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Ok guys but mer!mccree trying to lasso a manatee while sea dragon hanzo looks on and wonders why he decided to build a nest with this mess of a mer.

This is just like the time jesse tried to convince him there were seahorse large enough to ride waiting just past the dark drop, hiding in the abyss for the right cowboy to go wrangle them. It took two weeks to get the last of the spikes out of the cowboys fins, the results of disturbing a grumpy deep sea dweller. When will he learn.

Luna and Rolf tho???


I was thinking about the post suggesting humans would be to aliens like mythical Fae creatures, and this idea popped into my head.

So we’re stuck on the very outskirts of the intergalactic community and we’re a young race and very little knowledge about us has reached the main players on the intergalactic political stage. We’ve only had contact with our closest neighbours, who are a friendly enough bunch and have helped us along with technology and such, but we’re still working out some internal violence between nations, and having befriended us this little neighbouring Galactic race mostly leaves us alone to sort out our shit. But we like them so we give them the means to contact us with an offer to help them if we ever can.

A century or two later and we’re still not very involved outside our own planet but we’ve basically fixed our infighting and we’re working on building our fleets to go further and discover more. Our friendly neighbours get attacked by a warlike race bent on controlling this Galactic back water to use as a base for greater conquests, and things are going badly for them. In a last ditch effort to save themselves, they call the humans. They think that at least they can evacuate their weaker members to earth so not all their race will be enslaved or killed.

Queue a full on “the beacons are lit, Gondor calls for aid” moment - the newly formed coalition of human nations remembers the kindness of this species that was their first encounter outside their own planet, and they send an army.

And so our friendly neighbours find to their astonishment that they accidentally befriended Space Orcs who arrive on the Galactic stage in spectacular fashion by totally annihilating their fearsome attackers, and suddenly all the other Galactic nations want to ally with this backwater so the can get on the humans good side because damn they don’t want those scary humans to turn on them.

ocean gem


[ au’s that exist elsewhere ]

the sea was angry. the water thrashed and rolled and boiled and the sailors hung onto the rails of their ship, hanging on for dear life as they hoped that their captain would get them through this.

it happened so fast. faster than anyone could have possibly imagined. one second jared was hanging onto the ropes, his hair hanging wet in his face and then in the next blink he was gone. taken by the sea as their prisoner. as their offering.

jensen found him washed up on shore, wet and cold and bleeding and barely alive and he hovered over the man’s body, brushing his hair out of his face and pressed a light kiss to his lips, healing the wounds that scattered his body.

jensen was told the dangers of the land, of the men that walked on it. he was raised and breed to fear the ones with legs but there was something about this one that drew him in. jensen watched, waited for air to fill the man’s lungs again.

and before jared truly woke, jensen disappeared back beneath the waves, silver white scales catching the last rays of the sun.

[merman!jensen and pirate!jared au]

Dryad au

Dryad’s are tree nympths, they are basically bound to the tree and I just- So much can be done with this hellllpppp. 

- Tree nympths having specific characteristics of the tree they guard/posess. For example they may have ivy growing out of them and the leaves of the tree in their hair.

-Tree nympths who gaurd the wildlife in the trees, for example squirrels in oak trees.

-Dryad’s who posess bonsai trees being tiny.

-Tree nympths who posess fir trees being hardy and able to resist very low temperatures.

-Nympths that posess deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves during the winter and autumn) looking like normal people but looking very tired and less full of life.

-Parkour masters.

-Campaigning to protect trees in the city, or atleast move them from the city to somewhere new.

-Tree nympths who use photosynthesis? Sunbathing tree nympths sleeping just next to their tree.

- Tree nympths decorated with Amber.

-Tree nympths who are able to posess a new tree so long as it is the offspring of the previous which is still alive. 

-A monkey puzzle tree nympth visiting a jewellers shop who takes jet from a nearby mine, and finding jet from the leftovers of one of their old trees. (Jet is fossilised monkey puzzle).

-Agressive tree nympths who come from hawthorn or monkey puzzle.

-Nympths that live in your garden.

-That nympth witnessed your shameless house party.

-Modern nympths that decorate their tree on special occassions. Person A not liking the apple tree covered in decorative lights and demanding the dryad takes them down.

-Stop climbing mi tree.

-Naga that shares a tree and sleeps in the branches and helps protect the ree and in return can sunbathe on that one branch that sticks out.

-Bees honey being a part of the food source for the nympth.

-Throwing acorns at that centaur/person you don’t like.

-Nympth territory fights. “Scccuuusseee mmmeee III was going to plant mmyyy beech tree here!”

-Nympths with strong wills having pheonix trees (trees that will always regrow when you cut them down and poison them).

-A tree nympths mental state affecting their trees health.

-A tree getting an infection and a nympth bursting into the garden center like: I NEED YOUR FINEST PESTICIDE.

