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Dear Billy, Today I Saw Kong Skull Island

I’m still a bit ill and thus couldn’t risk eating popcorn, but it was so worth it.

Some assorted, mostly spoiler-free thoughts (full review to come after I get a chance to see it again):

  • Cinemasins and will hate this movie, as they always do
  • Like Godzilla (2014), I absolutely loved it even though it isn’t a flawless movie
  • Like Godzilla (2014), its few flaws will be harped on by the fandom so hard that I will become irrationally defensive of it as a result
  • John C. Reilly almost steals the show from Kong in the best possible way - he is one of the best human characters in any kaiju movie
  • This feels like a King Kong story told in the mold of a Godzilla story, and I love that
    • Not just in a “we’re setting up Godzilla vs. King Kong” way or a “Hollywood always copies the formula of a successful film dozens of times over until people are sick of it” way, either.  This movie actually feels very different from Godzilla (2014) while still feeling like they belong in the same universe.  Its approach to monsters and the man vs. nature concept is what particularly feels like a Godzilla thing more than a Kong thing - it’s the first movie to defend the native people and fauna of Skull Island instead of casting them unanimously as monsters
    • I wish the Skull Islanders had gotten more to do, but after marathoning all the previous Kong movies, I’m more than content with them barely getting to do anything so long as it means they aren’t being a horrible racist caricature of various indigenous people.  Especially after the 2005 movie, which, while a wonderful movie in several respects, is definitely the worst of the bunch when it comes to presenting the Skull Islanders as people.
  • The monster designs are ingenious and creative, making Skull Island once again feel mysterious and strange despite how commonplace CGI monsters are these days
  • The monster fights were fucking marvelous and and common.  I am sure people will complain there weren’t enough of them or that some were too short.
    • one of the shorter ones also had one of my favorite “monsters as animals with needs and motivations” moments in the movie that was really funny and endearing and I’m 100% certain people will hate it because it was such a “curbstomp” battle but fuck it sometimes you want to see *SPOILERS OMITTED*
  • By far the best part of the movie for me was the fact that four little kids were sitting behind me having the time of their lives watching an awesome monster movie.  During the end credits (like me and my family, they were waiting for the stinger) they chattered about how they hoped Mothra would be showing up in the Monsterverse next, so they were clearly Godzilla fans who knew they shit rather than complete newbies to the world of kaiju.  I wish I had a movie like this when I was their age.
  • The stinger is SO worth it.
DAY 3415

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Aug ¾,  2017                Thu/Fri 1:12 AM 

Birthday - EF - Suad LZ Desouza  &  Satinder      Fri, August 4  .. love and wishes to you both on this auspicious day and wishing you many many more ..

I have no pictures to put up today 

Nothing quite exciting so what can I say 

The hours have gone by

In watching Tata Sky,

Kabaddi games of interest the entire day

The art works of Ef is sincere and beyond praise 

They save on my laptop never to erase ; 

Ingenious, creative artistic and free

Thanking you all with extended glee 

However do you do them, is something I ask

Its just a request, not an arduous task

Let me in to the secret, of making my own

May give opportunity for my skills to hone 

So be generous be kind be willing and glad

It’s a genuine request not some unreckoned fad

Write to me tell me, I am eager to learn 

Let me be a dutiful, attentive devoted intern  

Standing and delivering this missive to all is the latest joy of my connect with the Ef and it must be said that it is rather thrilling ..

Also the attention drawn last night through my Twitter message about the dangerous game on the net which is attracting several young but causing grave after effects, has now happily being discussed at all the forums of law and Parliament I observe .. please do desist from even mentioning the game to our young and if they are playing it they must desist .. and stop ..

Life is for living, not bringing an end to your life ahead of its time, just on the pretext of a game .. NO .. this is entirely wrong !!

My love to all 

Amitabh Bachchan

anonymous asked:

What personalities would the boys prefer? Opposite personalities from them? Similar? It varies with each one I bet lol!!


