list of new hockey rules i'd put in place if i ran the nhl

•everyone who goes to the penalty box has to wear a dunce cap for the duration of the penalty

•if the goalie gets the puck in his glove, he should be allowed to try to carry it down to the other end of the rink and throw it into the other goal

•if you pull the goalie your 6th man has to be the mascot

•if 2 players hold hands while one commits a penalty, the other is allowed to go to the box (and wear the dunce cap) for him

•instead of shootouts, there’s a sudden death figure skating competition between the two teams’ captains. if the captain is injured or sick, then this task may be delegated to one of his As

•consistent goalie interference rules lol

•if wayne gretzky attends a game, he is allowed to dress in a plain black jersey and come on the ice. he’s not playing for either team, he’s just there to shake things up

•intermissions will be filled by a pet show of the players’ dogs

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for tips on creating animatics? Like, where and what do you start off with? Like mapping directions or storyboard? Or do you just go with the flow? (I can't stop watching your Upgrade Animatic- and best of luck working on More Than Survive!)

I start with picturing the whole scene while listening to the audio (right now I have More than Survive in loop) then when I’ve got a general idea of what I want to draw, I write a little script.

For example, this is the scene where Brooke is replaced by the Squip at the beginning of Upgrade

“Squip replace Brooke
frontal shot, half body (Jeremy’s point of view) of Brooke singing (and keeping walking backwards) and slowly there’s a digital effect that replace her with the Squip
They move towards the camera

Half body of the Squip and Jeremy from the side. The Squip is squeezing Jeremy’s hands while getting closer to his face. Jeremy moves away shocked.
Jeremy pulls away his hand.”

Then I start drawing frames and putting them in vegas pro, adjusting the timing and looking if there’s a need of more frames to make some movement effect.

BONUS: this is the first try of the scene

I was like omg I have NO IDEA how to draw her walking backwards!!! (this was back when I still had to draw the “Eminem is dead” part) 

But sometimes I completely ignore what I’ve written and start doing a scene from scratch at the moment, like in Upgrade from the dialogue with Michael I started doing something completely different from what I wrote.
At first I wanted to make a physical chorus made of that black goop I use for the Squip effects, but when I got to the “CHRISTIIIIIIIINE” part I kinda forgot and went with flow xD But I’m glad I did something different because after uploading the video, I saw some other animatics of the same song and noticed almost everyone used that idea of the visible chorus. I’ve saved myself without knowing. Cool.