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Here is a great motivational post I found on reddit today. I am a filmmaker (as some of you know) and sometimes I think (and worry) that my works are complete shit, but in the end… I am actually doing what I love to do, and I actually made films on my own without anyone’s help. And I’ve even won awards for my works! 

So this post isn’t just for filmmakers, but for everyone else in the arts–whether you make music, dance, poetry, fashion, etc…. you should BE PROUD that you are doing something that you are passionate about. So what if you aren’t Insta-famous or popular on Twitter or Soundcloud? You’re still doing it and you’re awesome for doing it. 

Korrasami Month Fanfic - Parts 1-5

Due to Tumblr Happenings, a Part 5 post wasn’t made, and a few people have jumped in late and are catching up. So, here’s what I could find for entries for the first five days! 

Gemini_Sweet: (x5)  
Korrasami Month 2018 - Grief, Proposal, Desire, Long Distance, First Time

How To Make A Wish - Genies
Diverging - Travelling
The Final Proving - Dragons
The Box - Yasuko
The Protector (Scenes From An Action Mover!) - Witness Protection and Fire

Korrasami Month 2018 - Power Swap for a Day

Snow Day - Snow
Home - Home
Your First Book - Children

Giggles in the Dark - Life
Soup (Avatar Wisdom, Chapter 2) - Proposal
Birthday Girl - Birthday
How Far Gone - Long Distance
All Dogs Go To Heaven - Naga Trapped in the Spirit World and Comfort

Spirit Cards Against Humanity
The Race - Mythology

If anybody else wrote for one of our prompts, and I missed it, let me know! 

Thank you everybody for participating so far! Still half the month left… and up next is the SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE, TOO!

LAMP soulmate au were what you draw on your skin appears on your soulmates skin and they just end up with a chaotic group chat on their skin. A special thanks to @notveryglittery @hawthornshadow and @skylagamingv2 for helping me come up with this. Here’s some shenanigans this au could lead to.

  • Roman draws on his arms when he gets bored, Patton writes motivational messages and quotes, logan puts reminders on his hands, Virgil does running commentary of everything else on his skin.
  • In this au a soulmate bond can be strengthened and weakened over time. So it starts with just the skin being connected but gradually other stuff happens.
  • Makeup is touch and go at first but soon any makeup is sent over the bond to the others. Which can cause problems.
  • Whenever Roman is in a play the others have to walk around in full stage makeup.
  • Virgil would wear the emo eye shadow and Roman practically begged him to stop.
  • Roman, sniffling: A Prince has got to slay.
  • Virgil, cackling: Vengeance.
  • Then comes nails.
  • Pink starts to appear on Virgil’s nails and he screams because his edginess is disappearing before his eyes, after discussion they find out that it’s Patton who has the nail polish, and he changes his nails to darker base tones but with overlaying pastel shapes and colors, trying to find a balance they all like.
  • He does them all in dark purples once and everybody loves them.
  • Finally Roman dyes his hair. He doesn’t know it’ll affect the others, only some of the strongest bonds extend to hair, but then a few hours after he dyes it the others wake up with suddenly purple hair. Logan disapproves, Patton is excited,Virgil pretends to hate it but later in purple pen, rather than the black he usually sticks to, gives his “I actually dig the purple” line
  • “It took you all day to say that?”
  • “Listen, it’s really hard to find a good purple pen!”
  • Roman then rights “is that so?” In various shades of purple because he has so many freaking markers and is that extra.
  • Roman draws a massive rainbow of purples for Virgil.
  • For the next day almost every patch of skin is covered in purple.
  • Virgil regrets saying anything.
  • There have also been many heated debates that end in everyone covered head to toe in writing.
  • One time everyone arguing and Logan gets frustrated because no-one’s listening to him so he starts writing backwards on his face, the others feel something and check mirrors and he’s just writing mirror-style across their foreheads and then down their faces in caps.
  • He’s angrily writing reflected on his face, that takes effort.
  • The others are very impressed.
  • Everyone stops writing in amazement and after a while Logan trails off with a normal “thank you”
  • One of them makes a smartass comment and Patton writes “Cheeky” on their cheeks.
  • He also writes “KNUCKLE” across the knuckles of one hand, and on the back of the hand writes “down, and you can achieve anything!”
  • There are a lot of body part puns.
  • One of them gets drunk and writes BUTT across their butts in Sharpie. The others are in public and can feel something but can’t discreetly check.
  • When Patton finally sees the BUTT, he’s just like, “Well, you tried”
  • One day one of them just draws a mustache on their face.
  • They learn and create different codes for the others to puzzle through and work out when they’re bored.
  • Roman tries to come up with a code Logan can’t break.
  • Keyword: tries
  • Logan and Virgil use one that he can’t figure out and he finds it infuriating.
  • Patton does word art a lot.
  • There’s an unspoken rule to never write over one of Patton’s drawings.
  • Patton discovers and shares the “9x-7i > 3(3x-7u), solve for i” problem, and of course Logan solves it first but he gets flustered by it and doesn’t respond
  • (Patton has found the one love language he can’t refute: Maths)
  • Logan makes a pun at some point IRL and his family is shocked and he’s just like”they’re corrupting me!!!
  • Roman draws the logos of each of them over their hearts. Virgil says his heart is on the other side afterwards just to mess with Roman.
  • Patton talks about his brother Damian a lot and the others ask what he looks like. Patton attempts to draw him but it turns out like a 6 year olds family portrait.
  • Logan takes an anatomy class and puts references on his body. Patton makes a bunch of puns with the terms, Virgil makes some very dark jokes, roman helps draw stuff out.
  • Roman makes a countdown to his birthday.
  • Every year
  • Logan guesses what it is the first time he does it and Roman is super disappointed at first but the others still appreciate it. A few years later one of them start it before him.
  • When Roman and Virgil meet in person it takes Virgil less than a minute to realize who he is and it goes down  kinda like this.
  • Virgil: Its you!
  • Roman: What?
  • Virgil: No one else talks in such a dramatic and extra way! Seriously I thought you were just writing like that for fun but you talk like it too!!! You really are that extra oh my god!
Building a Creative Handbook.

What is a Creative Handbook?
A creative handbook is basically your own personal encyclopedia of writing stuff. You fill it with anything and everything that helps you in your writing: names, tips, writing prompts, world building and character development, story titles, research questions, and anything else you want to remember. It’s your go-to for when you need to name a character or are building a wonderful new world for those characters or need to think of a better way of phrasing something. Anything that you know will help you right now or something you think might help you in the future, add it.

Here is a handy list of things to include in your Creative Handbook:

Names – characters, towns, cities, bodies of water, businesses, planets, countries, story titles, chapter titles. As you can see, I have my character names organized into different categories and lists that I’ve found online. 

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blue and pink is literally one of my most favorite color combinations ever! i was super happy to use them together in my bullet journal, and the pastel yellow added such a fun vibe to everything!

materials: essentials a5 grid journal, stickers from paperkumaco, tombow dual brush pens, pentel energel 0.7 pen, rapesco stapler and clips, muji gel pens

studygram: tbhstudying

poor roman,, I love him so much…. click for better quality my darlings


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