From her February 2011 New York talk, Debbie Millman’s:

The Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated College

01. design talent is equivalent to operational excellence.
02. design is not about design.
03. there are two things that are not really about what we think they’re about: money and sex.
04. ideas are easy. strategy is much harder.
05. know what you are talking about.
06. common vocabulary does not equate to common behavior.
07. relentlessly prepare.
08. be aware of artificial harmony.
09. seek out criticism.
10. you need to know how to present.

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At our Orlando chapter, Anna Bond of the beautiful stationary and design company Rifle Paper Co. speaks on her stumblings and fumblings into the world of stationary and paper goods design and production. Despite economic downturn, Anna was able to be massively successful and shares some advice on how she and her husband/business partner did it.

A great watch for entrepreneurs, designers, printmakers, illustrators, and anyone looking to bring an idea to fruition.