He would really appreciate it if you were at least a bit organized, since he has a cleaning fetish.  He just likes things being neat.  And being close with his family is a big plus as well.  As long as you’re not ignorant to others and kind to all you will always have a place in his heart, be you friend or love interest.


If you’re willing to take risks and accept challenges he really admires that, also if you don’t take shit from anyone.  But there’s also a part of him that really enjoys the quiet and calm personality; it’s relaxing for him as well.  He’s not real into hyperness, it can be quite unnerving for him.  Other than that you will have a great relationship with him.


He would like to know someone who is as ingenious and creative as he can be, that way he can learn more from someone else instead of just a computer.  He enjoys the more quiet company, reserved and gentle, but he wouldn’t mind taking a challenge every now and then to lighten things up in his life.  He will not tolerate ignorance to others, and will most definitely step in to stop you. 


Whether you’re friend or partner, this boy likes to cuddle.  If you’re watching a movie with him he will most likely scoot close to you and rest a head on your shoulder.  So he’s real appreciative if you’re supportive in any matter.  Creative, inventive and having a great sense of humor is really more up his alley.  If you’re down with doing anything with him than he will be your best friend forever.  Although, after that incident with police HQ, being called a monster, he can’t stand it if you’re judgemental.  Take a chance and see what’s underneath the cover.

-Mod Kala

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What horror movies do you think are overrated? I thought the vvitch/witch was super mediocre and don't know why it's so doted on.

This is a fun question. It’ll cost me followers but here we go:

I liked Scream better when it was called Wes Craven’s New Nightmare and actually got to do the whole “meta horror” thing with an existing horror icon instead of an invented one. Not saying Scream is bad - that movie rocks so nobody crucify me just yet - but it always grinds my gears when people talk about it like it was this ingenious, massively creative new concept when the same director had just made a film that’s infinitely more meta two years prior.

The Babadook is another one that comes to mind. 99% percent of that movie is very strong but I feel like they dropped the ball with the ending. I get what they were going for and I think it was a great idea but the execution just wasn’t good. To me, The Babadook is a good movie that should have (and easily could have) been a great movie, if that makes sense?

This one I’m especially worried about owning up to, but I feel like the pacing of Alien is too slow for its own good and it makes it kind of a chore to watch. When stuff is actually happening I love it though. Aliens, conversely, is my jam.

There are loads more I could rattle off but I’m worried I’ll get flayed alive for what I’ve said already so I’ll stop here for now and maybe revisit this later.

The elusive Demonstrative (what the Types never realized they rocked at)

Apparently, contrary to popular belief, the 6th function is actually among your stronger ones, and a lot more visible to othes than it is to yourself - the truly useless ones are 5 and 7, though you can sort of passively understand the 5th. 

Also, since you’re filtering out the 5th for your 1st two to do their magic, this has nothing to act as a strong pair with; From what I’ve read this sort of information is perceived as obvious or uninteresting and therefore less relevant to the decision making process, or something you use mostly in private, or,  you don’t know how to use it independently but it keeps feeding data into what you’re doing with your preferred function pair. So unlike the other shadow functions who are mostly notable by their suckyness, disconnect or, an case of the 7th, almost total absence, this one’s actually a big & fundamental part of your personality:

