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Bad Kitten||Winchester Brothers||

So this is something I’ve tried to start writing twice but my phone’s being an asshole and cutting off the app before I have the chance to finish what I’m writing. Hopefully my laptop won’t and I’ll be able to publish this smut. I might make this into a series but I’m not sure yet. Depends on how it goes.

Word count: 3,199 words

CAUTION: Stop here unless you want to read smut about the Winchester brothers. Mature readers only! Pure smut ahead. Trying to work the plot before the smutty threesome.

Warnings: oral, anal, threesome, daddy kink


Knowing the Winchester brothers and being close with them has its perks. Yes, despite everything Supernatural trying to kill you for even knowing the two brothers, it’s actually worth it. Hunting with the brothers is the fun part.

Dressed in a white figure hugging, finger length bodycon dress with black lace from the top of my breast to around the front of my neck, a cream coat on over the dress paired with a pair of nude heels. My hair falls down my back in luscious caramel curls meanwhile natural eyeshadow outline my eyes. Baby pink blush covers my pale cheeks as a wine red coats my lips, giving me a professional/bad chick look.

“Why are you so dressed up for this case? We’re supposed to look like FBI agents, not clubbers.” Dean asks me as soon as I exit the bathroom in my outfit.“I’ll dress as I want. Besides, this is professional.” I respond as I shove past Dean and walk over to my bag and bend down so I can find my badge for this part of the case. I hum to myself softly as I finally find the badge. I straighten back up and turn around only to see both Dean and Sam staring at me intently with intuitive faces. I raise an eyebrow in question before I shake it off and walk back into the bathroom so I can touch up what needs to be fixed.

Finally, we walk into the police station and instantly, the attention is drawn to us. Standing between the two brothers with a serious expression seems to be all I need to have every male in the building eye raping me. My heels click against the tiled floor as we walk toward the front desk to find out where the sheriff is.“Hello. We were wondering if we could speak to the Sheriff please.” I say sweetly to the male who was eyeing me up.“What for?” The male asks as he keeps his gaze focused on me.“We’re here about the case of the recent murder.” Sam states as he glares at the male who seemed more interested in me than what we were saying.

“He’s busy right now. Come back later though and he’ll be free. Unless you wanna stay longer, gorgeous.” The male tells me, smirking at me when he gets to the end of his sentence.“Darling, we’re FBI. Pretty sure that the sheriff wouldn’t mind if we bothered him.” I say sweetly as we flash our FBI badges, making the male pale quite a bit.

“Right this way.” He says leading us toward the sheriff’s office, me once again standing between the two brothers.“Sheriff, the FBI are here.” The male says after knocking on the door before opening it.“Let them in.” A familiar voice says making my breath catch in my throat.“Why, if it isn’t Malia.” The familiar voice says making me smile awkwardly.

Before me is my ex boyfriend from high school, Derek Mason. His crystal blue eyes still as clear as when we were kids, his shaggy blonde hair falling into his right eye giving him that mysterious persona.“Derek Mason. Never thought that we would meet again.” I say with a fake smile. I sit down in the chair in front of the oak desk as Sam sits beside me and Dean leans his hands on the back of my chair, his arms occasionally brushing against my back.

“Who are you?” Dean asks, trying to figure out how Derek knows me.“I’m Derek Mason. We met in high school. Greenwood high school.” Derek says cockily trying to be the dominant male in the room, making me roll my eyes.“Oh, I remember you.” Dean says with a cold attitude.

“Can we stay on topic please? Derek, what did you find at the crime scene?” I ask with another fake smile as I notice Derek checking me out.“Well, the crime scene was clean, almost too clean. There was blood, intestines and pieces of skin covering the walls, floor, and anything else but there were absolutely no prints. Then the lights just cut off. When the lights came on, there was a message written on the wall in black goo.” Derek says as he maintains eye contact with me. I could feel the anger rolling off of Dean in waves as he tightens his grip on the chair. I glance over at Sam only to see that he’s lost in thought.

“Do you mind if we check out the crime scene for ourselves?” I ask sweetly knowing that he would give in as he looks into my hazel eyes.“Go ahead. Wouldn’t want to go back there for anything. Unless it’s you of course.” Derek flirts making me roll my eyes at his flirting.“I would rather die than have you rescue me. Now, if you don’t mind, can we have some copies of the evidence you’ve collected so far?” I ask sweetly as both brothers try to cover their chuckles at my statement.

“Anything for you beautiful.” Derek flirts once again making me clench my fists in my lap so I don’t react and punch him in the face, therefore blowing our cover.“Flirt with me one more time and see what happens, Sheriff.” I threaten coldly as I glare at him, making him raise an eyebrow at my statement.

He walks off and leaves us in the room as Dean stays quiet and crosses his arms over his chest.“Okay, so besides the fact that he can’t stop flirting with Malia do you believe him? I mean, what kind of creature does something like that?” Sam asks after making sure that Derek isn’t around.

