Golden Solider - A Knight Poem

A story that shows all
Within his sparkling, bright eyes
Such a man of goodness
And also a mischievous one
No on can ignore him
He is seen by so many
Even an outsider views him
As a man of distinction
He stands high and proud
Someone who has seen it all
No afraid to show the proof
I see him as a troubled angel
But he is truly passionate
He holds me above the rest
As his precious princess
The love in his heart for me
A solid human being
Who has a true, noble soul
My knight-in-shining armor
A golden fighter with a pureness
That will never die

@ Sarah Rae 2014

anonymous asked:

☢ ❊ ✄

Wwell, Im assumin I cant just pick “both,” so.

Freedom, because then I havve the freedom to decide howw safe I wwant to be.

Ambition, because I already havve wwealth, an it aint like I do much wwith it anywway.

An creativvity, because talent alone only gets you so far, but knowwin howw to improvvise is a great wway to get yourself out of a mess.