-I’m pretty sure it’s apple trees that do this but apple tree nympth finding out their tree will be the only one not being cut down and quickly collecting samples of other trees and adding them to the apple tree (as apple trees can merge and support other trees theresoneinNewyorkwhichisfabulous) so their nympth friends can stay alive.

- Nympths that merge like above getting all kinds of flower and leaves on them.

-Willow tree nympths having the flowing dangly branches for hair.

-Palm tree nympths having a personal umbrella-

Dragon Drawing Prompts!

Dragons!! Here’s a whole bunch of dragon drawing prompts for you! Have followers send them in, do a few at random, or make a challenge out of them! You can even write stories based off of them! Just have fun using these to fight your creativity block!

Swamp Dragons

  • A big, crocodile-like dragon hiding under the water and snatching down prey that gets too close
  • A dragon that burps up swamp gas to deter humans from its home
  • A dragon that eats even the biggest of snakes in a swamp
  • A dragon whose horns resemble the swamp’s plants

Cave Dragons

  • A cave dragon colony that lives like ants in an old mine, preventing miners from taking any more minerals
  • A cave dragon napping with some bats during the day time
  • A big dragon that lives deep in a cave, with tons of raw precious metals in its hoard

Forest Dragons

  • Forest dragons burrowing and making tunnels that intertwine between the roots of old trees
  • Small forest dragons climbing trees like squirrels and jumping from treetop to treetop
  • Rainforest dragons with vivid colorations, hiding perfectly in their tropical habitat
  • Rainforest dragons with huge, butterfly like wings
  • Tiny dragons living in the hollows of trees, hoarding anything shiny, even some shiny acorns

Arctic/Antarctic Dragons

  • A thick-furred dragon roaring at people because it isn’t familiar with them being near its habitat
  • A dragon that cannot fly, but instead swims, just like a penguin
  • A dragon that swims under the ice and then crashes through the ice to make prey fall into the crack

Mountain Dragons

  • Dragons living in hot springs beside a volcano, incubating their eggs in the warm water
  • Mountain climbers reaching the top of a mountain and being scared away by a dragon
  • A dragon dozing off outside and waking up covered in mountain top snow

Field Dragons

  • A large-winged dragon gliding above a field and casting a huge shadow
  • A deer-like dragon running past humans so quickly that their hats fly off
  • A small, hawk-like dragon dive-bombing prey

Underwater Dragons

  • A dragon living in an underwater cavern with an air pocket
  • A dragon living in a kelp forest, blending in with the kelp
  • Dragons that travel in pods and resemble orca whales
  • A dragon that flings itself out of the water and glides above it, like a flying fish

Desert Dragons

  • Dragons stealing treasure from long-buried monuments in the sand
  • A dragon breathing fire so hot it creates chunks of glass, which the dragon makes its nest out of
  • A dragon accidentally stepping on a cactus, and other dragons try to pry the cactus out of the other’s foot
  • Dragons so heavy and callous that even when a huge sandstorm passes, they are unaffected

Urban Dragons

  • Dragons living in old subway tunnels and collecting loose change they find on the ground
  • Dragons living in the sewer systems of big cities, only seen by those needing to clean the sewers out
  • A small dragon living near a plaza, swiping jewelry right off of unsuspecting pedestrians
  • A dragon living near a power plant and being curious about the people working there
  • Neighborhood dragons that are very used to being around people and will even let some people pet them

she’s always had heiresses charge at her in the same patterns, shark-stalking, lanternfish-lures, dolphin-quick or mantis shrimp-style
she learned all the defenses and attacks of the sea creatures eons before their eggs even hatched, before they even breathed pure sea
as if these guppies would stand a chance against a creature with real fangs

she’s learned from her friends, this one
that move wasn’t sharklike, more green than tyrian, and the condesce hisses as claws score over her chitin for the first time in a thousand years
her attack is blocked with a purely blue defense, and followed with the brown-favored kick of a cavalreaper trainee
it sets her teeth on edge, so perfect and wrong, the way those movements all seem to blend into one another, and she finds herself falling further back into the defensive–

what was it that mutant said?

I see a circle.


for those of you asking for an expanded version of this, and with her they came is what you’re after. anyone who wants more of feferi’s training (and adores eridan) will enjoy @auxanges‘s in the heart, a kind of fighting

past that, I can tell you it’s all part of the tidalverse, otherwise known as at the end of the stars.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about the implications of the Mater's Tall Tales shorts that instead of Greys the pop culture stock alien for the Cars verse is the UFOs themselves

I actually think it’s a really cute idea, and a pretty sensical and clever idea for the “vehicles replacing living creatures idea” thing.

