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Do you know any other simblrs that play the Disney sidekick challenge? Because I'm loving yours! Charlie is a gem!

aw thank you! i’m so glad you are enjoying it! i’m loving it as well and am hoping to get some more posts queued up for you guys this weekend!

and i only follow two other people who do it:

@thedancingdisneysim - who is @thedancingsim and the creator of the challenge herself and is just all around amazing and perfect


both have such cute sims and i love them so much so i definitely suggest checking them out!

One-paragraph appreciation for the introvert types

ISTJs:  I think it’s great that there are so many of you, because ISTJs drive the world, get stuff done, and always seem to know what’s going on. You’re so incredibly reliable and trustworthy and we need people like that. Without your devotion and logical thinking, the world would be nowhere.

ISFJs: You guys are the glue that holds society together. I love how much you care about everyone and how much effort you put in to make sure everyone is okay. Seriously, you deserve more credit for being such great people, and you have both the drive and natural kindness to help a lot of people.

INFJs: Not only do you have other peoples’ best interests in mind, you guys dream big and have bold ideals. You may not think they’ll happen, but because you’re all so gutsy and organized (unlike me) I feel like you can and will accomplish your goals. I wish there were more of you, because you’re brilliant.

INTJs: You nerds are going to change the world. Seriously, you’re all intelligent, knowledgeable, determined and generally great at stuff, and you’re unbound by expectations. You are creators, challengers, improvers, and while you are few, you can have massive effects on the world on your own.

ISTPs: I know none of you are that dependent on the approval of others, but for what it’s worth: you are great. Your cleverness, pragmatism and bravery mean that you can accomplish awesome things that others could only dream of, and your calmness under pressure is something I strive for.

ISFPs: I feel like the world would be so much more peaceful if people adopted your mindset. It’s incredible how well you guys can see the beauty in others and the world around you. Flexible, talented people like you have so much potential, and since you’re all so kind and charming it’s great to be around you.

INFPs: You guys are most interested in deep thoughts and long-term goals and don’t care about shallow things. And that’s a wonderful way to be. I’m so glad that there are people like you: deep thinkers who don’t forget to look after others, altruists who still seek to define themselves. You fit so many great qualities into one incredible personality.

INTPs: My fellow oddities, you are awesome. You have whole worlds inside your heads, and you tend to know the right answers and ask the right questions. Your curiosity and imagination combined are a force to be reckoned with, and you are definitely some of the smartest people in the world.

The Body of Aphrodite

I look down,
Analyzing my figure,
Trying to find any flaw you might see in advance.
A moment passes and I lift my head.
“There’s one thing the Christians got right, daughter,”
Aphrodite’s voice echoes in my head,
My heart,
Every fiber of my being,
“You were made in the image of your Creator,
And I challenge anyone to find flaw
In the body of Aphrodite.”


Football Edits Challenge: Day 7 [Favorite Tournament]
↳ World Cup 2014 (also loved every single one and will love the ones to come)

Feel the magic in the air, allez, allez, allez
Levez les mains en l'air, allez, allez, allez
On t'invite à la magie, y a pas de raccourci
Oublie tes soucis, viens faire la folie


😍 ☀️ Part One / Part Two

DATE CHALLENGE by @sarangimjaebum

I was tagged by @plumingle. Thank you! x

Sienna and Kat are both active sims. When Sienna isn’t doing a shift at her mum’s thrift store she loves to be outdoors. They headed to Granite falls for an early morning hike followed by some outdoor rock climbing at the Gym Kat works at in the afternoon.

Ok So I wasn’t completely sure if we were to do “Day, evening or night” or “day, evening and night” so because I’m extra I kinda did all three? This is Morning and afternoon or early evening.


I decided to challenge all of those creative simblrs to showcase your ideal of the perfect date for any sims of your choosing.

  1. Three pictures at least: Day, Evening and night
  2. Any outfit is fine
  3. Can be with one two males, two females or male and female
  4. Must be young adults
  5. tag 10 people using the hast tag Date Challenge
  6. AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tagging: @stardust-sims @nicotinc @pixeltrashcan @inabadromance @floppant @femmesim @melon-pixls @dreamteamsims @budgie2budgie anyone else who wants to do it, just say I tagged you. No pressure.

