Today the Department of Astonishing Optical Illusions is trying not to fall into these awesome spray-painted portals created by German street artist 1010 (pronounced ten-ten). Using concentric layers of vibrant color that darken and disappear into endless black centers, 1010 turns flat surfaces, ranging in size from small framed pieces to the sides of multi-story buildings, into mesmerizing illusions that brighten otherwise boring facades and interior walls and compel the viewer to try stepping into them. Who knows where they might take us.

1010 has been creating his hypnotic pieces all over the world since 2009. Last month he had a solo exhibition, entitled Limbus, at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.

Head over to 1010’s website and Facebook page to check out more of his delightfull deceptive artwork.

[via Colossal]


An ingenious ad for Black Sabbath’s comeback album, “13”, which is shown ‘emerging’ from layers of old posters. McCann dug their way through the many layers of flyposters that cover Copenhagen’s walls to create the installations and resurrect the legends.

Propaganda McCann Erickson, Copenhagen Via


Origami + Magnets = Super Awesome Dancing Origami

Japanese designer and maker Ugoita T. folded a quintet of golden origami cranes and created a sleek and very clever electromagnetic state upon which he makes them dance to an energetic techno beat. It’s Dancing Paper! Nothing chases the blues away like synchronized paper birds.

Head over to Hack A Day to learn how this delightful device was made.

[via Hack A Day and Colossal]

At UChicago, intellect and creativity come hand-in-hand. Your friends on the football team will be Astro-physicists; your friends majoring in Performing Arts will be Pre-Med. 

At UChicago, your career and your hobbies are not mutually exclusive, and you are encouraged to do both

Never lose your childish curiosity, excitement, or passion. Unleash it.

Get ready… The Brooklyn Artists Ball  returns April 15! Our annual fundraising gala celebrates the Borough’s creative community and proceeds from the event will support the Museum’s extensive collection and further bolster our dedication to enhancing the visitor experience, as well as our commitment to excellence in education and services to the community.The occasion is also used to acknowledge people who have made strong contributions to the Museum as well as the contemporary art world as a whole.  

The Ball will once again feature artist-created immersive table environments at which guests will dine. However, unlike years past which tapped a new crop of artists each time, this year we’re welcoming back previous Artists Ball participants  to create larger scale installations for the evening’s festivities. 

In the coming weeks we will be spotlighting the Brooklyn artists who are creating environments especially for the event. Stay tuned as we roll out details about this year’s honorees, a new exhibition, and the Dance Party!


Imagine a spiritually highly evolved, mighty and undestructible beings with endless possibilities of creativity. WHAT would be their ultimate dream to create? - Of course: to play the game onto death, to experience direct opposite of what is known as sure, to play the game of incarnation, of being thrown somewhere, of a partiality, of a role, of a perfect illusion of separation and yeah - also to forget everything through biological filters and getting pranked as much as possible with script virus named logic, and so on and so on. Everyone is a ultimate player in this game of games!