveness. This wasn’t the first time he came home and you had done something impulsive. Like cut your hair, rearrange the whole house, or like this time get a kitten. You loved that he never got angry and just honestly embraced it. You also loved that you were adding to your family, even it if was just a kitten. The thing was it was your kitten, you and Harry’s and that just warmed your heart.


“[Rick’s] very much a family man. That’s one of the things that I thought, ‘Oh this is interesting.’ Because I know what it feels like. I know how powerful a driving force that can be, ya know, a father and a husband.”

The Fresno Nightcrawler

The Fresno Nightcrawler, also known as the Fresno Alien, has been spotted in both Fresno and Yosemite. It is a short creature of about 4 feet, extremely thin, and has no arms. It has also been seen wearing a white cloak. 

Certain Native Americans in the surrounding area claim the Nightcrawlers have existed on Earth for a considerable amount of time and come from a planet consisting majorly of swampland. Their long legs are thought to help them maneuver through the boggy terrain.


I made a dragon au for arc-v by accident and I kinda love it?? so I hope you guys like it too bc you’re going to be seeing a good amount for it <3

Yuya is a dragon from the open plains, Yuri is from the toxic rainforest, Yugo’s from the floating seas, and Yuto’s from the stary mountains


As is my sacred duty as a homebrewer, it’s time to needlessly overcomplicate an established mechanic to add more decisions and strategy to the game! These variant arrows and bows are meant to force characters to think more strategically about their positioning and the types of weapons they use against their opponents.

Variant Bows

I have changed the existing statistics for ranged weapons to encourage their intended usage. The existing rules for range and damage remain in place except where written. I also added two new ranged weapons: the repeating crossbow and the composite bow.

Longbow: The purpose of the longbow is distance, especially in a tall arc as in the longbowmen in the Battle of Agincourt. While it is possible, it is more difficult to fight in cramped space and without access to that tall arc. Moreover, fighting while mounted and trying to get that high arc is near impossible. My new longbow rewards you for your distance offering heightened damage from its time falling through the sky. It also punishes you for using the longbow for close or mounted combat.

A creature has disadvantage when firing the longbow at a target within 30 ft. or less or when mounted. When firing beyond the normal range (thus with disadvantage), if you have a high enough ceiling (outdoors or else height equal to the distance fired), you deal +1d8 damage on a hit.

Shortbow: The shortbow, in contrast with the longbow, is designed for closer combat and horseback (as in Parthian tactics and Mongolian cavalry archers). For this new shortbow I give a bonus for using it as intended, and an additional debuff for sniping from long range.

A creature has -1 to attack rolls made with a shortbow at a target more than 80 ft. away. A creature firing a shortbow at a target within 30 ft. grants the attacker +2 to the attack roll.

Light/Heavy Crossbow: Crossbows have immense power at the expense of loading time and lower range of accuracy. Moreover, simple peasant militia can use a crossbow but not necessarily aim it very well. My version of the crossbow deals double the damage but takes an entire action to reload, so it can only be fired every other round. Yes this means crossbows lose out on a bit of DEX damage but that simulates the lack of accuracy. Moreover, critting with the crossbow becomes far deadlier as it will now deal 4 damage dice. I did not change Hand Crossbows as they are probably a bit easier to reload and this might give rogues a little TOO much burst with an Assassin’s auto crit.

The light and heavy crossbow deals two dice of damage but takes 1 action to reload before it can be fired again.

Repeating Crossbow: A new weapon that acts like a light crossbow but without any loading restrictions. The real-life counterpart to the repeating crossbow was easier to load and draw but had significantly less power and accuracy behind it. It basically fired as quickly as you could pull back the drawstring until it locks, aim, then release the trigger; the new bolt would fall into place on its own. The repeating crossbow costs 50 gp (A regular light crossbow would cost 25 gp).

A Repeating Crossbow is a light crossbow that does not require an action to reload, but each attack beyond the first imparts a cumulative -1 penalty to attack and damage rolls. The magazine of ammunition holds 20 bolts before it must be reloaded, which takes an action.

Composite Bow: Another new weapon that has extra resistance by being made from a variety of materials that allows you make a stronger draw to put extra power behind your shot. I simulated this by letting you add all or some of your STR to the damage if you have any. Making a short or longbow into a composite bow adds 25 gp to the cost times its grade. So a +3 Composite Shortbow would cost 100 gp (25 gp + (25x3) gp).