“No idea but if he doesn’t stop flirting with me, I’ll end up kicking his ass.” I state as I get up and lean against the desk and cross one leg over another, instantly catching the attention of the two brothers.“Yeah. So, isn’t that your ex boyfriend from high school, back when you were staying with us?” Dean asks making me sigh.“Yeah. I broke up with him because I found evidence of him cheating on me with one popular cheerleader. Anyways, that’s besides the point. Let’s just get the evidence from Derek before heading back and researching.” I say as I look at Dean only to see that he’s already staring at me with dark forest green eyes. Something in his stare makes me smirk coyly, almost as if it was a game to see who exactly would make the first move.

A sudden tension forms in the air between the three of us, growing thicker by the intense stares being shared between the three of us. Man, this is going to be fun.

We finally get back to the motel and I jump onto my bed wearing a pair of tight spandex volleyball shorts I’ve had since high school and a low cut Victoria Secret tank top.“So, we know that the creature hunts at night, seeing as how this is the third attack this month. They all seem to happen around the same little area. At first, I thought it was Vampires, but they don’t rip the victim to shreds.” I say speaking up as I look at Sam who was busy typing away on his laptop. His jean clad legs perched on the seat on the other side of the table meanwhile his flannel is rolled up to his elbows showing off his firm arms. His shaggy brown hair that’s grown longer over time curls around the edge of his face lightly, illuminating his tan skin even more and hazel green eyes even more.

Malia has no idea what she does to me. When I saw her wearing the white dress, I almost grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. The dress hugs her figure in all the right places but at the same time, they tease me by reminding me that she has no idea how she affects Sammy and I. Her innocent hazel eyes that glow with mischief when she’s pranking Sam. After meeting Derek again and watching other men stare at her as if she’s a piece of meat, it makes me want to sock each of them in the face. It’s not how they should be staring at someone as beautiful as her.


¥So this is where it starts to get smutty kinda so keep reading if you’re into this kind of thing. It’s going to be in Malia’s point of view or possibly no point of view at all. It just depends.¥

The tension from earlier returns ten times thicker than it was before. More than likely, it’s the sexual tension. Its then that Dean and Sam jump into the Impala and leave, claiming that they were going to check out the crime scene, leaving Malia alone in the motel room.

Taking the chance, Malia pulls the cover up over her body before slowly making her way down her body. Knowing that both the brothers will be gone for quite a while, she’s taking advantage of that so she can take care of her own problems that formed the moment Dean gazed at her with his dark forest green eyes and the way his jaw clenched. Slowly working her way out of her clothes, Malia leaves her clothes beside the bed in a neat pile before she begins working.

She slowly trails her hand down her chest and playfully pinched the soft buds of her breasts, using the delicate touches to tease herself and slowly work herself up. Images of Dean licking his plump lips pops into her mind as she pictured him sitting in a chair at the end of the bed watching her slowly work herself to an orgasm.

Then she slowly makes small circles around the slowly erecting buds, trying to keep her pace slow so the pleasure lasts. After a while, Malia lets her hands drop further to her hip bones before trailing lightly against her skin. Once she gets bored of that, she goes right for the prize and begins to work herself up without going past the lips of her pussy.

With a silent cry, her back arches off the bed as her fingers move in circles hitting all the right places without penetrating anything. At some point, the covers that once masked her body from view fall to the floor and leave her bare body out for show.

Teasingly slipping one finger deeper, she quickly retracts the finger before picturing Sam’s fingers replacing her own as Dean stands by and watches.

Sam and Dean both stop outside the motel room door and share a look with each other. They left Malia alone in the motel room while they went on a drive to discuss what they planned to do to Malia tonight for being naughty and wearing that dress out where all of the men gawked.

They pause right before opening the door due to a moan echoing from inside the motel room. A loud moan reaches the brothers ears which makes them smirk knowing that their princess couldn’t help herself. Dean then quickly unlocks the door before they open the red oak only to be met with Malia’s pussy facing them and a look of pleasure spread on her face.“f-fuck.” Malia whimpers breathlessly as her back arches off the bed and gives the two a good look at her naked body.

Dean feels the thick atmosphere of the room growing as he and Sam move further into the room, both brothers quietly moving a chair to where they could watch their princess work. Seated at the end of the bed, Dean has a perfect view of the pussy belonging to a goddess. Sam sits down as close to Malia as possible but at the same time, he avoids alerting her of his presence.

Malia picks up her pace before she penetrates her vagina, giving in to the pleasure she’s been craving. She moves her fingers in and out smoothly, biting her lip in the process to keep from being too loud. The sound of zipping reaches Sam’s ear and he looks down at his older brother only to see him fishing his cock out of the confines of his jeans, freeing the hardened cock as he watches Malia carefully.