ISXP: Si! - They’re typically very dexterous, make great things with their hands, have appreciation for aesthetics/practicality/sweet comfortableness & good with procedural knowledge (”How to.”) 
ESXJ: Se! - Though they prefer peace & quiet, they can be pretty forceful & agressive when needed, they may enjoy fashion or luxuries, and be good at picking up people’s intetions and status from details. 
EXTP: Te! - It’s no coincidence that they’re often good businessmen, even if their main strenght & motivation lies with Se or Ne. They pick up useful facts/ procedures for later use or to back up their arguments with, also, they know incompetence when they see it. They’re not afraid to venture out of the box but, generally speaking, do know where the box is and what it’s properties are. 
IXTJ: Ti! - From what I’ve read ISTJs use many smaller ‘inner logic systems’ for their work but aren’t that interested in putting them together into a comprehensive one, seeing them more as tools in a Te/Si manner; while INTJs build them from an early age but use them more as fodder for the Ni-o-matron whose conclusions they trust more, they’re comfortable taking leaps and might find having to explain everything restrictive/ prefer working it out along the way via Te. 
IXJF: Fi! - Since tumblr is full of INFJs, you might’ve noticed that they, or the common famous examples, do often seem like people with strong, deep convictions; Their sensor cousins will likewise often be “upstanding” in a Si-ish manner but also combined that into a fierce manner like the STJs; It also helps them with understanding ppl in a deeper level, but they’ll be more likely “trust” the other person’s reaction even if they can’t relate to it compared to someone with concious Fi.
EXFP: Fe! - You’ll easily notice that they’re expressive, emphatic, and create a warm & lively atmosphere around themselves, but when you ask them for their reasons for anything, they’ll give you distinctly Fi-ish reasonings. I think it’s rather pleasant, they’re easy to approach but you get a sense that they’d tell you if you did something that displeased them, instead of feeling obliged to put up with you.
ENXJ: Ne! - Actually very ingenious/creative, but this huge potential is channeled toward very specific ends, one more reason why they’re kind of fascinating high-pressure creatures. Might enjoy speculation but not take it seriously as Ni always needs to have a “point” to an action and they’ll be almost perpetually busy doing work/helping people.
INXP: Ni! - Actually like stuff with symbolism, hidden meanings, etc, also tend to have a pretty good “mental holodeck” to visualise szenarios, not just alternative ones but linear continuiations; Will typically not act on premonitions if they can’t “explain” them with their dominant function especially when they start considering what else could happen.

This has interested me alot since I found out it existed but there isn’t too much info on it or how to make it more usable if it’s even possible; 

But aparently, as I’ve read the “natural” way to use it is just to hammer away with your 1st and 2nd functions and that “sparks o the 6th will just fly out”

That was very enlightening to me b/c I’ve always liked this whole symbolism stuff but you always hear it’s a Ni thing and I’m most certainly an INTP, so, how does this work…

But the truth is I do tend to arrive at those inductive conclusions a bit later in the process after I’ve already spent a while deliberating on the problem,  whereas, when you look at the Ni doms, especially INFJs (since they’re not contrained by pragmatic concerns) they just fire off in that direction and don’t stop, it’s truly amazing to witness.

You could say that for us INXPs the “final meaning” of an onject is an attribute of the object, whereas for an INXJ, to an extent, treats the object as if that is the main thing about it.

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I'm legitimately addicted to your blog...everything you post is creative and ingenious and beautiful...goals

wow???omg!!! thank u so much u angel! this ask was so wonderful to read…I’ve said it before, but I can’t believe that people like my silly posts! I luv u and I hope you’re having a great day/night!!!!

MBTI & Development: INTP

To get the most out of this profile, familiarize yourself with the concept of ego development. Applying this concept to MBTI typology can shine a light on the potential strengths, weaknesses, problems, or pitfalls of your type. Use this profile as a guide for building self-awareness as well as for understanding which areas to focus on for personal development.

INTP (Functional Stack: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe)

  • Core Values: intelligence, logic, truth
  • Strengths: broad perspective, innovative, problem-solver
  • Weaknesses: detached, overly absorbed in thought, procrastinate
  • Shadow Conflicts: Te seen as hasty, ill thought out, overwhelming, domineering; Fe seen as intrusive, interfering, meddlesome, desperate to be liked; Fi seen as oversensitive, idealistic, avoiding reality

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what houses would you sort bangtan in?

HONESTLY I saw a post a while back (that you can find here) that had the boys all sorted into the various houses already and I agree with them for the most part (which is what inspired me to write Amortentia).

