Fill your life with women that empower you, that help you believe in your magic and aid them to believe in their own exceptional power and their incredible magic too. Women that believe in each other can survive anything. Women who believe in each other create armies that will win kingdoms and wars.

Nikita Gill

Little Things about Patton

  • The cat onesie.
  • The way he just randomly squeals.
  • He has a stutter and it gets worse when he’s excited.
  • His eyes are most always really bright and shiny almost like stars.
  • D A D J O K E S .
  • How he calls Thomas kiddo.
  • He doesn’t know what some words mean.
  • Despite the fact that he’s a Dad, he doesn’t know where babies come from.
  • He’s just really innocent.
  • “I know big words too…Saxophone.”
  • How he pouts when he’s upset.
  • He’s terrified of spiders, even cartoon ones.
  • “Creepy crawly death dealers.”
  • He just loves everyone so much.
  • His love for animals, and how he loves cats even though he’s allergic.
  • Even though he gets sad, he just wants to make everyone happy.
  • “Because he’s my hero.”
  • How much he loves food.
  • He’s never mean to anyone, even when they are mean to him.
  • “Would you look at the time on the… clook.”
  • His smile is so big and bright.
  • Making Some Changes when he just kept hugging Thomas.
  • He’s the only one who has never disliked Virgil.
  • When he out of the blue says things that are really smart.
  • The cute nicknames he has for Virgil.
  • How he doesn’t like when people talk badly about themselves.
  • “With you I’m always home.”
You always were
like Amsterdam in a winter night,
incredibly cold due to a sharp wind
blowing through the streets -
but oh-so-tender at a second glance,
with light snow on huddled houses
and soft lights swimming through the dark.
—  // you used to warm my heart

Hey everyone!
I know it’s been some while since my last actual drawing.. (school life is great-)
But right now I’m here! My stay won’t be for long, since I actually need to go very soon, but I can at least drop of my drawing(s) xD

This was supposed to stay a sketch, but I thought I could maybe do something..positive? I guess-
After a poll on instagram I decided to draw the Sanders Sides in their christmas sweaters, being the lovely famILY they are-… :3

You  might be wondering, why there are 5 drawings with different colored backgrounds.. Well.. I thought I could give you all a “gift”, if you want-

Basically, usually I don’t allow peeps to use my art in any way.. This time I will allow it. Whoever wants to use this drawing as their background anywhere.. You are free to use it :) (That’s why I added a lil.. variety here xD It was supposed to be just the blue background, but..maybe blue isn’t really your color so..yeah xD )

Reposting or reusing this drawing in Amino, on Wattpat, as profile or background pictures or anything else/ similar is generally.. allowed too. AS LONG as you credit me, that’s all I ask for.. Please don’t make me regret this decision! ;v;

Ah.. I missed being online.. Too bad that I have to go again.. I would’ve posted this on christmas, but I probably won’t have time during that time anyway ^v^”

(See it as an early gift then xD)

Anyway.. I hope you all have or had a good day/ night! See you all soon (hopefully)..!



— Where’ve you been? Anywhere nice?
— South America! Been spending a bit of time out there, training with the Shaman. Trying to get in touch with my spirit animal. I’m a Crow. 

Little Things about Roman

  • All the amazing nicknames he comes up with.
  • When he’s frusterated he has a hard time thinking of nicknames.
  • He’s really romantic.
  • Dragon witch.
  • T H E S A S S .
  • “Focus on issues or focus on me”
  • His smile when Thomas told him he was his hero.
  • Disney is his favourite thing in the world.
  • He too, loves crofters jam.
  • “Hey Patton! Eye shadow buddies.”
  • Because he’s creativity he’s good at coming up with things to help with problems.
  • He does the signature prince smoulder.
  • “You make us better.”
  • He can seem careless but he doesn’t mean to be.
  • Somehow he knows fluent spanish despite Thomas not knowing it.
  • “Psh…psh…brainstorm.”
  • Those awesome poses he does.
  • “I am frail and breakable.”
  • How he just randomly sings.
  • “What the heckity heck, five abs and one peck.”
  • “Where are my star thingies?”
  • He is a prince and a knight.
  • He randomly shouts when he’s excited.
  • “I am a man. a manly man. a man who is manly.”
  • “I can’t think straight, I’m not straight.”

