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How many times did you watch the episode?
  • Yuri!!! on Ice Ep 1-6: About 10 times. It was THAT good.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice Ep 7: I haven't stopped watching since it aired someone send help I cannot with the content and revelation in this episode I feel like this is the reason I was born, just to watch an anime perfectly portray human flaws and a healthy queer relationship that was not overly fetishized on screen instead the characters just purely adore and accept each other. Bless this anime, bless its creators and staff, bless everyone in this universe.
The most important in Pokémon XY...

Team Rocket is absolutely adorable in XY Series.

Jessie appears with painted nails and pink lipstick (disguised as Jessilee).

She is more and more gorgeous at every episode.

Wet hair.

50 Shades of Jessie.

Boob shots.

Crotch shots.

James showing his feelings for Jessie. <3


This hair and this goatee… OMG Jimmy, you’re so handsome!

“Bitch, please… I’m fabulous!”

Classic Motto.

The disguises are back.


Our favorite Blue Blob is back.

The lovely, charmy villains!

Mirror Team Rocket.

I can’t explain how much I love it!

Dorky faces.

Stupid scared expressions.

Look at these adorkable villains…

They’re together since ever, forever…

They’re so cute!

And they make the Show. Just accept it, haters!

What Yuri!!! on Ice episode 10 revealed to all of us:

Viktor and Yuuri are playing the game of mutual pining and they both don’t have any idea and I like it. ;)

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PRAYorities:: Sleep, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Sunshine & Creation. (((Giving thanks for the divine guidance that has lead me to where I am in this N:OW))) Inspiration is EVERYWHERE here!!!
✨One road, cruising along the ocean waves. Distant islands on the horizon. I am my breath. Slowing rolling in and out as I breathe in the elements. I am all of creation. Reflecting myself in all vibrations. I tune in. To the creator. I remember who I am. Inhaling love as I fill my lungs. Metal bar in my chest. Yes. I remember my body. This vessel. This temple. My duty is to serve. To create and share my journey. The story of Tori. The pain, the paint and the glory! I am every color of the rainbow! Finding balance. Learning and growing each mOMent that passes. Making choices. I exhale blockages and B.S. (belief systems) that are no longer serving my divinity as creator of my own reality. I choose to use my chi. To channel visual creation. Flowering towards the light. My highest self. Trusting and following my heART! I open my sketch book and START.✨
Art and writing by: Tori Pope
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Reese&Finch | Always
by Ashley Zhang at youtube

Okay, this hurts so much, but it’s also among the most beautiful videos, I have to share it.

Highly recommend to watch it:
1. in HD,
2. using both earphones,
3. preparing your handkerchief,
4. there were 5x13 contents in it, but hey, those canon thing didn’t really happen in canon right? so it’s alright.

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Things that make me happy :

My OTP having the most perfect & cutest moment AND living happily ever after😊😆😘💕💕 Arthit & Kongpob F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!

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Blissing out in my humble yurt with @dayzea and @thessimplelife ~ got to play with these two over Halloween weekend as they passed through Oregon. Living on the road, traveling together in their two white caravans. Accepting the love and gifts provided to them along their journey. Blessings, love, light and abundance to you both. ~We all come from the goddess, and two her we shall return. Like a drop of rain, flowing to the ocean.~ .Eugene, Oregon 2015.



Well, Victor sure does have something to tell the kids about how he and Yuuri met 😏

“Did you know back when we were still skating, there was a party and your father got absolutely wasted, that he started a dance-off. Who would’ve known he got some groove in him. Most of the people joined even your Uncle Yurio! He even pole-danced with your Uncle Chris in his briefs, can you believe it?! I danced with him too, of course, and…your father was so beautiful. We were having the night of our lives! Then he drunkenly asked me to be his coach if he won the dance-off. His expression was so cute! He said, “Be my coach! Victor!” and hugged me so tight! That is when I fell in love with him. Who would’ve thought that I will fall in love with a drunken, flustered man who just danced the night away and asked me to be his coach? Well, I’m so glad I did!”

(surely he tells that story to them every night and their kids probably already memorized it lmao)