Sam carefully mimics his brother’s actions, fishing his cock out of his jeans so he can take care of the painful throbbing caused by the beauty on the bed. The two brothers grasp their cock by the base and slowly twist their hands upwards, taking all the time they need while keeping track of the sounds Malia is making.

After a while, Dean moves onto the bed and sits down beside her pussy, grabbing her hand to stop her movements. She tenses up and opens her hazel eyes only to see both brothers sitting nearby.“Sam! Dean! What are y'all doing?” Malia asks in a small voice, the scratch in her voice not going unnoticed by the brothers as they share a smirk.

“Oh nothing. You know, watching Princess work herself to an orgasm when she could’ve just asked us for help instead. Now we have to punish you.” Dean says making Malia swallow.“w-what do you mean, punish me?” Malia asks, curious to find out where this side of the brothers is coming from.

“You’re about to find out, sweetheart. We’re going to take real good care of you tonight, Princess.” Dean purrs as he places a hand on her chest and eases her back down to the bed. Malia looks up to Sam for answers only to be met with dark brown eyes instead of the green hazel that Sam’s eyes normally are. Her heart begins to pound at the thoughts beginning to swarm her mind of what the two have in store.

Dean looks at Sammy and nods before they both start stripping out of their clothes meanwhile Malia focuses on their movements, watching eagerly as the muscular bodies are revealed to her. She moves to the edge of the bed where Dean is standing and sits back on her bottom thighs. She looks up at Dean with her doe hazel eyes as she begins to kiss her way up his chest, starting from the waistband of his boxers still on his body upward as she trails her tongue along with her lips.

Dean takes a deep breath as he stares down at the female whose slowly making her way up his chest, leaving a few hickies in her wake. Sam climbs onto the bed fully bare and he climbs over Malia so his dick is positioned under her pussy, for when she rocks back and forth, there’ll be pressure where they both need it most. Malia gets to Dean’s lips and kisses him forcefully, trying to fight for dominance meanwhile Sam began to leave marks of his own on the skin of her pale back. Malia feels Dean’s tongue poking at her lips and she obeys, trying not to make her punishment worse.

Sam could feel the slick leaking from her pussy and onto his cock which makes him want to have her his way that much more. Dean moves his gaze over the top of Malia’s head and nods to his brother, letting the two give into their primal desires. Dean shoves Malia off of him gently but still with a show of dominance. The air thickens with the anticipation of what’s to come.

Sammy falls backward, pulling Malia with him as Dean falls on top of Malia, landing face first into her chest.“Dean.” Malia moans out softly, her skin buzzing with electricity. Dean smirks as he opens his mouth, using his tongue to swirl the bud around. Sam moved his fingers to her entrance where he begins using one finger to open her up enough. Malia’s back arches and a small ‘fuck’ escapes her breathless lips as she pushes her chest firmer into Dean’s face. She grabs a fistfull of Dean’s hair before pushing him further into her chest, making him smirk cockily. Sam speeds his pace up before adding another finger, increasing the pleasure.“Please, Sam, Dean, both of you fuck me like the little whore I am. Fill me up with both of your huge cocks as you pound mercilessly into my tight little pussy.” Malia begs making both brothers freeze at the words escaping the female’s mouth.

Sam slips his fingers out of her pussy as he moves so that he’s lined up with her asshole.“So, you want it rough?” Dean asks cockily as he sits up on her stomach as he lines up with her pussy. Instead of answering, Malia grabs Dean’s thick and long cock before slamming him into her, automatically making her force herself onto Sam at the same time. The slight sting makes Malia moan as she moves her hips slowly seeing as to how the two males were too shocked to move. Eventually they both snap out of it and sharply thrust into her two entrances.

“FUCK!” Malia yelps as she closes her eyes in pleasure, throwing her head back onto Sam’s shoulder. Dean leans forward and attaches his lips to any skin he can get his hands on meanwhile making sure to leave hickies in his wake.

Malia becomes a rag doll between the two brothers, loving every second of it since they reach the places that make her see stars. She digs her nails into Dean’s back and they trail downward, leaving angry red lines in their place. Dean groans and bites down on her neck harshly in pleasure before grinding his teeth with her skin still in between. Sweat coats all three of them as they fight to make the other come first. She tightens her grip on Dean which makes him pound into her even quicker, giving into what they’ve all three been desiring.

Malia releases all over the two brothers with a groan, the tightness of her pussy being the thing that pushes them over the edge, leading to an extended orgasm.“Damn, Princess. I didn’t know you liked it like that. Now, can you be good for your daddies and hold your hands above your head?” Dean asks making Malia groan low in her throat, the feeling already returning.“I’d do anything for my daddy.” Malia states innocently as she obliges and holds her hands together above her head, ready for whatever the brothers were going to throw her way.