Shortbows and longbows can both be built as composite bows. composite bows come in several grades: +1, +2, +3, and +4. If your STR modifier is at least equal to the grade of the composite bow, you may add an amount equal to the composite bow’s grade to the damage of the attack. Otherwise, you have disadvantage on attacks made with the composite bow.


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Imagine spending your life with an entity that’s been around since the beginning of time. They show you things no human should see; ruined cities deep underground, abandoned shrines from the days that deities walked the earth. You fall asleep listening to long-forgotten secrets whispered in old languages and you feel lucky. Even though your mortal life is short, this creature has given you more than most people would experience in a hundred lifetimes.

Never Sleep With Your Window Open (October 9th)

Last night I had a dream that a creature crawled in through my window. It was an unseasonably hot night and the heat had made me sleepier than I would normally have been. Due to my drowsiness I left the window above my bed wide open, a combination of not having my wits about me as well as hoping some cool air would circulate around my room. Unfortunately not much air managed to make it into my room but it felt as if something else did.

Some time during the night I awoke in a hot fluster, sweat sticking my bed sheets to my skin. I thought it was the heat that woke me but a small amount of pressure upon my legs lead me to look down and believe otherwise. An indistinguishable creature lay partly across my covered feet with the rest of it’s body slowly sliding inside from my window. The pressure of the creature caused me to gasp, only slightly, but it was enough for the creature’s distorted face to turn to me. For a moment it didn’t move but curled up like a dog at the end of my bed. 

I soon realised I must be dreaming and quickly let my head fall back, closing my eyes and hoping to will myself awake or at the very least into another dream. The creature twitched where it lay, almost as if it’s jerky movements were keeping me trapped in it’s realm. It took me too long to realise the jerky movements were slowly moving higher and higher up my legs. I refused to open my eyes but that didn’t stop the creature.

It’s weight became heavier and heavier, claws seeming to form from fingers as they dug into the bed sheets and lightly began protruding into my flesh. I was paralysed, unable to move anything other than my eye lids and they were the one thing I wanted to stay in place. A heavy weight settled upon my chest where the creature seemed to rest and although it had no breath I knew it’s face was hovering over mine. 

The creature’s hands curled tighter and tighter, the room feeling hotter and hotter until I finally succumbed and opened my eyes. Shiny black orbs stared back at me, reflecting my own fear and amplifying it. Whether the creature meant me harm or not, I didn’t have long to find out. The thing reared back with a screech before throwing itself down at me and vanishing. Exhaustion suddenly swarmed me and I fell out of the dream, opening my eyes to morning light.

I know it was only a dream. I know that creature wasn’t real but since then I have had the distinct feeling that I am not alone. Constantly and cautiously looking over my shoulder only to see nothing. Only able to catch something out of the corner of my eye that seems to be moving closer each time. I shouldn’t entertain the vivid ideas of my frightened imagination but I fear if I don’t look it’ll come too close.

I know it was a dream but I swear if I look in the mirror I can see those shiny black eyes watching me.

~ from the mind of my alter-ego Sophia Sparks

(Day Nine of Spooky Story Month)

Everything Ends

by  Saṃsāran

It all fades. It all ends. Our youth, our very lives. The very face of the Earth constantly changes and one thing ends and changes to another. Nothing lasts and this, for we short lived creatures, is the source of much of our suffering. It is as if everything has a time as well as a place. In fact time is change. Without time nothing changes. Without change there is no time. So, we see that change is the nature of time and space. It is the way it is.

Now the question is: how are we going to deal with it?

Most of us deal with change and the inevitable loss which comes of it by simply refusing to think about it. After all we know we are going to grow old and die but why be morbid and worry all the time. This works for awhile when we are young. Then one day we see a gray hair, a wrinkle. We squint to read the fine print. Then it becomes more real to us and the fear sets in. Very few real problems can be solved by ignoring them.

What is the alternative?

Spending our youth worrying about age, disease and death? That hardly seems a resolution to the problem. When it comes right down to it there is but one thing we can do and that is accept and embrace change in a real sense. In this way we can stay flexible. Little children are remarkably resilient when it comes to change and they adapt and this is a hallmark of youth. So we stay young. We accept, we embrace it, we adapt and we stay free of encumberances. We live compassionate lives. We are kind. We are honest. Then, when the reaper comes for his due we can look the old bastard in the eye and say “do your worst” for we will have lived good lives.