‘A meteorite hits a human being every one hundred and eighty years’

How did you just land into my life
like that?
I could compare you to rain,
but you were a meteorite:
slightly destructive.
Eyes like the milky way and then some.
Pupils: a black, full moon.
Bottom lip
melting into mine
like a peach
or plum.
Hair in my hands
in my grip
in my mouth
in our laughter.
Smiling as you kiss my lips
which reminds me
that you
are a meteorite.
And I
am the happiest
cluster of space dust

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.
—  Aristotle 

Wednesday (Xanthe): They smell as if they’ve all been drenched in fragrance, it’s intoxicating.
Maria: You see, that’s because they are all in bloom, that’s when they’re the most delightful.
Wednesday: Whatever you mean by bloom, I want no parts of. 
Suffocation is far from delightful.
Maria: But Xanthe, this young lady reeks of animal fur, I’m sure you’d prefer fragrance. 

Maria: Amelia, could you come here for a moment please.
Maria: She’s a bore, an ordinary beauty and she’s never even bloomed.

Wednesday: You’re too harsh, she deserves an opportunity like the others.
Maria: I hope you do reconsider the young lady in lavender, she’s very sensual and much more beautiful. I believe the two of you would get along nicely. 

Amelia: Yes m’am!
Maria: Amelia, Xanthe is looking for a young lady to stay with her at her residency-

Amelia: Ah, I’ve never seen eyes like yours before, so pretty, they look like jade.
Maria: Amelia! Don’t speak to strangers so casually.

Maria: My apologies, she has awful manners.
Amelia: I’m sorry.
Maria: Do not apologize to me.

Amelia: I’m sorry, Xanthe.

[Beginning] [Next]: Bloom; Part 1

Couple Reading Notes: I intended on putting the text onto the photos but just don’t have the patience so each break in the blockquote indicates the conversation takes place on the next photo. The beginning conversation is taking place between Wednesday and Maria as they observe Amelia. Maria is the keeper of the garden (more info later) and Wednesday is going my Xanthe, her middle name, since it fits the theme better in my opinion.

Patton: Can we watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl?

Logan: Okay.

Patton: And cuddle during the scary parts?

Logan: Th-

Logan: The scary parts?

Logan: Of Shark Boy and Lava Girl?

Villain 10 (Finale)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4-1 Part 4-2 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8-1 Part 8-2 Part 9

A/N: Doctor Strange just revealed to the Reader and Loki that she is pregnant, but something else lingers.

“By the looks on your face, I’m guessing neither of you knew this.”

Stephen exchanges a brief look with Loki then bursts out in a fit of laughter.

“I’m joking.” Stephen laughs. “Seriously, Loki, what kind of God are you if you cannot sense your own seed growing.”

Loki laughs uneasily, “apparently not a good one.”

Oh thank, God,” I say leaning heavily into the settee.

The reader missed the silent conversation between Loki and Stephen, who sensed there was more to this than what meets the eye.

I reached forward and grabbed the mug with my tea, I take a sip trying to hide my trembling hand.

“I think my joke was in bad taste, you are still shaking.” Stephen says as he grabs my hand. “You are not pregnant.” He reassures, quietly reciting an incantation to himself.

“Are you sure?” I yawned.

He laughs, “yes, I am sure.”

My eyelids fluttered as I yawned again, my eyes closed.

Loki moves forward, resting her head on a pillow, while Stephen stretched her legs out on the settee.

Stephen’s demeanor changes as he grabbed Loki by the arm. “What the hell is going on? You know she’s pregnant.”

“Yes, of course, I do because as you stated, what kind of God would I be if I didn’t.”

“Then why did you just have me lie to her? You have to tell her.”

“I know what I am doing.”

“The longer you wait the harder it will be.”

“Stephen, I am handling it.”

“She has a right to know that she is carrying your child. Nothing I do will help her, your child is protecting her from the inside, ordinary magic will not aid her.”

“I have been taking precautions, since the incident.”

“I am well aware,” Stephen states, gazing down at her sleeping body, “She reeks of your magic. And what about the massive energy force emitting from her are you handling that as well?”

“It’s the child.”

“If I can sense the child, so can other forces. The both of you should not be on earth, you are putting yourself and her and most importantly your child at danger.”

Loki smiles, “she doesn’t take kindly to be being told what she can and cannot do. Free-will as she likes to calls it.”

“Then you need to persuade her to stay on Asgard until the birth or I don’t know maybe tell her the truth.” Stephen say raising his voice.

“And what if I cannot persuade her?”

“Then you are shit out of luck my friend.”