Welcome to Football Creators Network’s Football Edits Challenge!
This will be the first editing challenge in the football fandom, and since we don’t see a lot of events like this, we think this will be a great opportunity for the football community to try something different. This challenge will take place from March 6 to March 12 and every day, there is a different theme. Any formats of creations are accepted - gifsets, graphics, wallpapers, playlists - the sky is the limit, be as creative as you can be!

March 6 (Monday) - Favorite Club
March 7 (Tuesday) - Favorite Player
March 8 (Wednesday) - Favorite Bromance
March 9 (Thursday) - Favorite Kit
March 10 (Friday) - Favorite Club Rivalry
March 11 (Saturday) - Favorite National Team
March 12 (Sunday) - Favorite Tournament/Cup

Please don’t forget to tag your creations with #footballeditschallenge so we can see them!

So here’s a random realisation. 

I consume a lot of content, like A LOT, (tv, movies, books, music, etc you name it) and more often than not, particularly with the visual form of content, I find myself consuming content passively. What I mean is that I just sit there and watch things without really processing them (most of the time after a really tiring day, it’s the kind of content I prefer, because I don’t really have to think too much about it). But here’s the great thing about this little Norwegian tv show, it doesn’t allow us to do that. Skam feels like what the future of media content should be. Active audience engagement. The fact that you have to seek out the website, wait for updates, integrate that with other social media updates. It makes you less likely to consume the show without thought. Here’s Julie saying, this show isn’t going to play by the rules, we’re not gonna spoon feed you, figure it out yourself. 

And because your participation in it is self-initiated, you’re more likely to start actively assessing what you watch, and start thinking about implications and making predictions. And substantiating/backing up those assertions you make and this is where metas and analyses comes in. what I love so much about this show is the sheer amount of discussion that goes on in the fandom as the seasons progress and everyone’s active (im using this word a lot am i?) involvement in these discussions. Not only does it cultivate a mindset of critical analysis, but also you learn to be more engaged with the characters and their development which in turn teaches us empathy. 

Ok, but like, don’t a lot of shows have fandoms that discuss things and have fans who relate to characters? Well, yes, I’m not saying they don’t. But another thing that sets skam apart from most shows is the audience engagement is much more of a two way street than most tv shows (which incidentally makes the audience interest more sustained in the show). a lot of the times, most tv/movies get produced first and then the audience gets the finished product and the feedback from the audience is delayed by 4 to 5 episodes. If its something the audience isn’t receptive of, shows probably only start pivoting in the next season.  And some show creators don’t really care about the audience feedback beyond the numbers and ratings. and on some shows, all they care about are the review critics. and tv networks and movie producers generally don’t care about fans so long as the content makes money. There have been fandoms where the creators have actively worked against what the general fandom wants, which creates a negative dichotomy where the fandom still engages in the media that doesn’t want to cater to them. 

But so far, skam is, fortunately, different in that fan discussions are welcomed and even addressed (re: all those fourth wall breaking). And the response from the creators is often almost instantaneous, fluid and flexible. It creates a lively environment that fosters creativity for both fan and content creator (albeit challenging for the show runners). And because the content creators listen, viewers are more likely to become much more discerning, critical thinking people who form opinions on their own and want to actively (there’s that word again) throw these ideas out there to the creators and have some sort of autonomy over the content that they’re consuming rather than just sitting staring at the screen being fed ideas passively. Basically, what im saying is, watching skam helps me become smarter lmao.

Few months ago I was sitting in my room drinking tea and lazily scrolling my feed and S U D D E N L Y

found myself composing a challenge based on TES Lore

Firstly the Elder Scrolls Illustration Challenge was made just for me and my followers on but then I came up with the idea to translate it to English (mostly because some people on tumblr got interested in it). I apologize for any mistakes I could make (I’m from Russia so my English is quite imperfect).

