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Friendly Reminder: Shiro is a Teenager, Too

Let’s bear in mind all official sites, comics, and merchandise list them as teenagers. Let’s bear in mind the Jeremy Shada video - used as ‘proof’ of Lance’s age - also specifies they are all teenagers. Let’s bear in mind the only ‘evidence’ for being twenty-five comes from the creators being cornered at some convention, with a good counter-argument as to why it’s a bad source here: Link … so Shiro is nineteen at eldest. 

A nineteen year-old with a sixteen/seventeen year-old is not paedophilia. It’s a very normal age gap and a very normal part of development. There’s nothing wrong with one late teen dating another late teen. Yes, Shiro counts as an adult, being eighteen-plus, which fits with what antis say, but being eighteen/nineteen also makes him a teenager.

So - again - Shiro is a teenager. 

He’s either eighteen or nineteen, if we fit this fact into other information provided by creators … this means he is not a paedophile, as well as that it is fine to ship him with Keith or Lance or whomever, because he is the same age as them. So why don’t you back off with your hypocrisy? Let people ship.