Loi falls wearily into the chair across from her. He gazes up at Stephen. “Can she survive this?”

“What do you mean?”

“The pregnancy, Stephen. You know what I am talking about.” He pauses. “Gods who procreate with other beings.”

“Are you afraid she will lose the child?”

Loki shakes his head that was now in his hands. “I am afraid the child would kill her so…” He trailed off.

“What are you saying, Loki.”

Loki couldn’t utter the words, Stephen gazed at him, he knew what the unspoken words were, but he didn’t dare utter it either.

Loki picked her up and held her in his arms. “If you don’t mind, Stephen, I am a bit weary.”

“Loki there are consequences for what you tried to do.”

Stephen creates a portal and Loki stepped through without a glance.

Back in Asgard

I awoke and gazed at the familiar bedroom, we are back in Asgard. I didn’t have to turn because I felt the warmth of his heat on my back and his palm on my stomach. I rested my hand on top of his and smiled to myself.

“Moments like this.” I say.

He nibbles on my ear. “I can watch you sleep for all eternity.”

I turn to face him and almost gasped at the figure that gazed back at me. “Lo.” I breathe, touching his cheeks, which were a bit sunken in.

He forces a smile that gave him a ghastly look. “I am fine, I need to rest.”

“You look the opposite of fine.”

“My body, my powers, my energy, everything is weakened and drained. I will re-energize in rest”

“Okay,” I say slowly, “you can rest, I’ll be here. How long?”

He smiles weakly, “not sure, maybe a few days.”

“I’ll be fine for a few days.”

He shakes head, “I can’t leave you unguarded.”

“I can take care of myself. Lo if anything happens I can go to Natasha.”

He grabs my arm, which alarmed us both, his grip wasn’t as firm as it usually is. He release his grip. “You cannot go to the assassin, you cannot leave Asgard.”

I’ve never seen Loki so anxious.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I asked.

Loki gazes at my stomach and observed the green dust leaving his fingers and disappearing into my stomach. I instinctively placed my palm against my belly and laughed as I thought about Doctor Strange.

“Stephen is such a character,” I say shaking my head, “can you imagine me being pregnant.” I scoffed.

“Yes, I can.” He says looking into my eyes. “I can imagine it because you are.” He says heavily as if the weight he was carrying was finally being unloaded.

I took a sharp inhale of breath andI sat up, placing my feet on the floor with my back to Loki.

“But Stephen said.”

“Stephen lied. I told Stephen to lie.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I needed more time to think.”

“I’m pregnant.”

I felt his fingers on my back, but didn’t find comfort in his touch. “You are pregnant.”

“Why can’t I go to Earth? Is it because of the child?”


I stood and walked towards the mirror observing my body that felt foreign. Where I looked refreshed and energized, Loki was the opposite. I gazed at his silhouette through the mirror.

“When did you know?”

“After you were tortured.”

I turned to look at him. “I drank two bottles of Tony’s…” I trailed off, turning to gaze at my stomach again.

“The alcohol wouldn’t affect the child.”

“How do you know that?”

I felt the heat rising in my chest.

“I did things that I wish I could take back.”

“Like what?”

“There is a possibility that the child could kill you if the pregnancy continues. I am a God and there are stories we have been told, good, but mostly bad of Gods who procreate with other species and because of who my real father was there is a chance the creature you bring into this world would be an abomination.”

“Creature, abomination, how fucking dare you speak this way of our child.”

“It can kill you, look at what it’s doing, what it did to me. What do you think it will do to you if I go to rest? All of my essence and my energy is feeding it. It’s a parasite that…” He trails off.

My eyes welled with tears. He hates our child.

“We created this.”

He shakes his head. “It will kill you and I did what I had to.”

The air became heavy.

“What did you do?”

“I did it to protect you.”

“What did you do?” I asked again.

Loki took a step back as her eyes became golden.

It’s the child.

He feels it.

The ball of energy radiating from her core.

“I tried to end your pregnancy.”

I balled my fists and lunged at him.

I unleashed the energy that coursed through my veins and directed it towards Loki. He was tossed across the room, crashing into the mirror. I observed him, he was too weak to defend himself.

He stood slowly.

“Forgive me.” He says as he inhaled deeply, collapsing to the floor.

Post Note: Hope you all enjoyed this series. And before you ask, nope, this is not the end-end. I’ll come back to this series in 2018. I have other Loki stories I want to share with you. xoxo

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