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So, like every year, one of the Universities I applied to wanted us to take a self-portrait of ourselves, but the twist was that the background had to somehow mirror your personality.

Personally I think I have the personality of crumbled paper. So I thought “What the heck, might as well get around to make that Paper Town of Quotes I’ve been thinking about making for a while now.”

So I did. Then I put on some make up, did my hair and added some thought bubbles.

Long Story Short– too late: Here’s the result of my face.

danzku  asked:

yeah, his character is basically just "sexist douche"... there's really nothing to rip apart there... my bad. Let's say Blake.

In general, Blake becomes more and more of a fanatic and gets to a point where he cares more about being right than he does about actually helping people. And for being the moral leader, he’s got some awfully questionable morals himself. Not to mention how he manipulates the others into sticking with him. “I’ve always trusted you” Bull-fucking-shit.

Pressure Point and Star One are his low points. About the only thing he does right in PP is not handling things like Avon does in Terminal.

Also, his thing with his cousin. Ew.