favorite blog

Okay, so I am paying this forward as traumatherapist suggested, which is such a great idea. The problem is that there are so many great blogs and I’m having the worst time choosing one. I really love both traumatherapist and creativesocialworker, but I want to keep this going so I won’t choose either. 

I think that cognitivedefusion has one of the most interesting, helpful, and thoughtful psychology/mental health blogs out there. I really appreciate his perspective as another clin psych PhD student and that he is so committed to the science of psychology and how to apply that to real people. Keep being amazing, cognitivedefusion, and I’d love to hear your favorite blog! 

Favorite blog

I thought that I would “pay it forward” on the subject of favorite mental health blogs, and maybe that it could be a thing.  In the spirit of paying it forward, creativesocialworker is out, obviously, since that would just make a closed circle of admiration (she graciously named me as her favorite this week).  

I would say my go-to mental health blog would be therapy101. In particular, this person is a genius with asks, breaking down complicated concepts into accurate, bite-size morsels.  Rarely have I seen such reliable information presented in such a pleasant, approachable way.  Keep it up therapy101, and I would love to hear you share your favorite!