If, through this acceptance of change we eliminate suffering and find the peace of enlightenment along the way, well, then so much the better.

Bon Appétit (NSFW)

I’m currently contending with cramps and my cycle myself right now and this popped into my head, but I really wouldn’t have had the guts to post it without the help of @filthygum, so a big shout out to them because they’re awesome!

Enjoy, fellow clownfuckers~!

Summary: The reader goes to bed one night, expecting to awake to the monthy nuisance of her period. What she gets, however, is an unexpected and undeniably deadly visitor.

Pairing: Pennywise x Fem!Reader

Length: 3,835

Warnings: Period blood, mass amounts of drool, fanged crotch mouth, general clownfuckery, messy oral, slight dub-con, overstimulation

No woman looked forward to her period, ever, and you were no exception to this. The whole ordeal was painful and generally unpleasant in a multitude of different ways for different people. It was never a fun thing, at least in your case.

Thanks to an app your best friend had suggested, however, you had been alerted that this upcoming horror week wasn’t supposed to be as heavy as last month’s. That was a godsend in your book, seeing as you had to help your family move despite the torrent of cramps last cycle. You didn’t want to remember that fact and instead focused on the upcoming days you would get to curl up under a heated blanket and watch movies.

When you had gone to bed earlier with this in mind, popping a couple pamprin pills and lining your panties with an overnight pad in a preemptive strike against what was to come, you were fully expecting to awaken to the sticky warmth of the ever dreadful crimson flood and a day full of netflix and chocolate.

What you got, however, was something most would consider far, far worse.

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Part Six: A Creature Who Is Also A Character

If you’ve read The Horse and His Boy from the Chronicles of Narnia series, you doubtless remember Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah (or Bree for short, a lovely call-out from Lewis to Tolkien and The Prancing Pony in Bree). In fact, I don’t think you can read the book without remembering good ol’ Bree with his pride and his snarky comments and growing friendship with Hwin. Both the talking horses of the book are distinct. They have personalities that are easily identified and easily attributed to their experiences growing up. Bree became self-confident from years of captivity as a war horse among non-talking horses that seemed witless to him; by comparison, he was a genius, able to understand what his human riders commanded easier and faster than the other non-talking horses. Hwin, on the other hand, while also captured and raised among non-talking horses, is shy and more logical and reasonable as one of the stable horses for a noble house. These two are fantastic foils to each other throughout the story. But it’s easy to take two talking creatures and build them into full characters–they can tell you about their background and their experiences; they can throw out jokes and win hearts through glorious conversations. Think about other creature companions, though, ones like Hedwig who reveled in flying free and had an attitude sometimes, or the trusting, loving relationship that builds between Jakkin and Heart’s Blood the dragon in Jane Yolen’s The Pit Dragon series.

Each one of the most beloved, best remembered creature companions become favorites because of one thing: They are memorable characters. They have personalities and they are a part of who the main character is. Making sure your creature companions have personalities is an important step toward making your creature worth having. Just with extraneous characters who don’t fill any gap in the plot, creature companions must be put to work, too. To build that relationship both with the plot, the characters, and the audience, start with the small stuff: Who is this creature?

Who are they?

Starting at the very basics of personality, begin by asking yourself who this creature is. Where do they come from? Do they have family? What makes them happy or sad? Even if your creatures are regular animals or are mythical creatures that don’t have the power of speech, I still recommend knowing what makes the creature laugh. Maybe they don’t laugh like we do, but what makes them happy? How do they express that feeling?

Personality is as much expressed by behavior as it is by speech. Be sure you’re taking corresponding animal behaviors into account, including the bits combined to create your mythical creature. There’s a character in an old, old set of children’s books, Gink from Patricia Coombs’ Dorrie the Little Witch series. Gink is a black cat who follows the main character about, and while he has no lines, the cat appears in every picture of every book in the 20-book series. (Though Gink has no specified gender, my own cat Gink was male, so forgive me if I’m mildly biased.) Despite his silent role and few actions that are directly related in the plot (some! He does help from time to time!), Gink becomes an entire character of his own through his behind-the-scenes, background participation in the story with the audience. His curiosity, playfulness, and warnings–in short, his reactions–to Dorrie’s plights give the audience a distinct impression of who Gink is.