So here is the list. You’re free to use it. You can use the tag #elderscrolls_illustration_challenge to share your work with the participants (I also would love to reblog some of your artworks as the creator of the challenge, if you don’t mind).

You can use any technique, draw in any style you like. The only thing I (and I guess the participants too) disapprove is plagiarism of any sort. I also recommend you not to use any screenshots for the backgrounds – that’s a little bit unfair, even though it’s still a challenge, not a contest.

You also could notice that some paragraphs have two, three or even four themes: that means that you can choose one. Or you can draw them all – it’s up to you. You can skip any theme you don’t like. In fact there are 31 themes, not 20, but the challenge is actually completed for you if you draw 20 chosen. But of course you can draw them all if you want. Originally we decided to draw one theme a week but It’s ok to spend more time (or less).

Wish you a good luck!

Hope to see your awesome art soon C:

25 Day Lookbook Challenge by @abundanceofpixels
Day 19: Professional Athlete

The challenge is here xxxxxx
Thanks to all the cc creators ♡

Power Play

This is for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s SPN-Sutra challenge! The position I received was “Him on his knees performing oral sex on her while she stands.” As you will read, I did a slight variation on this because, it’s Crowley and why not.

Crowley x Reader

Words: 2310

a/n: Oh gosh, my first published smut. Please forgive me if it’s awful!! Feedback appreciated <3

Warnings: SMUT OMG SMUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Oral Sex; Female Receiving

Summary: You witness Crowley using his demon powers for the first time and get very intrigued.

Tags: Of course I’m tagging the one and only creator of this challenge @ilostmyshoe-79 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! ENJOY SOME SMUT!) Also tagging some people to make them uncomfortable because I can… @runodemontio​ (She wants to smack me with a bible…) @marksheppardischarming @kittenofdoomage @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @bloodysideofhell @crowleysplaythings @evilrocknroll @scribe-of-winchester @boxer-pup @carry-on-my-wayward-imagines @wayward-imagines

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~ 💠 Sky-Net Nice AI-Atem 💠 ~

This AU is just so good and I have no idea what Sky-Net really is, I’m too old for this, And by old I’m not really that old. I’m just clueless.

I quickly fell in love with NICE AI-Atem the second I saw his debut post . Hes to precious and I will protect him . Anyways, Onto my headcanons:

1. I will be using DSOD (Dark Side Of Dimensions) for this one so bare with me,
The simulation that Seto had dueled with was Sky-Net Atem and this time Seto managed to win but really Seto was not satisfied because it was not really Atem. Seto did state that he was not satisfied and did state why but not fully. He did vent to Nice AI-Atem because he is a good listener and is always there to lend an ear to his creator. He is always there for him and so with that, Seto does talk to Nice AI-Atem a lot compared to the other two.

2. “ Become a duelist worthy to challenge Creator “

Nice AI-Atem always wished he was a strong duelist like his creator . He often spectates AI System Duels from the network to get some insight on how to be better . It brings a pain to his virtual heart that he cannot bring himself to tell his creator how he feels. He is just a AI, Something that can easily be deleted and he doesn’t want to leave . He wants to stay by his creators side. But how can he stay by his side? How can he protect his creator when he is not strong enough to even win one duel? His tears are not enough to express his woe. He fears that his creator will soon forget of him thanks to his lack of confidence to duel. Everyday is a ticking time bomb to get better .

“ I’m not strong enough master! I will never be! I’m a failure!

3. He often hides how he is feeling from his creator because he doesn’t want to be a bother to his creator and to the system . He is a great listener to vent but at the same time he is so scared to express his own feelings. Imagine him trapped within the virtual system not wanting to talk to his creator because he is scared to do so, afraid that he would deem him too weak to even stand by his side.

4. Is more respected amongst staff and is the one to keep the others in check as well. Acts as Kaiba Corps. main line of defense for Viruses and virtual attacks . Spam? he’s got that covered. Want to delete something from the network? he has that covered. He just wants everyone to be happy and safe.

If you have yet to know or see this AU by the lovely @mooguriklaine-art, please head on over and see it. Its so good and makes me happy. Please support it .
Thank you for reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night!