Canon Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Two: Favourite familial relationship

She yearned to see her mother again, and Robb and Bran and Rickon… but it was Jon Snow she thought of most. She wished somehow they could come to the Wall before Winterfell, so Jon might muss up her hair and call her “little sister.” She’d tell him, “I missed you,” and he’d say it too at the very same moment, the way they always used to say things together. She would have liked that. She would have liked that better than anything.

They say there are seven wonders of the world, but they forgot the 8th one: Min Yoongi

What happens next?

Your journal vanishes without a trace. It re-appears one day with messages written in the margins. The messages are critiques on your decisions, comments on your feelings, and more. On the last page, foreign handwriting says, “You’ve impressed me. Meet me at the following time and place, and I guarantee you that the rest of your journal will soon be filled with the peculiar and exciting events to follow. Your life will never be the same. With love, the game changer.”

Signs (Drake x MC)

Here’s my entry for ChoicesCreates24!  Thanks to @hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc for histing!!

This takes place back in TRR book 1, when we celebrate Drake’s birthday.  I think that the chapter was technically released during the Gemini sun-sign period, but let’s face it, Drake is not a Gemini.  

Rating: PG-13… innuendo… look away, children!!

Word Count: 1143

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           The music had slowed when he suddenly heard her voice at his ear and her breath on his neck.  “It all makes sense now.”

           Looking up from the whiskey in his hand, Drake glanced over his shoulder as Riley came up behind him, sliding in between him and the barstool next to him before she had a seat.  Stirring her drink with a thin straw, Riley grinned at him in the way that made his chest tighten uncomfortably and made other parts of him uncomfortable was well.  “What makes sense, Watson?”

           “You’re a Cancer.”

           “Gee, thanks,” he frowned.  “You’re almost as nice as Olivia.”

           “Not like that… your star sign… you’re a Cancer.”

           “Oh for fuck’s sake,” he muttered, tossing back the drink in one swallow.  “I’d rather you actually talked about how I’m like a tumor than talk about this.”

           She rolled her eyes at him, but the playful grin across her lips betrayed her amusement and made his palms suddenly sweaty. “Fine, ignore me.  But I know everything I need to know about you, Drake Hunter.”

           “That’s not my last name,” he muttered as he waved the bartender over to refill his glass.

           “Well you won’t tell me what yours is, so… until you do, you’re Drake Hunter.”

           “Whatever makes you happy,” he said, looking away from her to the dancefloor.  Liam was talking to someone over by the mechanical bull and Maxwell was with Hana on the dancefloor, his arms and legs flapping around in way that reminded Drake some sort of bizarre, bird-like mating ritual.   Scowling, he refused to look at the woman beside him, even though he could feel her acutely in every inch of his being.

           He hated how much she affected him, but he loved how he felt around her: alive, excited, hopeful.  But he hated that he loved it and felt guilty every time a thrill ran through him when he saw her.  He knew Liam was falling for her; his friend looked at her like he’d never looked at anyone. But he also knew that he was falling… no, that he’d fallen head over heels for this woman. She was a competent invader, coming into his county, his house, and his heart even though he’d done everything he could to keep her out.  In just a season, he’d shared things with her that he’d locked away for years and he’d given her more than he’d ever planned on giving anyone.  She knew him almost as well as Liam did now, a thought that both terrified him and made him inordinately happy.

           His voice was gruff and lowered by the whiskey when he finally spoke.  “So what the hell is it you think you know about me, Watson?”

           She turned back to him with a smile, crossing her legs so that her skirt ran up to her mid-thigh.  He looked up at her face as she stared to talk, unable to focus on much more than the fullness of her lips and how her tongue darted out to wet them before she began to talk.  “Cancers are ruled by the moon, so you change a lot.  Cranky one minute, slightly less cranky the next—“

           “— really cranky if you keep this up.”

           “And you’re emotional, even though you don’t like to show that side of you to people you don’t trust and you don’t trust easily.  You’re pessimistic and moody, but you’re protective of people you do love… almost to a fault.  That explains why you saved Liam’s life on the boat.”

           Drake blinked in surprise.  “He told you about that?”

           She smiled knowingly.  “I told you I knew everything about you.”

