there’s a powerful kind of bravery
that comes from letting yourself be seen

it’s different from the bravery 
that inspires people to go into burning buildings

because this bravery is quiet 
but it takes so much courage 
because you are letting yourself be honest with the world

and the world is a merciless place and being honest is a kindness
don’t lose that beating heart that echoes in what you create
don’t lose the soul that lifts off of the page 

so be brave, be honest,
be the kind of magic that you dreamed you could be

—  Let Your Voice Be A Scream and Not A Whisper by Abby S

Una storia, un amore che vive di distanze che lo rendono ancora più vivo, di poesia, di sorrisi e finestre che si aprono e lasciano entrare pezzi di città. Una bella storia, grazie Carlotta.

“Cet amour
Si violent
Si fragile
Si tendre
Si désespéré
Cet amour
Beau comme le jour
Et mauvais comme le temps
Quand le temps est mauvais
Cet amour si vrai
Cet amour si beau(…)”

_da “Cet amour” di Jacques Prévert
disegno su commissione

This is what inspiration looks like.

Some people see music in color. Grammy-winning producer Alex Da Kid is one of them. So when Alex needed inspiration for a new song, the Cognitive Color Design Tool turned powerful imagery into colors that would show Alex the emotion behind five years of cultural data. That’s why Alex Da Kid’s music has so many feels.

Listen to ‘Not Easy’ by Alex Da Kid on Spotify or iTunes


I took a break from my plant comic… to draw another plant comic

My creative process is definitely not as smooth as it looks here, but this is more or less how I got around to starting FP!

(Also the venus flytraps are definitely a reference to Little Shop of Horrors)

Creative Individuals

1. Get bored easily

2. Have busy minds

3. Like to take risks

4. Are driven by their intuition

5. Are willing to make mistakes

6. Question the rules

7. Are independent thinkers

8. Are viewed as being a bit eccentric

9. Frequently change their mind.

10. Dream big.