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{AskIllusionFox} Well~! I heard from a Murkrow that you seem to have a relationship of a sort with an Arceus. Care to elaborate? - Aku



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Is the FF7 remake now making the Compilation non-canon?? My friend gave me these news and I don't know if it's genuine information.

(continues:) My friend hates this possibility. She loves Crisis Core, and having that become non-canon brings several concerns.

Thank you for your question! 

A quick google search earned me no confirmation of this statement. But as a writer of FF7 fanfic writer/Sephiroth-roleplayer/Leiden university student of literature, I shall do my best to give you and educated and conclusive answer instead.

TL;DR: It’s unavoidable, and will have far-reaching implications for fandom community, but it will be OK and below’s why.

What is canon?
This definition of canon from here is what I will be using in this post: 

Canon - a term borrowed from the Catholic Church, meaning ‘established truth’.  The definition of ‘canon’ is a bit vague, but is usually understood to mean the body of works upon which a fandom is based, and any information contained therein.  This is sometimes extended to include information in guidebooks, interviews, and other such sources.  Also used to refer to information from different versions of a story: for example, the school uniforms in Harry Potter ‘book-canon’ are different from those in ‘movie-canon’. 

It is a way for the creators to indicate “this is the set of in-game truths and rules we are working with.” It’s a way to keep the rules that govern the world consistent. In Final Fantasy VII, one can either regard just the OG (original game) as canon, or the entire compilation as canon.

What happens if canon is made invalid?
   This happened to the StarWars fandom. Around the first 6 films were novels, lego, books, fanarts, and fanfictions. This franchise is incredibly interesting because it does not make canon top-down (from the creators to the plebs), but also accepts work from fans (bottom-up). 

An example: anyone could write a StarWars book, as long as they stuck so guidelines set by the official creators and had it checked for approval.
Anyone could be a stormtrooper, as long as you used the exact right plastic moulds and sent pictures of the finished product to the official people who approved it. (My first boyfriend did this for his cosplay.)

Anyway, the novels continued the storyline after film six (I believe all the main characters had children). But when LucasFilms and Disney embarked on making the 7th film, they decided to throw all that worldbuilding (universe-building) away. Why did they throw it away? Because for legal reasons authors cannot read fan-fictions and this post explains why (link)
    In short: if the script writers of film 7 were to base film 7 on an any canon work, a fan could claim “I wrote a fanfic about exactly this” and face huge legal charges. Even/Especially a franchise that has a very agreeable bottom-up treatment of canon and fandom culture, has to watch out. Rey from film 7 is a completely new character, with her own timeline.


In the past, how has FF7 fandom dealt with canon vs new canon?
A long time ago, the Original Game (OG) was the ‘mothership’. Sephiroth was portrayed as evil. To give him any sign of niceness in fanfiction was considered out-of-character and greatly discouraged.
Then FFVII Cisis Core came out, and certain fans rioted against the game’s portrayal of a kind, awkward Sephiroth.

For the Final Fantasy VII Remake to be identical to the Original Game with updated graphics would be impossible. Such a game would not sell. There will be changes in the game mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics, and narrative to make the game contemporary. I feel two ways about those changes: frightened and joyous.

How does it relate to online FF7 fandom communities?
Now our 'canon’ 'mothership’ is the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Our current fandom community is built around what we have learnt of the compilation. Because FF7 is so big, it’s impossible to know everything about the story and characters and mechanics. People specialise, and draw on each other’s experience. 

My area of specialisation is Sephiroth, with in-depth knowledge of his scenes in Advent Children Complete, Crisis Core, Before Crisis, Kingdom Hearts, and Original Game. I’m still learning about his Dissidia, Ehrgeitz, and other versions. This knowledge of this character and interpretation of this character gives me social merit in roleplay communities. It’s said if you put 1000 hours of work into learning something, you are an expert. I’ve been writing Sephiroth on and off since I was 14. I’m 26 now. In my niche, I am an expert. Fans ask me questions about Sephiroth because they trust me to provide a plausible answer that conflicts least with canon.

