My condolences for the young girl and her family and their hero from Wisconsin. They’ve been living in a terrible nightmare this past week. 

People shouldn’t believe in what they read on the internet. Taking somebody’s creativity and turning it into their own horrifying reality is just sickening. I believe that these two juveniles, who hurt this poor girl, are mentally ill or insane. Since they read about Slender Man, they would’ve find a word called “Fiction”. Even if they haven’t found this critical word, their common sense would’ve told them otherwise. 

The parents of this poor little girl has asked people to send their daughter purple paper and fabric hearts to put up in her room, to remind her that she is still very loved. That is why Slendy is wearing one of those hearts, to show that he cares. His creator even sent his condolences to the family and wishing them well. 

Remember “Creativity not Reality”. It’s someone’s imagination, not real life.
I hope this little girl gets well soon.