           He snorted as she laughed and continued, stirring the ice in her glass with the straw. “Despite all the emotions and passion you have, you don’t make the first move.   You wait for someone else to do it.”

           “Now that’s a load of shit,” he muttered, rubbing between his eyes.  “I do not need women to make the first move. When I see something I want, I go for it.”

           “Do you?” she asked, her voice suddenly low.

           When he opened his eyes again, he realized she was looking at him, her lips slightly parted in question.  He forced himself to look up at her eyes, suddenly terrified and excited by the way she stared at him.  But he blinked and forced himself to look away, telling himself that the darkness and neon lights of the bar were making him see things that weren’t there.

           “What about you then?  You definitely seem like a cancer, and not the good kind.”

           “Feisty,” she smiled back at him.  “I’m a Pisces, and hopelessly romantic.  I thrive in deep relationships and friendships, and don’t give myself easily to people.  We’re also loyal to a fault, selfless, compassionate, and sensitive.  We like getting to know people… the real people that exist underneath the masks they wear.  We don’t wear masks ourselves, you know where you stand with us, right from the get go.  When we want something, when we like someone, we don’t hide it.”

           Drake started to take a drink from his glass, but stopped.  The whiskey was burning in his stomach and making him sick.  He hadn’t had enough to eat and he could feel the drink, the emotion of the day, and the feeling of her next to him was about to make him do things he knew he shouldn’t, like reach out and slide his hand under the hem of her dress and claim her lips with his own.

She reached out, her fingernail drawing shapes in the condensation left by a glass. When she spoke again, her voice was little more than a breathy whisper.  “We know what we want… and we go for it.”

           Liam suddenly clapped his hand on his back.  “Need another drink, Drake?”

           He tightened his grip on his glass as his shoulders tensed.  “God, no.”

           Maxwell appeared in between him and Riley, holding out his hands.  “Dance with me.”

           She laughed and he dragged her off and twirled in his arms, her eyes sparkling under the lights on the dancefloor as she cast one glance back at him before disappearing into the crowd.  Liam looked at Drake, an eyebrow raised.  “You okay?”

           “I’m a fucking Cancer,” Drake muttered, wiping a hand across his face.

           “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Liam muttered.  “You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re not malignant.”

           On any other night, he would have laughed.  But not tonight, not when he was finally ready to accept the truth about what he was. Cancer… Pisces… it didn’t matter. He was in a woman who teased him and drove him mad, a woman who broke down every one of his defenses, a woman he wasn’t supposed to have.

           He was thoroughly, royally, screwed.  

Space Family|Langst

Lance sat on the observatory deck, his feet tucked close to his chest, it was very early and the teen couldn’t sleep, his mind was in complete overdrive. The Cuban male lifted his hand up towards the stars in the direction which Coran had said planet earth was in, his home planet. Lance was homesick, very homesick; he missed everything, the trees, the beautiful ocean, the cool breeze, the feeling of the sand between his toes, the busy chatter of the cafe he used to work in and most of all he was homesick for his family. The playful fights between his younger siblings and him, the hugs his mama would give him whenever he felt down, the friendly teasing from his papa, the nights when his younger cousins and siblings would stay up for hours with him to have a midnight feast or camp out.

Saying he missed them wasn’t enough, his heart ached for them, he wanted his family. Because the male knew it, he had tears rolling down his cheek, Lance didn’t move to wipe them away too lost in his memories to care. His dark blue eyes looking up at the beautiful sight above him, the stars and planets, the thing he continually fought for. Suddenly Lance was thrown back into another memory, one which brought a teary smile to his lips.

I’m walking alone, the streets are empty The only thing I can see is my own silhouette

A song which he used to sing to his younger family, whenever someone was upset or depressed.

I’m getting stronger step by step The clock is ticking but there is no time for regrets

When Lance noticed one of his family members looking sad or upset he would organize a family ‘hug out’ where the rest of the family and Lance would surround them with a group hug and talk about silly things or just stay sing the song.

I’ve been flying from town to town From London to Taiwan I’ve been all around the globe Trying to protect your soul

It wasn’t just any song they would sing either, no the song meant everything to the McClain family, it held a special place in their hearts which filled each of them with a warm fuzzy feeling whenever they hear it. The meaning they incorporated from the song giving them all strength and the feeling that they were never alone.

