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“In the Xanderist religion, Alexander and Odin were there before all other life was existed. The two gods were the Alpha and Omega, the Creator and the Destructor. The Two Brothers worked hand in hand, and established the nature of the world of beginnings and ends. 

As they created, a rift formed between the two when they created the Hyegan - people of the Hills. These peoples were created with the combined power of the Brothers, unlike the previous creations of the Carwidae or the Hakarl, who born under the power of Alexander or Odin respectively. The rift grew, as the Hyegan exhibited worship towards the brothers, in particular towards their God of Creation, Alexander. They spurned Odin, for his was the concept of Death, and Hyegan feared the end of their lives. 

Blinded by his worshipers faith, Alexander lost sight of the love he had for his Brother, and a great war erupted, casting the dark brother away from their holy land.”  - Excerpt from Deific Studies and their History, 2nd Edition

The Sound of Crystals originated about 10 years ago when I was a sophomore in University. I had wanted to make my own take on the Final Fantasy Mythos. It had Dragoons, Chocobos, Summons, Black and White Mages, and of course, Crystals… and I had called it “Another Fantasy”. 

I revisted this concept, and with help from my boyfriend @folkenface, to create what I plan to build upon. It still has some remnants of its original trappings, but for the most part, I want to try and make something I can call my own. 

Here in the world of Yaffaset, which is orbited by two Moons, live the 3 races - Hyegan, Carwidae, and Hakarl. People of the Hills, Forest, and Sea. 

Hyegan are widespread, living across almost all the continents flourishing with Accitology, Invocation, Animism, and Technology. With the Carwidae mainly occupying the countries of Ynnys and Prynhawn, the antlered folk of the forest specialise in Geomancy, and are rather insular. Only the folk from Ynnys are more comfortable to interacting with Hyegan, and yet are still a rare sight. The Hakarl are people of the sea. They hold no talent for magics, rather they rely on their great resilience and strength to live among the vast oceans of Yaffaset. With their large bodies and sharp teeth, many land dwellers who live near the Hakarl country of Mjrkr fear the barbarious beasts, while those who live near the country of Mrorta have cordial relationships with the undersea dwellers. 


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galaxyart236  asked:

Was it intentional that you made us see Ink meet Blueberry in the comics first because Error captured Blueberry in particular? (Creator and Destructor protecting and destroying the same person. Poor Blueberry)

Ah well with how late I am with the update I guess I can talk a bit about the future events as compensation! :DD

Believe it or not, the fact that Ink goes in Underswap first like Error is something I didn’t think about. I was mostly going with the idea that since Ink is unknown to the reader, it’d be easier to explain things in an universe like Underswap rather than an hostile one like Underfell. (thats where hes going next btw)

Ink does meet Blueberry, but the Underswap part will mostly focuse on Underswap Papyrus, his fears and his relation with his brother - confessions that Ink will witness.

The meeting with US!Pap will be very important for Ink in the future!