But if/when the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII will be declared invalid, social status based on the no-longer-canon Compilation will be rendered useless. This means that when I make a statement on Remake-Sephiroth, all my arguments based on experience of (years!) of development of my Sephiroth will be useless. Scary.

This will upset the social structures of the communities. Experts are no longer expert. With the release of the first episode/chapter of the Remake, new fans and old fans start learning at the same time about the 'new’ canon. They will have the same chance to become expert. The one fan who will put in enough hours, will get most social status, will be crowned expert. 

Old groups of friends may stick together. New groups will form. New sub-communities rise. Some fans will riot against new information, as they did insisting that Crisis Core Sephiroth couldn’t be kind/awkward/friendly. More about attitudes and a ‘desired attitude’ later.

How can FF7 fans and roleplayers negotiate with old canon and new canon to find a position which they are comfortable with?
The use of the word headcanon will go through a shift. 'Headcanon’ will no longer be a combination of traits/habits one puts on the character like a sticker (my trademark headcanon is that my Sephiroth puts his hair in a braid/my belief that Sephiroth follows the Jenova Omega Theory). Instead, the word 'headcanon’ will return to its old meaning: “In my head, this set of rules is canon.” The word 'headcanon’ will then refer to a set of metaphysical choices on how the FF7 world and characters function as a framework.

My friend @askcrv2 solved this question ingeniously. I’m taking a detour into the Vocaloid fandom: she writes a singing android robot. With robots, there are new versions every few years. The voice bank is updated. New songs. New merchandise… - and thus new canons. Nowadays version 4 is common. She writes version 2. She had her robot hide in a warehouse to avoid the garbage pile. This way, she can both stick to her old canons, but also in the new versions, her old version is still valid. Her robot complements new canon. Compliments to the writer!

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is fun, and I love it.It is not perfect. There are glaring inconsistencies. These plot holes could be changed in the Remake. But it’s not wrong to love the Final Fantasy VII from 1997 and style your preferences to that version.

IF/WHEN it’s made invalid… How do we as fans continue?
When the Original Game and/or the Compilation as a whole be declared invalid, it will hurt. I will have to renegotiate my attitude towards Sephiroth as a character, and to the story as a whole, and find back my position in a new community. 

This game has kept me captivated for many years, so I have high hopes for the future product. I expect that the managers/teams/designers of the company have improved with 20 years more of experience. The Remake is being re-made from scratch. I have respect for the game team’s hard work and sacrifices. I imagine that every change in the  ’new canon’ will be a thoroughly-debated decision. The promotional video (link) of the Remake reveals the attitude the game-makers would like to see in the fans:

The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings. For they are coming back. 

And that’s best of all. After 20 years, FF7 will be coming back. It’s not the fandom’s job anymore to re-create the world. The original creators will tell our favourite story back to us, and we can sit back… until we start making new fanworks!

Let’s embrace whatever it brings. 

Let’s make fantastic fanworks, and build warm communities.

The canon of the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 will never be a forgotten memory. The Compilation will live on, inside us. I hope this post sufficiently answers your question. Tell your friend not to worry. <3

– rp-Sephiroth.

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Do you see Seeker more as a "self-insert" of sorts, expressing yourself vicariously through the actions and emotions of Seeker, or do you see them more as an elaborate tale that you created and wish to unfold through your art?

The latter! Seeker is definitely separate from myself, but lives on as her own entity that I breath life into, in a sense. She is from my hands and mind but she is her own self.

I admit, she does possess some qualities and opinions I hold, but doesn’t every creation of creators? Our characters, worlds, stories, etc are conglomerations of all we feel, experience, and discover. 

I put Avian into the TF2 world because from the first day of playing and watching the videos, I knew this was a world I adored. A world I wanted to enjoy. I wanted to create someone who could explore and experience that world head on, but without it being myself. I like to watch her from the outside, like a proud mom of a child that won the championship. I want her to feel the love, the tension, the fun of her family of dads. This is an abstract description, but I wish I could give her a hug.

