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I love your blog - both as a therapy patient and person with their own mental health issues and as a psych student working towards my PhD eventually. Are there any other blogs like yours you would recommend? I can't get enough of the perspectives 💕

thank you so much! 

I never do a good job of answering this question. There aren’t many other clinical psychology PhDs on tumblr with the sort of blog I have. @feministpsychologist  @biobehaviorism @approachingsignificance @erin-rising @mentalhealthnerd and @psydorbust are probably the most similar. There are some great clinicians of different backgrounds, like @thehumbledtherapist@sw-or-gtfo @thistherapylife @it-will-all-make-sense @creativesocialworker and @crankysocialworker. There are other researchers with great blogs, like @wonderwomangrad @femscinerd and @dead-men-talking

Any other recommendations? 

Day #3 of Mental Health Awareness Week 

 This post is dedicated to all the professionals that understand mental health needs to be paid attention to more than just a week in May.

I am choosing today’s first post to honour YOU! 

This post is for the professionals who go to work everyday to fight the monsters that people face.

This post is for the doctors, and nurses, who see people at their lowest points, and yet still manage to lead happy lives. 

This post is for the professionals that are caring, supportive, self-less, compassionate, and live in the service of others despite the hardships they face in their own personal lives. 

This post is dedicated to all the therapists, and social workers, who I have come to know online, and for all the others I don’t know. 

This post is for the 4 social workers who have made an incredible difference in my life, and helped show me what my life can really become. This post is for those individuals, because with their help I have found my way, and I am headed down a path to become a Social Worker myself one day and that to me is awesome. 

This post is also for all the social workers who I have met, and for all the ones I will meet in the future. Because I know your knowledge will help me become a better me and a better therapist. 

And finally, this is for all the Social Workers to be. All the Grad students learning to become Social Workers, and all the hard work you are putting in to have a job in service of others. 

This post is in honour of that journey, and the journey that all other professionals go through. 

Thank you for doing what you do. And thank you for inspiring me and helping me learn more everyday. I can’t wait to join the “social worker” world, and continue to follow my passion. 












*this photo is in no means complete, there are definitely a lot more people who are directly involved with mental health on a day - to - day basis, but this is what I came up with for now. So to all others, THANK YOU. 

P.S - If I follow you, or you follow me, and you are a social worker, and I didn’t tag you. I am sorry, I looked for as many as I could in the moment! Just know I still appreciate all you do, and your presence on tumblr! <3 

favorite blog

Okay, so I am paying this forward as traumatherapist suggested, which is such a great idea. The problem is that there are so many great blogs and I’m having the worst time choosing one. I really love both traumatherapist and creativesocialworker, but I want to keep this going so I won’t choose either. 

I think that cognitivedefusion has one of the most interesting, helpful, and thoughtful psychology/mental health blogs out there. I really appreciate his perspective as another clin psych PhD student and that he is so committed to the science of psychology and how to apply that to real people. Keep being amazing, cognitivedefusion, and I’d love to hear your favorite blog! 

Favorite blog

I thought that I would “pay it forward” on the subject of favorite mental health blogs, and maybe that it could be a thing.  In the spirit of paying it forward, creativesocialworker is out, obviously, since that would just make a closed circle of admiration (she graciously named me as her favorite this week).  

I would say my go-to mental health blog would be therapy101. In particular, this person is a genius with asks, breaking down complicated concepts into accurate, bite-size morsels.  Rarely have I seen such reliable information presented in such a pleasant, approachable way.  Keep it up therapy101, and I would love to hear you share your favorite!