Think about when your creature will show affection and how, versus showing annoyance, anger, caution, hunger, and interest. What makes them curious? What will help them become more trusting and how does that trust manifest? What will always draw them in and what will they stay away from? 

What do they want?

It’s said every character, no matter how little screen-time they receive, should have a goal. Whether that’s getting a coffee or rescuing their family, everyone wants something. If you have a pet at home, you know it’s true even with them. Bruce Coville’s Into the Land of the Unicorns introduces Lightfoot, young unicorn prince whose ideals change as he accompanies the human Cara in her endeavors to save the world of Luster. He begins the tale wanting nothing more than to defy the fate his family has left him. He’s willing to leave every single one of them behind to do it, too, but by the end of the series, that desire has changed. As a character, he evolves, as all good characters should.

Be aware of why your creature is out there and why they’re willing to accompany your characters on whatever it is they’re up to. How does agreeing to do this help them get further toward their want? Maybe it’s just the security of knowing there are others to protect against dangers, or the promise of food at a regular pace, but it could also be their own quest to find something or someone, or even to save their homeland from certain destruction. Wants are small or large, but they must be present if you hope to build off of them and create real, natural, and effective actions for this creature to take.

What’s the worst thing they could face?

You’re going to put your characters through some Things™, and we all know it. Reactions cover a wide spectrum for all characters and your creatures will be no different, because, after all, we want them to be characters, too. So why not treat them that way when making them? You can’t know how broad their reactions will span until you’ve put some thought into the worst thing that could happen. This is more than just their worst fear. It branches into the idea of who they become when faced with difficult situations, as well. What could turn them not only into a cowering creature but also the worst version of themselves? What kinds of tactics would they be willing to engage in if things go horribly wrong? It helps you touch on morals when dealing with these creatures to whom you may not immediately ascribe the idea of having morals. Make them just as round as your real-life humanoid characters by making sure you know what they’re willing to do, how far they’ll go, and where the line is drawn in the metaphorical sand.

Long story short, your creatures are characters too! I can’t be alone in watching a couple of fish in a tank, pointing at one and saying, “That one’s got an attitude!” In a similar way, you should be paying attention to your creatures’ personalities–mainly that they have one. Remember that you don’t want them to be stock characters, so treat them like your other humanoid creatures when creating them. Without distinct personality, they cease to be companions and simply remain cardboard space fillers. They should be important! You want them to be memorable! Work on them like people and help to round them out.

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Drabble Prompt 21 (Reader x Remus Lupin)

Drabble prompts -  songs , request more here

Request: Could you do #21 with young Remus Lupin?! 💖💖

Prompt: 21 Sweet Creature – Harry Styles

You jumped as Remus slammed the door to his dorm, thank full no one was around at the moment to hear the ongoing argument between you and your boyfriend of two years. Dating Remus was wonderful but the full moon would sometimes put him in terrible moods.

This month Remus was feeling as though you deserved better, how could you date a monster like him for this long, he was heartbroken by his own thoughts and you tried your best to reassure him.

You opened the door and walked in and sat on his bed beside him, his head in his hands, tears dripping through his fingers.

“Y/N we are so young how can you spend your life, waste your life with me, don’t you have plans, I’m just going to hold you back” you rubbed soft circles onto his lower back and he sobbed in between words.

“Rem, neither of us have plans, we don’t know where we are going, but I know I that I belong with you, wherever we end up” you spoke quietly and calmly knowing how easy it was for him to go from sad to angry at this time.

Remus just moved further away from you and you sighed, you were both so stubborn sometimes.

“But Y/N we will never have a normal life, or a normal home, I’m a monster.”

You tried once more to get through the emotional barrier he was trying to put up, you lifted his chin up to look at you but he closed his eyes, you lightly brushed away his tears on his wet face and kissed all around his pink cheeks.

“oh rem, my sweet, sweet creature, you are my home.”

You weren’t sure whether it was the nickname or the choice of words but at that moment Remus finally broke and fell into your arms. You took advantage of that and pulled him down to lie on his bed with you.

You pulled the blanket over the two of you and pushed his hair out of his face, enjoying his cuddles and watching him drift off to sleep. 

You hoped this moment would never end but you knew in a few short minutes a marauder would barge through that door, you hoped for time to stop in moments like this, but it never did.