I have learned that philosophical theories have been founded from the ideas within religion. Religion has simplicity; everything good is of our creator and we must respect the greatness of our world. But, our souls and minds cannot be tested without a challenge. Creation allows bad to happen to create a fight; a fight for a beautiful life we have been allowed to live. You must conquer the bad and seek the good to come to terms with your own inner beauty.
—  Alanna’s weird rambles on religion ✨
ItaGer Omegaverse: Alpha!Feli, Omega!Ludwig

-Ludwig would feel really insecure about being an Omega. Like, it wouldn’t be a constant sort of issue, but everytime he walks up to his brother’s Alpha friends (Gil is an alpha) or any sort of alphas in general, it’s just torture for him. It’s the same with Omegas, too. They’re all afraid of him, and that upsets him more than he would like to admit
-Feliciano would be an oddball alpha. He doesn’t fit into the typical alpha stereotype of being a big, muscular fighting machine, but unlike Ludwig, he embraces it. He paints. He sings. He lets the younger omegas weave flowers into his hair, and returns the favor without asking. He’s the confidant, cheerful, sort of guy that tries his best to disprove all the stereotypes, and is generally adored by everyone around him as the kid who will never really fit in but is adorable nonetheless.
-Ludwig would be the type to keep his head straight for a long time after he went into heat; he wouldn’t allow himself to succumb to his hormones until he absoloutly couldn’t take it any longer. Despite this, he’s often extremely embarresed by his heats, and would hide away for a very, very long time afterwards (he does busywork during this time period)
-Feliciano used to be in medical school, but had to quit because he’d faint at the sight of blood. He still helps with the nursing office, though-mostly with helping omegas who went into unexpected heat. His scent provides the moral support an omega craves during heat, but he doesn’t trigger them to breed the way other alphas do. He knows exactly what to say to keep their minds off their heat, and is currently caught between being an art student and an omega researcher
-Ludwig doesn’t take shit from no alpha, and is a teacher’s pet because of it. He’s got the leadership skills of an alpha, but avoids starting serious fights, a quality which is absent in pretty much every alpha on the planet
-Feli is terrified of American Football. God knows why. He is an excellent swimmer and sprinter though, even though these are typically viewed as omega sports
-Feliciano loves and deeply respects omegas, partially because his grandfather taught him that it is an alpha’s job to make sure that omegas are safe and happy, another because he just thinks that they’re cute. His favorite quote from his grandfather is “Respect omegas, Grandson, they are the creators of our world. Without them, we are nothing.” He quotes this to Ludwig every chance he gets.
-Ludwig’s strength is partially Gilbert’s doing. Gil never saw any reason why being an omega should drag his brother down, so he encouraged Ludwig to pursue whatever he wished after Ludwig presented as an omega. Ludwig is eternally greatfull for this
-Feliciano and Ludwig have the same science class, but never really interacted much until the middle of the year. Ludwig bumped into Feli on accident one morning (he had a cold), and knocked both the alpha and his books sprawling. After Feli calmed down from his panic attack, they finally introduced themselves properly
-Ludwig went into heat later that period. He wasn’t able to discern the warning signs until it was too late because of his cold, and was embaressed almost to the breaking point
-Feli walked him out, and was able to calm him down by distracting him with science questions. Ludwig’s exasperation at his incompitence kept his head clear until they made it to the heat room, though he did note that Feliciano’s voice was rather passive for an alpha, and did not trigger him the way he thought he would. This, of course, did not last for long
-Feliciano brought him his schoolwork during the low points of his heat. He was very respectful of Ludwig, leaving him little notes like “Get well soon!” and little doodles to keep his spirits up. Gilbert later told him that Feli kept a cloth soaked in alchohol over his mouth and nose when he visited to keep himself from getting overwhelmed by Ludwig’s heat scent, and snickered knowingly when Ludwig started to fret over health concerns
