Process … sorry for the weird angle and my face in the frame! . Painting on the back of my paper pad. I am running out of paper.
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I can still remember the caos that very morning, the morning my life fell apart. I woke up on an ordinary Saturday morning, ready to spend my day like I usually do when my parents went out to tech a gig, sat in my pjs, making excellent use of the tv downstairs and the recently stocked fridge.

When I was much younger my mum and dad shuddered at the idea of allowing me to spend an entire weekend on my own whilst they teched a gig they were hired for, but as I got older the fear diminished and they began to trust me. That morning I was in no particular rush to do anything, it was the summer holidays so all my personal studdies were suspended until September, giving me a break like every other teenager my age had. People tend to believe that being home educated is all fun and games, but it’s not- especially with my parents. I had spent the previous day helping my mum and dad to load the van with all the technical equipment they’d needed for the gig, making sure everything was working correctly. This was the biggest gig they’d been given in a while, so the pressure was on them to make sure they impressed their employer.

My parents started their business from scratch after meeting at university on a technical stage engineering degree. Their job meant the world to them both, they got to travel the country with bands and meet so many different people. When my mum found out she was pregnant with me they decided to put their business on hold for a while. I can remember at aged three or four watching my dad come home from his office job mentally drained. It was no life for them, they didn’t suit the nine to five lifestyle, So when I was just old enough to start primary school they made the best decision of their lives to start up the business again and home educate me. At first it was a struggle to juggle the business and my home studdies, but eventually my parents found a routine which worked for them.

As my parents were just about to get into the van to leave I embraced them both, stood on the front step. “Look after yourselves .” I whispered to my mother “Don’t worry about us love, just keep yourself safe. We don’t want you stressing about us, you are nineteen now, you should be spending more time socialising and doing things which girls your age should be doing.” “Like getting pregnant.” I remarked sarcastically. “yeah, very funny. But in all seriousness Scarlett you need a life of your own. As much as your father and I like you helping us out, you can’t spend your whole life running errands for us. When we get back after this weekend your father and I will be discussing this with you, just enjoy the weekend to yourself.” She kissed me on the forehead and beckoned my dad over. “Come here love.” He smiled “Can I get a cuddle before we hit the road?” “Of course dad! Why wouldn’t I want a hug?” I chuckled as I wrapped my arms around his middle and pressed my face to his warm chest, the way I’ve always done, inhailing the smell of his musky cologne on his shirt. “I love you dad.” “I love you too sweetheart.” He spoke the words lovingly into the top of my head, and kissed my forehead prickling my face with his beard, before getting into the driving seat of the van.

“We’ve got to go now love, the traffic will be building up in a couple hours. If you need anything just go to number 34 down the road, Linda lives there. I’ve already told her where we’ll be this weekend and said she’ll offer any help…if you need it, that is.” My mum held me in her arms for a moment and then kissed me on the cheek. She gave me a smile then followed my dad, getting into the passenger seat of the van. Like I’ve always done, I watched the van pull up from the curb, then drive off down the street, turning right to join the traffic on the main road. I waved them off until I could no longer see their van anymore. The only memory I have of that evening was falling asleep to the sound of a thunder storm. The rain on windowsill deafened my ears and the rumbling of the thunder made me quiver, pulling my duvet closer to my chest, until exhaustion drifted me to sleep. Not once did I think about my parents, today was no different than any other day they’d gone to a gig. Why should I worry?

I woke up fairly early for a Saturday morning. The light streamed through the gap in my curtains, no trace of a storm the previous evening. I was in no rush to get up, the warmth under my duvet was welcoming. After a hour or so listening to the silence in my bedroom I decided to trek downstairs to get some breakfast. The kitchen clock on the wall read half past nine, the ticking echoed throughout the kitchen. I moved back and to, making myself a bowl of cereal, then sat down at the kitchen table to eat it. The phone in the front hallway began to ring, it’s sound called me over, with bowl still in hand I hastily made my way into the front hall. I wish I hadn’t picked up that damn phone, I wish I had just let it ring to answer phone. The woman on the other end of the line was so kind, so gentle. The second she said the words the bowl in my grasp fell and smashed to the floor sending pieces of it all over the floor along with the spoon. “I’m sorry to say…there was an accident….this morning your parents were found…..Their van veered off the road and into a valley in the storm last night…” My mouth was dry. My legs couldn’t withstand my weight. I just collapsed to the floor, I couldn’t make a sound even if I wanted to, the tears just flooded my eyes and fell among the broken pieces of bowl. Within a matter of seconds my life had fallen apart, leaving me to brush up the fragments.

This is just the preface of a story I’m working on, I know the basis of how it will develop, it’s just finding the words to create the story which is the part that’s going to take some time. I’ve already written the first two chapters on wattpad, but I’m not going to publish them until I’ve got a fair few more chapters under my belt.