creator: jaimie

  • Narrator: This is Jaimie. This perpetually middle aged salt is starting his day. He usually begins by pouring himself a cup of coffee and mixing in a teaspoon of vodka. Depending on how his day goes, he will decide if he should put more coffee or more vodka into his mug.
  • Jaimie: *looking around* Who the hell are you?
  • Narrator: Why, I'm the narrator. I've come to narrate your day.
  • Jaimie: *grabs the bottle of vodka instead of his mug*

oh man i drew these a week and a half ago and now they are painfully outdated (he is dancing with a mind projection, shhhh)


it is rare and special the ocassion in which i make fan art, specially fan art of a webserial, yet here we are. Sy obviously (obviously) is sporting the shit eating-iest grin that wyvern can give and Jaimie has to put up with it. now im pretty sure at some point they specified that J2.0 is blonde and without glasses, so if he doesnt look like my original interpretation of J1.0, well there is why.

pierre is fun to draw, boy howdy

and finally duncan and ashton. i tried to give duncan the most punchable face i could muster and the exact opposite for ashton, and yes, i do in fact believe that they are cute together and want more of it dammit. i’d go as far as to say that they are my favourite characters.

the clothes might be a little to 1900 when the story is suposed to be happening in the roaring 20′s but hey, different universe, whatever.

i swear im never gonna not make ocs

jaimie is a 12 y/o smol, nb baby! they’re really smol, and has a tiny gay crush on leola (an oc ill design soon). they’re very naive and innocent and sweet, and very loving. they love everything cute! they’re, however, rather weak and has low self-esteem. is a bit of a crybaby, and they easily give up.

basically: they’re a precious smol and needs to be protected

tru headcannons abt my fav trash ship (rarlnid)

- ron is great at braiding and braids enid’s and carl’s hair all the time
- carl is terrible at braiding
-but great at eyeliner
- ron makes flower crowns for everyone
- enid is allergic but wears them anyways bc she can’t resist ron’s puppy eyes
- cuddling usually starts out with enid and carl piled onto ron (bc they’re so smol compared to him)
- but enid and carl need to have like 12 blankets at all times, so with the combo of that and 2 people on top of him ron feels like he’s dying
- so somehow they always wake up with ron on top of the blankets, carl halfway off the bed, and enid being crushed underneath both of them.
- enid and ron are The Worst babysitters
- once ron said shrek wasn’t that bad of a movie and the others wouldn’t talk to him for like a week
- carl will fite anyone who says anything even a lil negative about his babs
- enid does not fuck around with her caffeination
- once she chugged 4 monster energy drinks and ron almost had a heart attack from fear
- ron seems like an innocent pup but he makes sexual innuendos constantly
- also he tries to get the others to make out with him 24/7
- enid and ron love dogs, carl hates them
- they eventually get a chihuahua named noodle 
- if anyone asks, ron named him. 
- (enid totally named him)
- carl hates noodle when they first get him and is very grumpy for the next month
- but eventually he loves noodle arguably more than he loves enid or ron
- enid is a lil baby when she’s tired she will cuddle and smooch the heck out of her boys
- also enid refers to carl and ron as ‘her boys’ all the time
- enid hates pda
- but she gets the most jealous so like people can say something completely innocent to her boys and she will be instantly holding their hands and kissing them to prove they’re hers only
- carl is a piggyback ride ho
- piggyback rides from enid don’t really work out as well bc they’re the same height
- once they tried to do a double-decker piggyback ride (carl on enid’s back and enid on ron’s back) it did not end well
- carl has a rly concerning addiction to cherry coke
- carl and enid are the only people ron is ok with touching him
- they all have lowkey resting bitch face so no one ever fucks with them
- carl and enid love stealing ron’s beanies and shirts