-His first day back, Feli was the first person and only student to come over to him and chirp a “Hello, good morning, are you feeling better?” They fell to talking again, and became fast friends
-Several months after they became friends, Ludwig started to develop feelings for Feliciano. A few awkward stumbles later, and Feli caught on-much courting and chaos ensures (Feli’s got basic flirting down, but the rest…eh, not so much. Granted, walking up to your potential lover-to-be with a bunch of random sparkly things you found lying around IS a pretty good idea…unless one of those shiny things just happen to be a condom wrapper. Then they might get the wrong idea.)
-Gilbert supports their relationship, and openly teases Ludwig that it’s “about time”. This is unusual for an alpha sibling, but Gil and Feli are bros. Gil knows Feli would treat Ludwig way better than most alphas. Plus, Feli already knows Gil would kick his ass if anything happened to his brüderlein (hope I got that German right oh gosh)
-Both Feli and Ludwig courted each other. This isn’t typical of an omega, so Ludwig was nervous at first, but Feli was delighted. He thought that the way Ludwig would blush everytime he stumbled his way through a compliment was utterly adorable
-When Ludwig finally allowed Feliciano inside his room (ifyaknowwhatIMEEEAAANN), Feli abolished all his nerves instantly. How? When he saw Ludwig’s nest, he let out a gasp of joy and jumped right in because “Holy cow this is sooo cool! Look how asymetrical it is!”
-They spent the next hours just hanging out talking. Ludwig grew nervous because he could sense his heat just around the corner; Feli kept him calm because he kept talking to him in a low, soothing voice, mixed in with periods of random derpieness. Basically, they just lounged around doing schoolwork, with Feli making sure to give his omega lots of kisses and cuddles everytime Ludwig’s scent grew thick with fear (remember, I’m not making him an insecure feminine figure or anything, he’s just really super uncomfortable with personal stuff. Heats are kinda really super personal.)
-When preheat finally hit, Ludwig tried to leave the nest to cram in as much schoolwork as possible before actual heat struck. It was Feli who tugged him back, and turned the remaining time into a lot of cuddles and slow kissing and whispers of sweet nothings. By the time actual heat hit, they were already calm and hyped up for whatever was ahead of them
-Feli somehow managed to hold Ludwig’s hand during the entire heat, waited to bond mark him until the heat was nearing an end. He didn’t want to bond Ludwig unless his omega gave him full consent, with a clear, untroubled mind
-After the heat, Feli’s posessive side began to set in. He started to hang around Ludwig waaaayy more than neccessary, checking to make sure that Ludwig smelled ‘claimed’. He didn’t initiate any fights, but he has a creepy 'heard you’ve been talking shit’ sort of vibe going on around other alphas, so people respect him. Mostly.
-Feli’s ultimate display of 'my mate, my omega, no touchie’ is to climb Ludwig like a tree. Apparently, not many people can see Ludwig’s bond mark from so high up (cause holy SHIT luddy is one tall motherfucker), so he compensates by perching on Ludwig’s shoulders and and shooting little triumphant looks to whoever they pass. He also makes sure he gives off a powerful possesive scent, because some poor lost souls like Antonio just can’t distinguish passive-agressive smiles from friendly grins
-Despite this, Feli is still pretty weak and jumpy. He depends on Ludwig’s strength and fighting prowess to keep him safe, and loves to tell Ludwig that “I’d be a goner if it weren’t for my big, handsome omega!”
-Ludwig is on the wrestler’s team, and Feli LOVES IT. He loves being able to boast that his mate is a super-strong pro fighter, even though people give him weird looks because of it
-Lovino is afraid of Ludwig. Feli thinks it’s hilarious (he sees Luddy as a big teddy bear outside of school); Ludwig is partially relieved that the other Vargas brother treats him like another alpha, and partially confused by Romano and his little quirks in general. Feliciano, for the most part, keeps the calm, though he WILL fight his brother if the other alpha dares to talk shit about HIS omega
-Lovino is courting Antonio. Antonio is courting Lovino. Why? Because both of them are alphas, and both are alphas who don’t really give a shit about that minor detail. Much chaos ensues
-Feli and Luddy don’t really want children, but they wouldn’t mind if it happened. They’re bonded, and they’re happy. Nothing else matters more to them.

