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Elemental Moons: the secret creature comforts of the signs

Fire moons love sunshine and play, so their idea of relaxing usually involves some sort of stimulation that generates heat. They will seek out things that offer a distraction from, and extraction of their physical tension, and like to stay mobile. Sports, and any sort of entertaining and engaging activity, like a thrilling movie or book, helps them to feel at ease. But pranks, jokes, and hard laughs allow them to unwind the best. Knowing that there is something to look forward to tomorrow helps them feel safe.

Earth moons connect with the physical and material world to establish comfort. Their lunar food comes in many forms - anything that is earthy and natural, or perceptible by touch; camping or hiking in the great outdoors, eating a well cooked meal, or creating something of substance using their hands. Their feelings of safety are reliant on these things, and they will work very hard to secure them.

Air moons allow emotions to drift away like a springtime breeze, never gripping too tightly to any particular feeling or mood. Their comfort is found in words, both thinking and speaking. They find ease in the company of like-minded friends, and socializing helps them to feel stable. Reading beautiful poetry, and writing also provides billows of emotional security, and helps them relax. Their safety is found when their ideas and opinions are supported.

 Water moons find their sanctuary in solitude, where their emotions can breathe freely. They float towards creative activities that provide a womb for their tender imaginations, and an outlet for a fluid flow of feelings. But booze, baths, being around bodies of water, and rainy weather also soothe their spirits and help them relax. They feel secure when they can deeply connect with another person.

My vampire Gerard tattoo is finally healed. Never let them take you alive. Never let them take your spirit or your spunk or your wonderful strangeness. Be a fuckin freak and be proud of it.

AU in which the internet actually worked at Hogwarts until the 2003 release of the “Badger Badger Badger” song & the subsequent 2011 Honey Badger meme, after which Professor McGonagall and Filch unanimously banned it in an attempt to make the Hufflepuffs stop singing/swearing at Quidditch games.

Hello Witches and Wizards! A little baby mandrake for you on the eve of Mr. Potter’s birthday! I’m working sculpture version, and the drawing really helps inform some parts :)

I am just so so excited to dress up and go to my local Barnes and Noble book release party for The Cursed Child tonight! I’ll be going as the lovely Helga Hufflepuff :) What will happen in the 8th story guys!? Ah!! Let’s find out!

I recently made an art Instragram if you are into that :)

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Mischief Managed!

Audrey Benjaminsen 2016

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have any prompts for a character secretly taking care of a mythical creature? Thanks in advance for the help! (BTW, this blog is amazing and super helpful, and I hope you have a wonderful day)

Thank you so much! Asks like these always make my day a bit more wonderful!!!

1. “What do you think a dragon would eat? I mean, hypothetically, of course.”

2. “Don’t worry. I’m going to take care of you. You have to be quiet, though. I don’t think the neighbors would understand.”

3. “You want to come over? Um, sure, that’s fine… Just let me straighten things up a little. It’s kind of a mess right now.”

4. “No one would ever believe me.”

5. “I need every book you have on mythological creatures. …It’s for a project.”

6. “Whatever you do, I’m begging you, please don’t open that door. There’s an awful stench in there.”

7. “I can explain, honestly.”

8. “I wasn’t sure what kind of food to bring you, so I-Well, we can cross cheese off the list.”

I hope these helped!!! :) And I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

Draco x Hermione

Title: Living the Dream

Author: Ally147

Genre: Romance/Drama

Chapters: 1

Word Count: 27,567

Summary: Draco isn’t sure what sort person would grow up dreaming of becoming a high-class escort, but for a young man with Veela blood who has to find his one Mate in a population of billions before he reaches the ripe old age of thirty? What other career choice is there?


hp magical creatures : Acromantula

“An Acromantula is a species of giant spider, native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. They possess a set of giant chelicerae which they use to eat live prey or their own dead kin. They also secrete poison when they are excited, and are capable of human speech.”


Went to a used bookstore today to complete my Harry Potter Collection!

left picture [ x ], right picture [ x ]

The Eurasian lynx can be considered quite a secretive creature. The sounds it makes are very low and often not heard, and their presence in an area can go unnoticed for years! They are of the widest ranging cats in the world and can be found in the forests of western Europe, Russia and central Asia.

This extremely efficient hunter uses fine-tuned stealth and pounce techniques to bring down animals four times its size, delivering a fatal bite to the neck or snout of an unsuspecting deer. During winter, its variably patterned coat is long and dense and large fur-covered paws help it move through deep snow.

Every Nancy Drew game suspect ranked from worst to best.

Methodology: All rankings are personal taste. I only included characters that both had character models and were presented as suspects during the course of the narrative. Obviously, spoilers for every game.

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