The actual design for the thing however scares me, with its cartoony black featureless eye/pupils + Mater’s detailed human teeth


Whoops it’s midnight time for more Aliens
Tryna work out how their weird backwards bodies work, some evo history, you know, gross stuff like that
Mmm the gorilla-lizard-toad lookin fella on the bottom is a character from my good friend @socknessmonster ’s story tho, coz im helping them write a sweet sci-fi fantasy adventure
They’re a precious sack of meat but is still getting the hang of understanding humanoid facial expressions (how r they supposed to know if you’re happy if you can’t turn bright green and yellow????)

feanor-no  asked:

Viking AU? PS your blog is my entire life

Thank you! 

Mmmm, ok. (I’m basing this on the How to Train your Dragon Universe and no one can stop me because they’re technically Vikings)

also I didn’t really know how to answer this so here’s a variation of it rip 

  • all of the Dregs are dragon trainers 
  • and since they all come from different cultures guess what
  • that’s right diverse dragons
  • no two dragons alike
  • because they’re all from mythos of their riders’ respective cultures
  • Kaz has the most trouble out of all of them because he’s not used to flying with his bad leg bouncing and needing to steer his dragon in different directions 
  • Wylan fashions him a leg rest that simultaneously works as a steerer 
  • Bonus: he points his cane in the direction where he wants to go when his leg hurts too much 
  • and he does it like a conqueror on a mission to obliterate his enemies 
  • his dragon inherently knows his rider’s tendency to act #extra this way but constantly obliges him 
  • Kaz’s dragon is the only one that’s pitch black and has no official recorded name because it hadn’t been discovered by anyone yet
  • Kaz calls it Untitled like the drama king he is
  • Inej and her Balaur get along like a house on fire and no one knows how this seven headed dragon got the urge to willingly let her ride it 
  • but everyone subtly backs away Inej and her dragon the next time she’s around, because if a tiny slip of a girl can summon this giant dragon, she’s definitely got some hidden or deadly power up her sleeves 
  • the both of them do these sudden dips and spirals down to earth that scare the Dregs half out of their minds 
  • as in, the Balaur doesn’t snap out its wings until the pair of them are skimming the water or ground 
  • and that’s not even covering the acrobatic tricks and acts that Inej coordinates for them in the air
  • also all the dragons have a fondness of Inej and only she can get them to collectively calm down or slaughter their enemies
  • Jesper and his Aido Hwedo have the closest rider-dragon relationship
  • his dragon flashes off its colorful scales constantly, so when they’re in flight, it looks like they’re a moving rainbow 
  • whenever the Dregs are flying into battle, they can always depend on seeing a blur of deadly color hurtling down to their enemies and Jesper’s elated scream on the wind
  • it can bring storms to any battle and simultaneously gives them rainbows to admire afterwards 
  • he constantly compliments his dragon all the time and it purrs melodically and nuzzles its snout against Jesper’s head all the time
  • Wylan gets a Wyvern and Jesper won’t shut up for weeks afterwards about “Wy and Wy”
  • when he finds out the Wyvern’s blind Wylan trains it to fly by scent by dangling different things in front of its snout
  • also he and his dragon work out this complex touch code whenever Wylan wants to fly up, spiral across, or just fall asleep on the its back 
  • whenever Wylan does fall asleep, the Wyvern folds up its large wings to shield its rider from the night terrors and any rain or snow 
  • Nina, like the badass she is, manages to tame a Zmey Gorynych 
  • its three heads are somewhat snappy if someone stands too close to them but it has an affinity for toffee, something that Nina discovers with delight 
  • thanks to Nina, she’s the official ‘trainer’ when the dragons land together and swivel their heads toward her for treats (and when Inej’s off duty) 
  • who knew dragons all over the world liked sweet things?
  • all three heads of Nina’s dragon have differing personalities, but only she manages to calm them down whenever they’re having moods 
  • Matthias just sighs and gets on his Landvættir while his friends soar above his head 
  • but sometimes Nina orders her Zmey Gorynych to pick both of them up
  • the first time her dragon does this, both of let out inhumane screams 
  • Matthias’ dragon pretends to hate being carried out like this because it’s primarily a land dragon, but it secretly loves being in the air since it’s never flown before 
  • Matthias sets up all the obstacle courses with Wylan for the Dregs to train and he’s surprised how much fun he has when they all dodge and weave in the air and openly laughing into the sky
  • Kuwei and his Fucanglong just float above the earth and side eye each other all the time when they see their companions, human and scaly, start up their antics again 
  • look as a certified Asian™ I can tell you 1000% that Asian dragons are the chillest dragons in all the mythos of the world, so I’m completely convinced that these two watch on the sidelines and watch the drama unfold
  • they also put on collaborative fire shows, something that Kuwei’s dragon loves, because he’s found a fellow fire-starter  
  • but when someone tries to hurt the Dregs and their dragons, Kuwei’s Fucanglong turns absolutely terrifying