Does the notion of playing an intelligent magical cat in a fantasy setting appeal? If so, friends, you’re in luck!

Monarchies of Mau, the companion tabletop game to the successfully funded Pugmire, currently has a campaign up at Kickstarter! The deadline to pledge is 6/15/17, and so far, it looks like it will be a lot of fun - a complementary game to the canine-centric Pugmire, but with a rather different feel. As the creators put it:

They live in the ashes of our world far in the future, seeking danger and mystery. Think Three Musketeers meets Planet of the Apes, but with cats.

These cats have been uplifted to use technology and language. Some cats acquire the remnants of human technology, believing them to be literal gifts of magic from ancient, god-like servants. Others seek to create an ideal civilization, using the Precepts of Mau agreed to in the heat of a terrible war.

If you’re interested, check out the campaign here!

I hope you will find a way to draw yourself close to our Creator, beloved. There is no point in living this world when we are not living for Him. We cannot be in this world alone, we are not born alone, God is always with us. Remember that in times that we need someone to hold on to, we can never just trust the rope, we should always trust the one on the other end HOLDING THE ROPE.
—  Ray Jean Jakosalem

Re:Creators is roughly a third of the way thru its run, but I’m already willing to say it’s one of, if not the best, Meta Anime out there. So where does it go from here? How can it get even more meta?

By breaking the fourth wall.

This is the only (serious) anime where I would tolerate or perhaps even enjoy a fourth wall break. Altair, the creation formerly known as Gunpuku no Himegimi, apparently found her way into the (fictional) real world by gaining popularity and recognition, she could then do the same thing to emerge into the (real) real world. And it’s all our faults for watching the show.

I see three possible, but unlikely (0% chance), routes this could go:

1) The Re:Creators anime emerges into our world and it turns out we were living inside an anime world all along. The cycle repeats like an otaku nesting doll of universes. Millions die. 

2) They make a jump into our world and it turns live action.  

3) There are multiple endings prepared and they are going choose which ones to air based on the popularity of different characters on social media. It’s not too too much of a stretch of the in-universe lore for the characters to effectively be powered by popularity.

Kabbalah and Science

Although its origins are rooted in deep antiquity, from the time of ancient Babylon, the science of Kabbalah has remained virtually hidden from humanity since it appeared more than four thousand years ago. Newton, Leibniz, and Pico della Mirandola, have investigated and tried to understand the science of Kabbalah. It is impossible to comprehend the invisible, the imperceptible, and that which has not been experienced. For thousands of years, humanity was offered a wide variety of things under the name “Kabbalah”: spells, curses, and even miracles, cluttered with misconceptions and misinterpretations. Therefore, first and foremost, the numers of Kabbalah needs to be made clear. There exists the upper force or the Creator, and governing forces descend from this upper force into our world.  We are familiar with various forces in our world, such as gravity, electromagnetism and the power of thought. This upper force gave birth to the upper worlds. There are five worlds in total. The so called Machsom—a barrier that separates the upper worlds and our world—follows them. From the upper force—the Creator, also known as “the world of Infinity”—mathematically the turned eight. There was a wonderful article about Hod, Hebrew for 8. Indeed the 8 is well used in the archetypical knowledge in all cultures. In Hebrew every letter has a numerical value, or gematria.  The gematria of Chet ח is 8 and is referred to as ‘the letter of life’. i.e. the Life Dynamic – Run and Return.

Are there elves who mix Andrastianism with elven/Dalish religious beliefs?

Because during Jaws of Hakkon, Ameridan–a Dalish elf–expresses the belief that he will be with Andraste in death. He also says, “I offer thanks to Ghilan’nain, Halla Mother, and to Andraste, Maker Bride. As you were raised up from mortal men to stand before our Creators, our Makers, so raise me up now to defend this world.”

To which Sera responds, “Ohh, he’s one of those. Elfy elves don’t like that these days. Or anything.”

Maybe eight hundred years ago, elves revered Andraste alongside their own gods? Or at least respected her until the Exalted March on the Dales. But I’m curious if there are any vestiges of this belief remaining in present-day Thedas, like possibly among the city elves?

Indie Water Cooler

Website in the works but we’ve agreed on a name :)

About The Indie Water Cooler

We’re a group of independent creators.  We live to create and share our work with the world.  Sometimes it can be hard to have your voice heard in the sea of other creators out there.  That’s why we came together and started The Indie Water Cooler.  A place where fellow devs and friends can gather together talk about our work and share our progress with each other and you, our fans.  Throughout the week  we show our work through devlogs of sorts and on weekends we hang out and have a bit of fun, playing games, telling stories, and all in all just having a good time at the Indie Water Cooler.

