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Desgined by thehuw on the Magic Set Editor website.

Hmm this is interesting… I like how many options this card has. If you need the mana, you can use it to help ramp you (probably slightly later on when you have more permenants in graveyard), if you need some tiny extra damage in you can swing normally, or you can block with this and then turn it into a land to stop it from dying, making it a very effective blocker.

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Elesh Norn is an impressive force when she hits the table, both as the leader of a deck or as a member of the decklist proper. Her ability to tear down the defenses of her opponents while simultaneously building up her allies makes her a legitimate threat that requires an answer.

Luckily, creatures are the most easily answered card type in the game, and the only card type that every color can deal with using its basic set of tools. Most obviously, Black can kill creatures with creature destruction spells like Murder, while White can destroy creatures with high power, exile creatures using spells like Swords to Plowshares, or use board wipe spells like Wrath of God to start over. Red has the ability to wield damage large enough to take out major threats, and Blue can bounce troublesome creatures and then counter them when they try to reappear, or use effects like Mind Control to steal them for itself.

Green most often deals with threatening creatures with creatures of its own, which seems like a disadvantage when the issue is Elesh Norn, but Green’s bigger creatures are large enough that it doesn’t lose too much in the exchange with the white Praetor, and it can use effects like Fight to get in on the specific targets it needs to.

Elesh Norn is definitely a threat, but she’s dealt with easily if you have the right tools for the job. She slots into multiple decks and makes a standing impression on the field while she’s in play, but I don’t think she’s terrifying enough to be considered “competitive only.”

This is a project for school
We had to make a post card with our own art on it. I really want to make a field guide of some sort with my boyfriend. He’s really good at writing descriptions for fantasy creatures. So ignore the date and stuff cus this is not a real thing (yet!!)

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Magic: the Gathering - Dat Flav !

Some fine flavour text to be found on the cards Tidal Surge, Ogre Taskmaster, Wild Griffin and Tremor, from Portal Second Age.

Four little goblins, trapped by the sea. One teased a serpent, and then there were three.

Three little goblins, enjoying their brew. One bumped an ogre, and then there were two.

Two little goblins, out in the sun. Down came a griffin, and then there was one.

One little goblin shook up the ground. When the dust cleared, no one was found.

Portal Second Age had a theme of Goblin tribal cards, as is seen on Goblin Matron, Goblin General and Goblin War Strike. This was probably included to teach new players about the significance of the creature types on cards.

His Friends hate him! Local man discovers easy cheap way to destroy 500USD competative decks in a casual format!


Hi there! Do you play MtG? Do you want to dominate the game in a terrible fashion? Do you want a deck that your friends imeadiately scoop when you play them casually? Do you want to lose said friends? ……. Do you have 50 dollars? Great! Here at Dr. Devilshorts Inc. have just the solution! Introducing Pox! Never heard of it? Your opponents probably haven’t either but tHEY’LL NEVER FORGET THE SUFFERING. I was like you, I was broke as fuck and lost to my friends constantly but with Pox I destroyed both their decks and their willingness to talk to me! Let me show you the secret to my dark success:

24 Swamp

4 Liliana’s Caress
4 Quest for the Nihil Stone
4 Pox
4 Smallpox
4 Waste Not
4 Chain of Smog
1 False Cure
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Rotting Rats
3 Abyssal Nocturnus
3 Sign in Blood
3 Reassembling Skeleton

66 Total Cards (because this deck brings you ever so slightly close to Hell)

Now let me explain this evil thing here…

For starters, your opponents have protection? They think they are safe??? POX CARES NOT, IT TARGETS EVERYONE, WE MUST ALL SUFFER.

So the average player at turn 3 against this deck has 3 land, a creature or 2, 4 cards in hand, and 20 life. Starting with life, and Pox ALWAYS rounds up, your opponent now has 13 life. They now have most likely only 1 creature, 2 land, and 2 cards in hand. You have the same, so how do we win??? Easy! Let’s run a good hand of Pox to see!


Swamp and….

We will get to why this baby is important on turn 3!


Swamp and…

Would you look at that? Still doesn’t target anyone!


