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Nukeme, Fashion Designer

Latest episode from toco toco web documentry series on Japanese creatives looks at artist who explores glitches in fashion making, as well as a little tour of independent fashion spaces:

Nukeme is a fashion designer based in Tokyo. He works on various creative projects, that recently include a collaboration with Urusei Yatsura license and other projects leveraging new technologies. His latest creations feature glitch art, that he creates by hacking into embroidery software, which generates a random aspect to his works.

First we will follow Nukeme to Hayatochiri, a select shop located in the Koenji area, whose owner, Goto is also a creator himself. The store features unique creations made by young local designers, and it was the first to feature Nukeme’s work eight years ago. The store’s walls are fully decorated with manga pages, so the store’s visitors can also enjoy some reading while browsing through its wares.

Our second stop will be at House@Mikiri Hasshn, a store and gallery space located in Omotesando area. The store combines original fashion creations from Japanese creators, vintage clothes and a gallery space located in the basement. We will have a peek into the current exhibition, Korisho, featuring items that combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with new technology, such as laser cutting. Its peculiar interior combined with its concept make the store one of Nukeme’s favorite spots in Tokyo.

Lastly, we will head to Nukeme’s atelier, where he will tell us about his work inspiration and creations, some of which involve a unique use of 3D printing… 

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flickr was like there was a hole in the bottom.. by Dawn Tranter
Via Flickr:
..and her thoughts simply dropped through, not that she minded..she simply had another one… May you all have magic thoughts. HMBT friends;)

What is Invisible Design?

Design is not always an in-your-face art. It is subtle, usable and often undefinable. Quite simply, good design is often invisible.

And just to be clear – invisible design is not about adding layers or transparencies or hidden meanings to projects. It is about creating great user-oriented projects that work functionally and visually.

It’s something I heard over and over again when I was starting out as a young designer. If you have to “decorate” the canvas, you are over-designing it. The best design – the design that really makes a project work – is invisible.

But how to you achieve that invisible design? Especially when web design is a quite visual tool. (As a bonus, a few websites that exemplify the idea of invisible design are featured throughout this post.)

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4 Levels of Being

The tree of twelve spheres suggests four levels of being or the process of creation that correspond to the spheres in groups of three. This is a simple and useful way to approach and understand the process within the tree, but should not be taken as a special key that defines how the spheres must always be understood. These can also be cast into an elemental framework if desired.

The first level: 1 + 2 + 3, Chaos - Process - Pattern. Fundamental creation and self organization. Existence exists for no reason and so is incomplete. The process of filling in the gaps is continuous and creates multilayered and infinitely complex patterns.

The second level: 5 + 7 + 11, Intent - Will - Agent. Emergence of the self and descent of the creative impulse into the web of being. Shift from the general and unknowable to the particular and concrete. Beginning of time as a moving between worlds in a continual process/pattern of creation and destruction.

The third level: 13 + 17 + 19, Sense - Thought - Desire. Development of the inner world of though, sense, and emotion. The self constructs memory and form attachment to these memories. Internal drive develops as thought becomes cause of action.

The fourth level: 23 + 29 + 31, Object - Subject - (…). The world and being in the world. Self exists as subject, a special sort of object within the objective world crystallized by thought and memory. Though the subject itself an object and cannot be the true self. This interplay of subject and object can be leveraged to strip away misconceptions as to the nature of self showing that there is more that is truly unknowable, but must exist.


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2nd Trailer for Spiderman Homecoming

Was alright, mostly on the meh side. 

Too much Tony. Is this Spider-Robin or Spider-man. 

If Peter has to rely on Tony to make his suits and bankroll him than you pretty much took what is unique about Peter away. He struggles with money. He is smart and creative enough to make his own suits and web shooters, etc. In this movie, he seems too reliant on Tony because Marvel and KF has to feed RDJ’s huge ego I guess. Even his villains have issue with Tony. Tony/RDJ needs to stop forcing himself on better and more interesting characters’ movies. 

I was also hoping to see more about the kids and Zendaya’s character. 

We are the different kind of dreamers,
That others cannot even begin to fathom.
We are the creative endeavours,
Who spin webs of intricate fantasies,
With one foot in a self-contructed dream world,
And one foot in the dimension of reality.
We are the people unknown to mainstream psychology,
A subject of only recent discovery and research.
We spend our lives in a constant daze,
By having spent years inside deep fantasies.
We are the people that others may have worried about,
We have had our sanity questioned if caught in the act.
Not only have we had to deal with others concerns,
But also our own concern for ourselves and our future,
For we sometimes wonder if we can truly make it
In this world that demands too much for our special selves.
We have spent our life wondering if we are the only individuals,
Who can manage to spend hours inside our head,
Yet only to find we fit perfectly inside the definition of:
“Maladaptive daydreaming disorder”
A recently discovered psychological phenomenon,
With scatters of accumulating information becoming available. 
We have finally found that we are not alone,
The feeling of relief cannot be underestimated,
As we have finally found recognition,
And we can finally speak now, and come forward
With our experiences and subsequent struggles
We must all unite, and come together
For only ourselves could truly understand each other.
—  MDD
Signal Boost

I am an aspiring screenwriter in NY working on my first web series “The Young, Black, & Gifted” which is a sci-fi/fantasy series about a group of young Black people with superpowers who decide to form a coalition to combat police brutality. 

I am in the casting process for the pilot episode right now and I am receiving great submissions for every role except the role of a young Black transgirl that I wrote. I keep having cis women apply for this role and I will not cast a cis person for this role. I am really trying to create good representation for all Black folks through this series, and I really don’t want to rewrite this character as cis because I cannot find a Black transgirl to play the role. 

So please reblog this to share, and if you know any young Black transgirls who are non-union actresses in New York looking for work to add to their reel please inbox me for contact info and audition dates. 

Rehearsals would begin in mid February and production begins late February through March. 

* Character Description 


A young adult with cyber-communication abilities; brilliant, poised, calculated, and witty; she is/they are a passionate social-justice activist.

Age Range: 18- 21 (you don’t have to be this age, you just need to be able to                       look and play someone this age)

Thanks for reading, please share if ya care. 


If you’ve been to a Chipotle recently, you may have noticed the illustration I did for their “Boorito” campaign, a special Halloween promo they do every year.
I was asked to create a spooky scene highlighting their Jack-O-Burrito mascot. At first I presented an illustration with really bright colors and bold outlines, but I’m glad they pushed me to go in a darker, more watercolor-y direction because it looks a lot more dramatic.
Each element in the illustration was done so that they could be moved around individually in order to fit the various formats Chipotle needed for the campaign: big and small print signs of various dimensions, as well as web images.

Thanks to AD Allisyn Roscioli and the rest of the creative team at Chipotle for the opportunity! It was fun doing another illustration for them!

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can you recommend me a cool slav blog on here without that hipster/soft grunge/anime shit

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queer web series trailer DANNY THE MANNY
DANNY THE MANNY follows a babysitter named Danny who is struggling to balance his lives as a queer person dating in his twenties, an actor auditioning in Hol...

What would you do if the little boy you were babysitting liked to cross-dress?