Launching later this Summer


It’s official! My brother @chrishoughtonart and I have created an original animated series over at Disney TV Animation!

We can’t wait to get started! Don’t forget to set your DVR’s to record COUNTRY CLUB, on Disney XD!  …in 2018. See ya then!

From the press release:

Country Club centers on Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the big city with his family. Cricket’s curiosity and enthusiasm leads his wildly out of place family on epic journeys and into the hearts of his new neighbors. Director Rob Renzetti (Gravity Falls) serves as executive producer and the Houghton brothers serve as co-executive producers.

‘Animation is strongly resonating with the Disney XD audience, and we are dedicated to expanding our roster of world-class creators including Aaron, Chris and Shane,’ said Marc Buhaj, senior vice president of programming and general manager of Disney XD. ‘Our audience will be treated to engaging, original comedic storytelling through the unique visions of each of our creators.’”

Part 1 & 2: The Hidden Energy Science of Sacred Geometry

We live in a remarkable time, when deeply hidden spiritual knowledge & practices are now being publicly released. Great Spiritual Traditions around the world are making public much of their formerly secret knowledge, including in recent years the Mayan, Tibetan, Taoist and European Rosicrucian traditions. These world traditions are the caretakers of our birthright: our shared human legacy of accumulated spiritual wisdom.

Perhaps the most fundamental— and essential — part of this spiritual knowledge is to know the actual patterns, the energy blueprints, which everything in creation is based on. Everything is based on a specific pattern; knowing that pattern unlocks the ability to make full practical use of it. This is true whether speaking of patterns of higher spiritual realities, psychological and behavior patterns, energetic patterns, or actual structures manifested in the physical world.

Keep reading

‘We could not save the Pemalites. They would die. But we could try and rescue some part of them. We hoped we could keep their hearts, their souls alive somehow. We looked for an Earth species we could use to harbor the essence of the Pemalites. Their decency. Their kindness. Their playfulness and love.’

'Wolves,’ Cassie said, once again way ahead of me.

Erek looked surprised, but he nodded his holographically projected human head. 'Yes. They looked most like the Pemalites themselves. We grafted the essence of the Pemalites into the wolf species. And from that union, dogs were created. To this day, most dogs carry within them the essence of the Pemalites. Not all, but most. Wherever you see a dog playing, chasing a stick, running around barking for the sheer joy of life, you see the remnants of the race of Pemalites.’

'That’s why all these dogs are here,’ Jake said. 'They’re your…what, friends? Creators?’

'They are our joy,’ Erek said, 'because they remind us of a world without evil. The world we lost. We Chee are all that is left of Pemalite technological genius. The dogs of Earth are all that is left of Pemalite souls.’
—  Book #10: The Android, pg. 106 (by K.A. Applegate)
Calling Disabled Female Artists!!

Teal Sheep Creators is a new blog for and by disabled female illustrators and comic artists. We hope to feature the work of a new disabled female and femme nonbinary illustrator or comic artists every Monday! Teal Sheep Creators wants to show case the hard work, talent, and creativity of female and femme nonbinary disabled artists. Our community is amazing and we want to spread the word!

Teal Sheep Creators is almost ready to launch, but we need you! Teal Sheep Creators is looking for female and femme nonbinary disabled comic artists and illustrators to submit their work! We want to feature YOU!

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A) 3-5 pieces of your finished comic or illustration art.

B) Your name and contact information

C) A brief description of yourself and your art!

D) A message you want to give your fellow female and femme nonbinary disabled artists!

You can see more information about what to submit by reading our submission guidelines here!

If you are not a female or femme nonbinary disabled comic artist or illustrator above the age of 18, Teal Sheep Creators still needs your help! Please reblog this post and spread the word about Teal Sheep’s mission. Help us share the wonderful artwork of so many talented creators with the world!  You can also follow our blog to get updates on resources for women, disabled people, and artists. In addition to the weekly feature, Teal Sheep Creator keeps lists and updates on chances to showcase illustration and comic art.

Teal Sheep Creators is a blog to showcase the talent of female and femme nonbinary disabled illustrators and comic artists– and we need your help!