160212 - Hyukjae came to watch Wook's pre-recording on Music bank~

* Hyuk said he’s on holiday, so he came to support Wook! Wook introduced Hyuk as his new manager~ Wook said that the manager should sing. Hyukjae sang one line from the The Little Prince.

* Hyukjae was wearing a hoodie and a black mask. Maybe because it’s been a long time that’s why he looked like he was trembling. He was covering his face with the mask and took it off and showed us his face when he did his greetings.

* Before Hyuk Oppa went down the stage, he saluted and Wook Oppa who was beside him also saluted.

* He was continuously saying thanks for supporting Ryeowook Oppa!
Hyukjae saluted 3 or 4 times? Anyway, he did it a lot ㅠㅠ 

* There were students on uniform on a school tour at Music Bank. Hyukjae asked them what year are they in. They answered 3rd year. He looked at the boy students and said that they should enter the military soon.

* Hyuk: I’m protecting everyone from nuclear missile from North Korea!

* Hyuk: Salute! i am Private first class Lee HyukJae! Everyone at MuBank, next year I will greet you all with album. Thank you for giving Ryeowook a lot of support, I really wanted to see ELF. Have you been well?


Hyuk: Did you eat???

Fans: No!!

Hyuk: But your face looks like you’ve eaten already?

* Hyuk: I’m listening to Ryeowook’s songs in the army. In fact, we listen a lot to girl groups’ songs ㅎㅎ  But I listen a lot to Ryeowookie’s songs too.

* Hyuk: I receive strength listening to Ryeowook’s song in army .

Wook: You’re lying! 

Hyuk: Yes, the true is i’m gaining strength by listening to girl group songs ㅋㅋ

* All the fans who saw Hyuk today are saying that he’s really thin now, like a girl group member :(  “…Hyukjae is a lot thinner in person than in the photos. He actually looks ok in photos…” (c)(c)(c)

Sans in canon: hey the world might be ending. Guess I better…do something…..

Fanon sans: *minor inconvenience* *summons gaster blasters* get dunked on m8


Karlie Kloss: Here To Create - adidas

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Eternally laughing at your ‘dream’.

But let’s be honest, in the end I think this better symbolises what Hino had in store for Yume in this chapter:

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Love! Via @brooklyngin “brooklyngin C R E A T E: Lindsey Croop, Greenwich Village, NY

Q: Do you have a favorite tool?
A: “I really like, I always have, these little foot-balls. Not like a throwing football [laughs] but just tiny balls I use to massage out my feet. It’s one thing that can totally change my whole body and the way that it feels. If I’m feeling sore, there are so many pressure points in your feet. So that’s one thing I’ve learned body self-care for, having all sorts of different kind of small balls to roll out.” (3 / 4) @LindseyCroop #BKGCreatorProject #Creativity #Create #BrooklynGin #FreshGin #Made_In_NY #worldwideballet #ballerina #browngirlsdoballet #ballet Photo by @AmeliaTubb”


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WHAT VIDEO. MAY YOU LINK IT TO ME!!!!! ps: this is about the gravitational wave discovery on the account of the theory of relativity.

Here you go!! I am filled with wonder.
“Up to now humanity has been deaf to the universe. Suddenly we know how to listen. The Universe has spoken and we have understood.”

When they said “Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it!” I started clapping. No joke.

Karlie Kloss: Here To Create - adidas