creature camping

Draco x Hermione

Title: Summer of the Dragon

Author: Lena Phoria

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Chapters: 42

Word Count: 208,893

Summary: 3 years after the war Hermione takes a break from Ron and accepts a summer job collecting supplies for Ollivander’s wands. What she doesn’t expect is having to work with Draco Malfoy, who’s more haunted by his past than she ever would have believed. Together they will travel the world, fight dragons, conquer demons and maybe find exactly what they’re looking for. COMPLETE.


Around the forests of Michigan, Ohio, and Connecticut, there is said to be a group of creatures known as The Melonheads. They are described as small humanoids with large bulbous heads. The popular urban legend was coined in the 1970’s when a group of teens reportedly saw a group of the creatures whilst they were camping. They are said to occasionally emerge from hiding places to attack people.

Draconic adventures: Life check fail

Context: Our GM set up a campaign (4e) where we are dragons trapped by a curse in moral humanoid forms. We are each a different type of metallic dragon, and our dragon type determines what abilities we can get every so many levels. If we die our draconic essence goes into the next vessel, as part of the curse, keeping all of our draconic abilities. There’s me, a dwarf druid, our warden half-orc, an elven assasin, a human  ardent, and a goliath with a gladiator type build.

During our first combat against a camp of enemy troops. Our goal is to leave one or two survivors for our mages to change the memories of, as well as make it look like some unknown creature attacked the camp.

Gm: We have one round surprise attack due to everyone succeeding their sneak checks. What are you guys doing?

Warden: I change to my willow sentinel form and charge the nearest guard.

Gm: *rolls the guards moral at the site of a TREE running at him.* shit… The guard fails his moral roll and breaks from his post, running back in to camp screaming about the forest attacking.  

Me: I shape change to a bear and charge in through tents on my side.

Gm: roll and make higher than fifteen or you WILL get stuck tangled up in the tent.

Me: *rolls* 25.

Gm: you charge straight through the nearest tent, trapping a guard inside under you. You have an immediate attack of opportunity.

Me: I maul the guard under me. *rolls crit*

Assasin stays hidden in the shadows, awaiting an attack of opportunity. Ardent uses his draconic magma ability to fling a magma orb in to the tents on the far side of the camp setting them on fire. Gladiator singles out an opponent to fight. We roll initiative and I’m right in the middle. We’re fighting about 7 guards in the camp, i go after number three. Number three attacks me and brings me to 1hp.

Gm: you lose control of your bear form. *rolls* Instead of losing the shape you berserk*rolls a couple more times* crushing both the guard who attacked you and the one after you.

Combat continues with me failing to regain control over the bear, and the bear starts eating the dead guards. The group stays away from me, finishing off all but the first guard who is now severly mutilated and burned and is nearly dead currently being carried back to camp by the tree from where he found him. Everytime i get low on meat our assassin hacks off another dead guard’s limb and tosses it to me, till the bear goes to sleep and I shift back. The group excluding me and the lawful good warden (who is still making his way back) continue to mutilate the bodies.

Gm: the mages who’ve  set us this mission arrive once things seem to have settled down. For a moment they can only stare and*rolls* the conjurer walks away to vomit in to the bushes. The healer stares at the gore and starts muttering “we can’t let these people lose in the city” under his breath as the warden walks back into camp with the only living gu-

Gladiator(ooc): wait, didn’t we check the bodies before we started hacking off limbs?

Gm:  No one said they did. 

Me(ooc):*Facepalms* you guys fed me live people parts. At least the original two guys I ate were ALREADY dead. 

Gm: By the way, you guys are all leveling from mutilating the bodies.


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Old Creature Hub Video Masterpost

So in the light of all the stuff that’s been going on in the fandom and I’m feeling v nostalgic I decided to make a post of some of my favorite old hub videos + playlists. I tried to stick to videos 2014 and earlier but some playlists do contain videos from 2015+

This list is in any order and these are just some of my personal favorites that remind me of the old creatures :^3

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The Signs as Creature Hub Videos:

Aries: Worst Hotel Room EVER
Taurus: Gorilla Poop Prank
Gemini: Going for a Walk (Creature Camping)
Leo: Dinner Stop - Road to E3
Virgo: 50 Lush Bath Bombs
Libra: Revenge of the Worst Hotel
Sagittarius: Birthday Stripper Prank
Capricorn: Pranking Koots
Aquarius: Balsamic Pong
Pisces: Fart Spray Prank Gone Wrong!



  • Don’t take this challenge as an opportunity to bash any one of them
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  • You can make edits,vine edits,video,fanart,gif or picture
  • You can answer the same thing twice

Visit this blog to see the 10 day challenge, I got the idea of making this from them.


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