I’m not usually a big werewolf fan, but I wanted to try and change my own mind via some fun design practice. I really like how this cutie turned out!

I think that this brand of lycanthropy is a pretty rough ride, slowly turning the victim over the course of a whole month. With a few days of full human and a few days of full wolfmonster, most of the time is spent in an in-between state like this. Medication and exceptional self control can help manage symptoms, but it ain’t easy.


It took over 60 hours but the bird… it’s finally done! This is without doubt the most extensive and best piece of work I’ve ever done, and damnit I’m proud!

Many many thanks to the people who sat through the many streams of me zoomed in to like 500% drawing feathers for hours, you guys helped a lot

Keep an eye on my etsy for the prints of this pretty boi coming soon (A3 and A1 for sure, who knows what other sizes, how exciting >_>)

I loved the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals as a kid, and still do! In many ways it helped facilitate my love of world building. One creature I always found a little odd was the Beholder. Despite its rather simple appearance this beast could pack a powerful wallop. Just had some fun “reimagining” one.

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Today, I used one of my left-handed sketches from last year for a quick exercise (don’t worry, I used my right hand to colour it! I’d have to change my entire settings to switch hands with my tablet).
Who likes the idea of mermaids as weird fish creatures without breasts? …apparently, I do.
Aujourd’hui j’ai utilisé un de mes croquis de la main gauche de l’an dernier pour un exercice rapide (ne vous inquiétez pas, j’ai utilisé ma main droite pour la colo ! Je devrais tout reprogrammer si je changeais de main sur ma tablette).
Qui aime l’idée que les sirènes sont des créatures poissonneuses bizarres sans poitrine ? …apparemment, moi.


Forgive the long post, I am catching up here. Bear with me, I am getting there!

Finished this custom Aequis (and before 2016 was technically over!) but before I post the final scan, here was the last progress I made while I was away.

Watercolor, gouache, colored pencil (Caran d'Ache Supracolor) and white gel pen for feather shaft details.