We are getting the keys to the Kingdom! On Skype Q&A with actor/acting coach Anthony Meindl! We are sooooo effin blessed!! I’m loving this program… they have given us direct access to the masters in film! #gradschool #keystothekingdom #mum #davidlynch #filmmakers #creativesrock #chosenones #lightworkers

TBT | WHAT Magazine | Lovin the crew! ❤ We had an amazing team & tons of fun! Shouts… love & light to all our writers, photographers, graphic designers, supporters, money makers, my lawyers even in this pic! Lol So much talent! I wish I could tag all of you but I don’t remember all of your ig names? As I look at this pic… I realize we’re all still friends. Some closer than others but the connection is still there. #tbt I love you guys! #btw Everyone is always asking me why I stopped creating WHAT Magazine & I’ll say it publicly & its very simple… My paradigm shifted, so the content had to shift. WHAT Magazine Shifted and became We Free Think… (didn’t you notice…lol) We Free Think has been in business as an online information resource for Free Thinkers since 2009. Check us out on Facebook and join our almost 4600 fans. I understand Free Thinkin ain’t for everybody…. ONLY THE SEXY PEOPLE! Who love taboo topics! Don’t worry it ain’t over! More to come! Like us facebook & join the EVOLUTION! #creativesrock #tbt #letsplay #wefreethink #gamechange #passion #paradigmshift

This is insane!! My Besty just sent me a copy of our mix tape from 2008! Me and girls get ideas, get creative & get playful!! I bet ya’ll didn’t know I was a rapper/poet in my past life! Hahahhaha!! Shouts to @nataliahernandez @lizlova my Besties for life & @djlennox for wrapin’ the sound so tight! The CD still rides!! ❤✌🎶🍄📚🔮📷📀📺⏰💰📝 #wefreethink #creativesrock