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Everytime I see someone say “I’ve been watching you guys since (something from long time ago), thanks for (memories and old stuff)” to anyone from CowChop, I feel like I don’t deserve to be a fan because I just found James and Aleks this year and I wasn’t there with all the old memories, sad or happy.

That not being there when James “retired” for awhile or seeing “Immortal” become Aleks with the face reveal makes me think that I’m not really part of this family, community or whatever.

I know CowChop still has a future, a time in the far future I can say “I was a fan since “educational STD penis vid” or “The CowChop House” and make people remember the good old times but right now I feel like I wasn’t there for a large part of these guys careers and I should just give up on being a fan because I can’t connect to James, Aleks and the guys like all of the really old fans.

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Today, I used one of my left-handed sketches from last year for a quick exercise (don’t worry, I used my right hand to colour it! I’d have to change my entire settings to switch hands with my tablet).
Who likes the idea of mermaids as weird fish creatures without breasts? …apparently, I do.
Aujourd’hui j’ai utilisé un de mes croquis de la main gauche de l’an dernier pour un exercice rapide (ne vous inquiétez pas, j’ai utilisé ma main droite pour la colo ! Je devrais tout reprogrammer si je changeais de main sur ma tablette).
Qui aime l’idée que les sirènes sont des créatures poissonneuses bizarres sans poitrine ? …apparemment, moi.

Liking Newt would include..

Part One

Part Two


-Long stares
•like you’ll look away and then newt could just
stare at you for hours, later when writing, you
stare at him while you sip tea.

-Being so in awe at the creatures
•Newt being in awe at you because you’re so
fascinated with his creatures
•you being the only other person the creatures

-Getting to New York with newt
•Having to lie to the border officer that you’re
•lots of blushing
•from both of you

-Waiting outside for Newt while he’s in the bank
•witch protesters
•magic that makes Mary Lou fall of her box

-Not being able to find newt so you have to apperate
•apperating into the safe
•running right into newt as he’s tickling the
•"there you are I was getting worried"

-being invited into Tina and queenies home
•being slightly jealous of Tina
•chatting with Jacob
•getting to sleep on the floor because the
boys called the beds
•Newt feeling bad and lets you curl up with
•Newt lets you and Jacob finally go
into his briefcase
•you getting to see the baby creatures

-Trying to put Pickett back where he belongs
•him not having it and stays put on your
•newt being upset because “you stole my
best friend”
•pouting because you’re his best friend

-Jacob asking about you after you fall asleep
next to newt.
•newt petting you hair slightly as he speaks
•"do you like her?“
•"I don’t know..we’ve know each other for

-helping Tina and queenie makes breakfast.
•"eggs over easy!“

-stealing newts scarf at night when you look for the Demiguise
•"hey what are yo-”
•"Im cold…“
•tina rolling eyes
•even newt rolling eyes but only because the
scarf is fairy puffy on you

-cuddles when you get back to the house
•"I hope I’m not ruining your dreams…”
•"of course you aren’t newt"
•First forehead kiss as goodnight

-Tina handing you and newt in
•you being infuriated at tina
•"do not hurt those creatures I swear"
•spitting in graves’ face

-newt holding your hand when your sentenced
•using Pickett from your pocket to unlock
the cuffs
•getting out of the wizard bank.
•running down the street from wizard cops
to Tina’s home
•shaking that night because you’re nervous
that you won’t be about to go to England
•lots of forehead kisses that night
•also playing with fingers

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new breed- actual water dragons! :D

so i kinda went through every new breed suggestion i could find, but none were quite to my liking… so i made my own! these guys are from the water flight, and i tried to make them as aquatic as i could considering apparel restrictions. ive taken to calling them gulpers for now C:

gulpers are from the murky waters on the border between the tangled wood and the sea of a thousand currents. the poor water visibility there makes sight hunting difficult, and so they use their barbs to sense vibrations in the water instead. they are ambush predators, waiting hidden in the silt with only their feelers exposed for prey to pass by.

gulpers arent picky eaters either! they’ll try to eat anything they can fit in their mouths. the expandable pouch on their throats allows them to swallow a large amount of water- this can be used to make a vacuum that draws in food. this pouch can also be used to hold excess water which can be discharged with great pressure as a defense mechanism.

behaviorally, gulpers are patient dragons whose hunting tactics often cause other breeds to see them as lazy gluttons. in reality, while gulpers can sit around all day waiting for food to swim into their mouths, they are capable of being surprisingly agile if need arises. they strike with extreme speed and precision, and will defend their territory fiercely, though they would much rather avoid conflict if possible.

anyway, thats my take on a possible water breed for now! :D there are lots of good ideas for aquatic dragons (whales, plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, sea turtles… etc) and i hope to draw more varieties later. i just hope fr does introduce some kind of aquatic species in the future! ovo

Newt Scamander: The Hero We Deserve! *SPOILERS*

1. He is intellectual. 

Traditional heroes tend to be mostly brawn and almost no brains. Usually, intellectual characters are potrayed as villianous masterminds or geeky, niave, infantile sidekicks. I stopped watching the CW’s Arrow for this exact reason. Newt is neither. He embraces truth and knowledge because he understands how harmful ignorance can be. He doesn’t just care for, nurture, and study magical creatures for personal amusement. He wants to share his knowledge with others to make the magical world a better place, to show humanity that intellectualism isn’t the enemy, ignorance is the enemy.

2. He is powerful.

Yes! Newt Scamander isn’t just all heart, all brain, or all brawn. He’s ALL three! He is a strategic wizard capable of holding his own in battle. He was powerful enough to fight off and ensare Gerllert Grindlewald single-handidly. Think about that! One of the most powerful Dark Lords in wizarding world history, who was stopped only be Dumbledore, the greatest sorcerer in the world, and he not only held his own in one on one combat but, caught him. Newt is proof that you can be intellectual, and powerful without being a villian.

3. He is ambitous.

Newt sees the big picture. Traditional heros tend to be short-sighted. Their only goal is to defeat the antagonist. In they end, they return to their lives as if nothing ever happened, the causes of the conflict are never adressed and the hero or another generation of heroes will inevitably have to take up arms again. Newt’s goals are long-term. He understands that ignorance is the cause of cruelty toward magical creatures and wants to end it. He doesn’t just want to stop the symptoms of the disease. He wants to cure the disease.

4. His heroism is motivated by compassion.

Newt’s goals are entirely selfless. While Harry is primarliy motivated by vengence to defeat Voldemort, Newt is motivated by pure compassion. Newt has nothing to gain from caring for his creatures. He does so because he just cares. Because he wants to see them grow to be healthy, safe, and thriving. He wants other wizards and witches to experience the joy, beauty, and wonder of these creatures instead of fearing them or killing them. Nothing more and nothing less.

5. He not only cares he understands.

Newt not only cares he understands. One of the reasons, I think Newt cares so much for magical creatures is that he knows what it’s like to be misunderstood, to have people to look down on you for being different. He is compelled to help Creedance Barebone because he understands what it’s like to not have any real friends, to hide who you really are, and hate yourself because of who and what you are. That’s what makes him the perfect hero!

I’m not sure but, I’d say Newt is either an INFP or INFJ. 


This cutie was hanging around my Mamaw’s cabin on Christmas. I LOVE BATS, so of course, I was quite excited! <3 It was really neat because every single person there was nice to the bat. There were dogs running around so people kept saving the bat from them. I was so surprised that no one shown any aggression towards it… most of the time, people are swatting at them, and scared to death, sometimes even ending in the death of the poor bat. But not here. <3 Everyone should love bats!