For Slytherin, I really do think Jungkook and Yoongi would fit the best. Idk if everyone still has that preconceived notion that all Slytherins are bad because of the house they’re in and because of a few past evil wizards that came from there but let’s not forget that Slytherins are ambitious, cunning, and resourceful. Not that the rest of the boys aren’t ambitious or resourceful but I feel as if Yoongi and Jungkook stand out the most for it. Yoongi’s constantly working hard on making new music and writing lyrics for us and he will often skip sleep to finish his work. Yoongi wants to succeed and he’s set on making sure he gives us his best (and let’s not even talk about that one time he (and Taehyung) fainted before their shows in Kobe and Yoongi was so devastated over that because he felt as if he had let people down). Jungkook’s certainly ambitious too, but also very resourceful. He’s quick to pick up on things and reciprocate them, hence why he’s called the Golden Maknae, and he’s pretty clever and creative/ingenious with the things he comes up with (and they’re both not afraid to cheat to get their way sometimes).

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

For Ravenclaw, do I really even need to say who I think should be in this house because it just seems pretty obvious BUT, yes, Namjoon! A Ravenclaws traits are intelligence, knowledge, and wit. Namjoon’s so smart and this isn’t even a surprise - it would just feel wrong to not put him in Ravenclaw. For starters, we can look to all the posts Namjoon makes that get so deep and philosophical that he makes me start to question my own existence (do u guys remember that one time he talked about dust and it was literally so beautiful, I just asdfalkgj). He taught himself English and learning a new language (especially at an older age) is hard as is but English??? English grammar has so many rules and proper sentence structures and it’s hard, dude, but he did it. Ravenclaws are also curious and I think Namjoon is too, which fuels his need to learn more!

Originally posted by forjimin

For Hufflepuff, I really think Seokjin would fit in, as well as Hoseok. A Hufflepuff’s traits are hard working, dedicated, patient, loyal, and value fair play, meaning they are very group oriented and value friendship and family. I don’t know about you but all of it screams Hoseok and Seokjin. Let’s start with Hoseok who should be the damn Golden Hyung if Jungkook is the Golden Maknae. Like damn that boy can do everything under the sun and he’s just perfect but that’s because he’s hard working and dedicated. So is Seokjin, because we all know how much he struggles with the harder moves in their choreos but he still does it and he nails it each time and is constantly trying to improve himself. And his voice??? Beyond amazing, okay, you guys. The two of them work so damn hard and I just asdghjlk but let’s not forget that they are probably the most patient when it comes to the rest of the boys, ESPECIALLY the devils that are the maknae line. Mama Seokjin is always looking out for his boys and Hoseok is constantly poking fun at them and fooling around with them (and the rest of the members).

Originally posted by yoongiggles

Honestly, I wasn’t so sure if I agreed with putting Jimin and Taehyung into Gryffindor but, over time, it’s starting to make sense. They both do have Hufflepuff worthy traits but Gryffindor is where it’s at - and can you imagine the two of them being like the Weasley twins?? Vmin is literal friendship goals and all I can imagine is them running around Hogwarts, pulling pranks, and fooling around, and still being literal heartthrobs. Gryffindors are brave, daring, chivalrous, and have a lot of nerve. I found this on a site but I think it works well for Taehyung and Jimin. It said that Gryffindors are “fiery, and defined by a desire for glory. They want to be remembered for great adventures, and are the most likely to leap before they look. They’re the first to charge into a situation, the first to defend their friends. They prefer to deal with a situation directly, even if it means a fight - and they want that fight to be a fair one. They care enough about justice to get into a fight, even if that fight involves an argument with a friend.” All I see is Jimin and Taehyung. Jimin is such a sweetheart, you guys, this isn’t a secret. He cares so damn much about the rest of the boys and about the fans and he’s always the first one to comfort others or the first one that the boys go to for comfort. Vmin are both fiery little beans and are strongly passionate about what they do and I feel like they both want to be remembered for their great achievements and what not (but who doesn’t?) Some people say Taehyung can be oblivious to certain things (which could explain the whole “leap before they look” thing) but he’s also smart in his own way and creative in a sense that he’s his own individual person, someone hard to replicate. He stands his own ground and he isn’t afraid to be who he is (which screams bravery to me u guys cause there’s no harder task than trying to be yourself but succumbing to peer pressure and what not) and Gryffindors pride themselves on being individualistic. 