Swamp and POX

So if we go off of the previous knowledge your opponent goes down to 13, then when they dicard 2 cards Liliana’s Beautiful face slaps them for 4 more so 9 life left and go back to Nihil Stone and read it, now look bakc at me, now back at the stone, it has 2 counters on it, but more on that in a minute. Now your oppponent is sad and has very little lands and thigns to do.


From my experience people have about 2 cards at this point so blam 4 more life because Liliana and they are at 5 life and no cards (also read it carefully, discard at random!)


They have no hand, reread Quest, look at your opponent untap his things with 5 life, look back at Quest, look back your opponent, your opponent has 0 life.

Pox is possibly the strongest deck I have ever built from scratch, it is my Opus Magnus. It was simple not too expensive, has great synergy, but has no reliable weakness to it. It keeps pace with other decks because it ruins mana curves by balsting creatures and land. It hurts you too, but you only ever need 2 or 3 mana to be a dick. I hope at least 1 person found this deck fun, but do me a favor. If you build it and your friends look into your cold dead eyes and ask “Why? Why have you done this?” Shrug and tell them, “Gary was done taking shit from Slivers.”

Percival was furious, looking at all the Valentines gifts Newt was getting. There were chocolates and flowers surrounding the magizoologist and Percival felt even more irritated. Now he was hesitant to give Newt the bouquet of flowers he got him this morning. They paled in comparison to the others.

Things soon got out of control when Percival saw the worried expression on Newt’s face. Percival approached the magizoologist and Newt blushed and pointed at a gorgeous flower arrangement, the most beautiful of them all. Percival grabbed the card.

It was signed:

Love, G. Grindelwald

All the pure blood education Percival had received flew out of the window. Fucking Grindelwald send flowers to HIS Newt. The bastard delivered flowers to MACUSA and no one noticed! The bastard was trying to court HIS intended. The nerve of him!
Percival’s blood was boiling and his magic started to sing out of control. Every Auror felt the storm coming and the only brave enough to speak was Tina.

“Sir, what’s wrong?”

Percival tried to breath. He was surrounded by incompetents, there was no other explanation. What was next? Grindelwald was going to show up and start singing love songs and his aurors were going to cheer and clap? This was why he never liked Valentines day. There where hearts everywhere and more than once someone had tried to give him a love potion.

“Can someone explain to me how Grindelwald came here and delivered flowers?! Am I working with MACUSA aurors or Ilvermorny first years?!”

There was a collective gasp. Tina promptly removed the flowers. Every auror took out his wand and started forming groups to search the premises.

“I…. I’m not interested in him” whispered Newt. Percival felt his heart constrict. “I’m not doing anything today either”

Percival look at Newt confused. “It’s better that you didn’t make plans, Grindelwald could be targeting you.”

Newt frowned. “But I want to go out. To dinner” he blushed and smiled. However, Percival Graves was blind. He couldn’t read all the signs Newt was giving him.

“Your safety is more important Mr. Scamander” Percival nodded and excuse himself to go and help the search party. If he had turned around he would have seen the niffler leaving Newts case.
“I don’t think he likes me.” murmured the magizoologist to his adorable thief. Niffler rolled his eyes. He went inside the case and came back with a heart shape card. He gave it to Newt.
“I can’t give it to him! I should have never made it. Did you see how many witches gave him cookies? Hannah from downstairs even baked him a cake!”
Newt was panicking but the Niffler wasn’t going to give up. Determined, the little creature took the card where Newt had written his love confession and run down the hallway in search of Percival.

“NO!” Newt run after him. If Percival read it his life was over.

Niffler run faster than ever before. Years of escaping have prepared him for this moment. He could feel his mommy screaming behind him, begging him to stop but he couldn’t. This was his mission, he needed a plan. He stopped for a second and took a gold coin from his pouch. He looked at it, his little dark eyes almost tearing up. He threw the coins as far as he could on the other direction. The seed had been planted. Gidget run again, his eyes shining as he saw Percival Graves, his mommy’s mate.