We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky We are heroes tonight

Knowing that to Lance, his siblings were his heroes, and they could face any challenge and hold their heads high.

yeah, We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky

It was a guarantee that no matter What, no matter what life threw at them, they can stay strong and will get through it. Lance blinked as the tears ran down his face, his voice shaking as he sang the song out loud his voice echoing around the room.

We are heroes tonight, yeah Night yeah

He curled in a fist over his heart, the pain nearly excruciating. The male held back a sob as his heart called out for his family, hey mama, papa, did you know your little boy has grown up?

Feeling like a dynamite Ready to explode right up in the sky I need you to listen

He wasn’t dead, he hadn’t run away. Her little boy was saving people, helping them live without fear. Lance smiled slightly, hey sisters?

I need you to hear And don’t show any fear

Your big brother is actually a hero, just like those stories he told you when you were younger. Lance closed his ocean deep blue eyes curling up on himself letting out a heart-wrenching sob, he missed them so much.

“I’ve been flying from town to town From London to Taiwan I’ve been all around the globe Trying to protect your soul”

A voice sang from behind him, carrying on what Lance couldn’t finish, the Cuban male jumped and looked around his eyes shining with tears, his nose and eyes red from crying, looking completely broken. Pidge walked over to him slowly followed by Hunk, Keith, and Shiro. They had been woken up by Pidge who had been awake working on something, she had heard singing and come to investigate only to find a heartbroken Lance crying, she had been the one to carry on the song when Lance broke down.

“ We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky”

Hunk sat down next to his best friend singing along with Pidge who sat on his other side, he put his arm around the sobbing male and held him close.

“ We are heroes tonight, yeah We are heroes tonight”

Shiro sat in front of Lance gently wiping the oncoming tears away with his thumb, joining in with the singing.

“ We will fly above the sky We are heroes tonight”

Keith kneeled beside the brunette looking slightly confused on how to deal with a homesick sobbing Lance, being the last to join in on the singing Keith finally leaned forward and brought the male into a hug leaning his forehead against his, mimicking what Shiro had done in the past to comfort him.

“Yeah We are heroes tonight, yeah Night yeah We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky We are heroes tonight, yeah”

The paladins all now singing apart from Lance who was trying to calm down, hugged their friend tightly sharing his pain. In one way or another, they also were homesick for something, whether it was family, home or peace. They all shared the pain equally between them, no matter the circumstance of how they were brought together, the five loved each other, They were a makeshift space family with the addition of Allura and Coran. And they would go through hell together and together they would go home.

“I’ve been flying from town to town From London to Taiwan I’ve been all around the globe Trying to protect your soul.”

The song finished and they all were silent with only Lances sobs, sniffs, and cries heard. After a while the blue paladin calmed down and holding each other the paladins Voltron fell asleep holding each other tightly, holding their family closely. Before Lance drifted off to sleep he thought of one thing, it doesn’t matter where he was because he had his family with him, blood or not and a little broken, but they were his and he would never change that.

-the song is |Heroes to tonight, Janji|-


Here’s my entry for ChoicesCreates24! Thanks to @hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc for hosting! 😊

Kind of short, but I also challenged myself to write something with zero dialogue and I at leas accomplished that.


Of all times for there to be a solar eclipse, it had to be during Liam’s social season. Right on the cusp of his coronation. Only a couple weeks before he was to be crowned king. Before he was expected to choose the woman to whom he’d be bonded the rest of his life. Weird things happened around the eclipse, worse than a full moon.

Before the social season had started; before Maxwell had brought the American waitress to Cordonia from New York, the potential for romance or love hadn’t ever occurred to him. His fate and future were tied to the crown… that had never been so clear as when Leo abdicated. When Alix had come to his country; surprised him at the first event of the season, he could not possibly have been more pleased. He had taken an immediate liking to her whilst she took care of them at the restaurant, and more so on their adventures after.