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Ofc this is just my opinion, but what do you guys think? :)

Bruno Grandi: “It is time for the uneven bars to be eliminated”

BRUNO has done it again, it seems. The annual post-Worlds Steaming Crock of Bullshit® is finally here, and I quote:

Analysis of the results at this year’s World Championships reveals that countries with smaller women’s gymnastics programs struggle most to score competitively on the uneven bars. Even great talents like Romania are being handicapped by their obvious deficiencies on the event. It is clearly not suitable for modern gymnastics, and its continued inclusion places these countries’ athletes at an unfair handicap.

The letter also mentions the four way tie for gold in the bar final, calling it “a joke” and “a disgrace to the dignity of our sport”. Grandi makes it clear that he believes the only solution is to completely remove uneven bars from the WAG program, leaving the sport to only be composed of vault, beam and floor. Curiously, there was no commentary along the same lines regarding MAG’s similar problems with pommel horse.

Other topics discussed include the AOGC/Belarus situation - in which Grandi takes credit for suggesting the “ingenious and creative solution” for Belarus’ problem to Nelli Kim during FIG staff meetings last year - and the “ongoing problem” of difficulty outweighing execution (despite the fact that in almost every final in both MAG and WAG this year, as last year, the top 3 E scores were either on the podium or missing it by mere hundredths of a point), renewing his ridiculous demand that the D score count for half its current value in the next redraft of the COP.

I am absolutely at a loss for words. You can read the whole thing here- but beware, you may get even more table-flippingly angry than you usually do when this idiot puts pen to paper.

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

Assemblage: Despairing Youth and Child of Ugolino around a Vase

Circa 1900 (?)

Plaster, Pottery

H. 45.8 cm ; W. 46.6 cm ; D. 27.5 cm


Musée Rodin

Image and description via: Musée Rodin   “These assemblages, “small floral souls that you have raised up out of antique vases”, as Rilke used to say, show how creative and ingenious Rodin was, as he readily borrowed cups and vases from his collection of antiques to incorporate them into his own work.

In this assemblage , Rodin used the torsos of two well-known figures, Despairing Youth and Child of Ugolino, for handles.

The sculptor seems to have explored this kind of work circa 1900, giving free rein to his imagination and occasionally using these assemblages as starting points for works in marble (Little Water Fairy, Flowers in a Vase).” (via: musee-rodin)

M3LL155X - FKA Twigs (2015)

The third EP from FKA Twigs, M3LL155X, (which is pronounced as “Melissa”) is 18 minutes long, and is made of five tracks. It opens with the track “Figure 8″ which has a deep opening with some great and peculiar vocals from FKA Twigs. It has great vocal variation with track slowly building up as it goes along, adding in more songs and becoming strong and stronger as it goes along. This is a spectacular track, that then changes into a different style, adding a psychedelic back beat with distorted and disrupted vocals to end this eerie and trippy but incredibly creative track, and it opens the album incredibly well.

“I’m Your Doll” is the next song, and although it features a fairly simple opening, it is far from simplistic. It introduces the vocals in an incredibly strange way, and it is slow at first with the droning of instruments being a noticeable and strange feature, for the song to then enter near silence with just vocals, and then, some strange sounds are mixed in which really emphasize the vocals and create a spectacular track, which has a catchy ending that flows well into the next track. “In Time” is the third and best track on this EP. It has a simple and catchy intro beat, with some strong and amazing vocals from FKA Twigs, along with a fluctuating beat which works well to help slowly build the track up, and allows it to evolve into a completely different track and incorporate new sounds or styles, or to allow the track to become as creative as it wants without it sounding alien, and without the song suffering at all. The vocals on this track change in pace, and they help to create a deeply immersive song, only for the track to then go through this strange form of stalling beat, with repeating vocals and hard hitting sounds along with mixed play styles coming together to form a peculiar but incredibly strong track.