Percival felt something trying to climb his leg. His instincts took over and he grabbed his wand, ready to curse the attacker. However, he stopped once he saw Newt’s niffler trying to catch his attention. The little creature was bouncing, making little noises, his small paws carried a big red heart that looked handmade. It even has glitter on it.
“For me?”
The little creature nodded and Percival took the heart. It was a Valentines card. His first thought was that someone had convinced the little thief to deliver a love note to him. The person would have probably promised a huge amount of shiny objects to the niffler.
He opened the card. It was Newt’s. A smile started to formed in Percival’s face. Newt was telling him he found him as fascinating as his creatures and that he wanted to go out on a date with him. The director laughed as he saw the check boxes Newt had made “Do you like me too? Yes (  ) No (  )”

Percival took out his pen and started replying. He gave the card back to Gidget. “You can give it back to your mommy” but the little creature didn’t move.
“Unbelievable” Percival took out his wallet and have him a gallon.


There were no words to express how relieved Newt felt once he saw Gidget approaching, still with the Heart card in his little paws. He had found a gold coin and he suspected Niffler had dropped on accident, but once started running on that direction he lost track of his baby. Niffler was an expert trouble maker, last week he stole a ring from Madam President. Newt would never forget how Percival had saved by laughing and saying they should use Niffler to collect valuable objects for the department. The president didn’t laugh, but Newt relaxed when he saw the corners of her lips moving.

“Gidget! Never do that to me again!” He took the card “Please don’t try to play matchmaker, I’m glad you didn’t give this to Mister Graves”

To Newt’s horror, the little thief nodded, his little arms moving up and down.
“No…. oh Merlin, no” Newt was about to faint. This couldn’t be true. How was he going to face Percival?! “You didn’t!” But the Niffler made little noises and the magizoologist knew he lost. Slowly, he opened the card.

“Do you like me too? Yes (✔️) No (   )”

Newt’s heart started beating faster as the empty sensation on his stomach disappeared. Percival had marked Yes. He liked Newt. Percival, the director of magical enforcement who had everyone at his feet liked him, a simple and shy magizoologist. Newt smiled. Suddenly the day was brighter, all the silly pink decorations had a meaning. Newt was so happy he almost missed a note Percival had written for him. It read:

“Newt, I would love to take you to dinner today and everyday from now on.
PD: it’s against the wizarding law to have a magical creature deliver messages and run free on a government facility. ”

Newt smiled even more. Yes, this was the man he had fallen in love with.
“Thanks Gidget”
The little creature nodded and extended his arm. Newt groaned, this favor was going to cost him.

||March BPC: Just One Word|| 30. Recap. March was a good reading month, in case anyone was still wondering. Not so great for picture-taking purposes, unfortunately, but solid for reading and writing and such.


Oketra the True

Another of the Amonkhet Gods was revealed today, and she’s pretty strong overall. Oketra’s activated ability is beneficial on its own and quickly minimizes her drawback, and combining double strike with indestructible makes her a powerful force on the field. Interestingly, Oketra seems the most tuned to aggressive play of the Gods we’ve seen so far for the set. I look forward to seeing the decks built for her in Commander.

samjames8520  asked:

I think the problem some people have with Kaladesh is that they think Indian faith is a "mythology" like Roman or Norse, and they forget that it is an active religion that is being practised by millions. Many people don't want to see one of their revered gods depicted as a hammer wielding creature in a card game. Just my two cents

Well said.

So, here’s a set of commanders I’d like to see, being timeshifted/alternate versions of different characters.

Thanks for the submission, sorry it took so long to get back to you i’ve been a bit busy :). For feedback, I really love these designs, especially the first two. Father of Machines is really awesome and I love the flavor, but it could probably do with a power/toughness bump. Taigam, Jeskai Deserter is just pure awesome and I love it.


Rhonas the Indomitable

Rhonas was actually leaked a little bit before his official spoiler, but now that he’s official public information we’ll have a proper look at him. Deathtouch in and of itself is usually not a big deal on bodies at around five power or greater, but the combination of deathtouch and indestructible makes Rhonas able to swing with impunity into large bodies like Eldrazi Titans and other world-level threats and still come out on top. The activated ability offers a nice endgame mana-sink and the fact that it’s a repeatable ability adds a lot, although it does read a little expensive at three mana when you consider it’s not a symmetrical boost and only pumps the target’s power. Power-only boosts tend to occur more in Red than Green, which makes me think this is a slight bleed to subtly show Bolas’ influence on the colors he’s not based in. Still, this card comes together pretty well as a whole and I think Rhonas will be seeing some play once the set is out.