In truth, he hadn’t expected her to last entirely long; losing interest or faith. The social season was long, drawn out and quite honestly a little exasperating when one got to thinking about it. Jealously played a large role in how the ladies treated one another. If it were perceived that one was receiving more attention they gained favor. Madeline had played that game well with the press. She catered to them and of course, to the queen. Olivia had been in the public eye of nobility since she’d been a wee babe and used that to the fullest extent. She wasn’t friendly, was a bit abrasive, but she knew how to handle the others. Alix on the other hand had come in blind… managed to befriend several of the ladies (Olivia had even managed to be nice once or twice!), charm the press and not completely put off the queen; in itself impressive as she was both a commoner and a foreigner.

Perhaps other men in his place would have more enjoyment? After all, how many men ever would have a flock of beautiful talented women actually competing to marry them? Apart from that ridiculous American show he’d hear about called The Bachelor, or some rubbish. Women with titles and pedigrees and connections. Excellent matches. Well rounded. Many he’d known for ages. He soon was going to be king…

And he’d fallen in love with a waitress.

One of the events that had been planned was a lawn party for the viewing of the eclipse. Liam could never truly be accused of showing much interest in space and the stars, he had always daydreamed or wandered away during astronomy lessons. It was too abstract. There were too many questions that couldn’t always be answered to the extent he wanted. He knew though that his best friend and his waitress both loved the sky more nearly more than anything. They had spent much of the viewing party waiting, eagerly talking with Hana and Maxwell. Both spouting off ridiculously obscure facts that really while he’d never admit it, could bore him to tears. He nodded and smiled at the appropriate times, but it was just like it was during his studies. Once the even came closer, he did not so much watch it as he did his friends. Most of the ladies sat politely with their little cardboard glasses, the king and Queen sat beneath a tent, as both were slightly older, neither wanting to risk their vision. The last that he focused on… now that…

His best friend and his waitress shared a pair of glasses, one taking a turn and looking up, her giggling, Drake ‘heh'ing before they’d switch and talk happily about the sun disappearing. Liam held up his glasses to look at the sun, looking like a thumb nail before he looked back down and over at them. She handed Drake the glasses and when the dark haired man looked up away from her was when Liam saw it. She smiled. Grinned, in fact. The first real one Liam had seen in ages. At his best friend. The one whom he himself had asked to watch out for her. Her eyes sparkled, clearly enjoying Drake’s pleasure. When Drake handed the glasses back to her, Liam knew. Any chance that he and his waitress might have, was gone. The image of them smiling at each other like they were the only ones in the world would be forever burned in his minds eye. Watching the full eclipse with a naked eye couldn’t possibly do more damage to him.

They were in love.

Maybe they didn’t even know it yet. They had become fast friends surprising for Drake, though not really because Alix was Alix; persistent and fun, full of happiness and light. Sure, he’d noticed a slight temperament difference in Drake… and Alix… maybe Alix did know. It clicked into place. She’d withdrawn from him. Regardless of if she intended to or even realized she had. She claimed tiredness or fatigue instead of joining him for “dates” that she should be honored to have!

And yet. Drake didn’t open up to people. Particularly not the people in court. Alix brought change with her. She’d changed Drake, she’d changed the mentality of much of the court and she’d changed Liam. He was in love with her too, but he had already seen what his love and life had done to her. It attempted to snuff her flame and passion for life. Could he tie her to that? To him? If it meant that he changed the woman? He didn’t want her to be miserable; and a marriage to someone that she didn’t love would certainly make her so. He wouldn’t wish that for Drake either. He seemed happy. For the first time since Savannah had left, he’d returned to his slightly less bitter, more genuinely amusing self. He didn’t want them to be, but they were good for each other.

His happy ending, his tale of romance… his hope for a beautiful relationship built on mutual love and family went up in smoke. His gaze went to the other suitors. Hana and her talents, Penelope and her poodles, Kiara and her languages, Olivia and her attitude or Madeline with her underhandedness. None would be a great fit for a ruler, but with one he knew what he would get. She loved him, even if he wasn’t sure he could love her back. His heart belonged to a waitress who didn’t want it. He tilted his head back as he put the glasses back on, it wouldn’t do for the crown prince; the almost king to be seen crying over a broken heart he shouldn’t even have… when the coronation came, when he had to select which of the suitors would be his best match, he would choose Olivia.

His happiness for theirs, just as a true ruler should.