“Glass & Patron” plays next, and it has a simple bell intro, with abrupt silence. The vocals are then introduced and they lead this track, taking complete attention and dominance over the track whilst also ensuring that you completely absorb the song and its music in its entirety. An amazing and creative track that helps show the ingenious of FKA Twigs and it allows the final track to play and flow on perfectly. “Mothercreep” is the final track and it features many simple sounds coming together to create a strange intro, which is then brought to life immediately with the peculiar sound clips of FKA Twigs’ voice. Then, once the track has entered complete silence, it slowly brings in a distorted and psychedelic back beat, along with great droning sounds to produce a strange and deep backing to emphasize FKA Twigs’ voice and allows it to shine through and end this EP incredibly well.

Overall, M3LL155X is a spectacular, avant-garde EP that shows the creativity, ingenious and individuality of FKA Twigs and her music. This is a spectacular release, and is a perfect introduction to FKA’s music if you have not already heard her previous material.


The world of movies (and comedy) will never be the same again.

This ingeniously creative man has left a legacy of great movies, great performances, and great characters, and in my humble opinion the best one of all is Mr. John Keating from “Dead Poets Society”.

This movie shows how a teacher’s passion for his job, which is to look after and nurture future generations of students to be the best they can be, can drive him to the highest peaks and the lowest of pitches, yet the ups and downs of life don’t make him enjoy the ride any less. Through the best and the worst, it’s the inspiration we give in others and the one that we get back what makes us keep going forward.

Very much like how Robin Williams inspired an entire generation of actors, artists, comedians, and people in general, always with that perennial smile on his face, and a joke in his pocket.

Thank you, you will always be remembered.

OOC - Featuring (from left to right): Fluffle Puff, Pun Pony, Serious Rainbow, Pika Petey, Pirate Dash, Backy.

Rami Malek on how Mr Robot changed his life

Nothing quite so remarkable has ever happened in Hollywood as the advent of Rami Malek – from his foreign name and his off-kilter looks to his hit TV show, Mr Robot – one of the most complex ever to come out of a cable network.

Thanks to one of the most ingenious creative minds currently working in xenophobic America, Hoboken born Egyptian-American Sam Esmail, Mr Robot has become a watercooler phenomenon destined for Emmy recognition.

At his press conference in Beverly Hills, Malek is a little twitchy but supremely confident that now is his time.

I ask him if it was his memorable supporting role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master (2012) that was the impetus for his current success, and surprisingly the 35-year-old cites other more recent roles such as Night At The Museum.


So how has your life changed?

My life changed quite a bit. I was recently at the Met Ball with Anna Wintour, something I never expected to happen.

It was funny because the girls on our show love to dress up, and I am the one that gets to go to the Met Ball.

So, they are like, “What are you doing tonight?” And I am like, “I’m going to some gala at the Metropolitan Museum with some lady named Anna Wintour.” I don’t know who that is.

And they just looked at me like they wanted to stab me.

But yeah, things have changed tremendously and from a work standpoint, I am meeting with directors and reading scripts that I never had the opportunity to do before.

So, now I can direct my career in the way that I want it to go.

Obviously you owe everything to Sam. How long have you known him?

I remember once auditioning for Sam, and I saw him smile when I was reading. You don’t always see Sam smile when you are acting.

So, I knew right then and there that we had established a connection.

I wanted this project to be the best it could be because we shared similar philosophies about work and the ideas behind the story and how we wanted it to be portrayed. We would just sit and talk about movies and have coffee, and we became friends.

Growing up in an Egyptian family in Los Angeles, how different was that?

I grew up in a household where our first language was Arabic. My family was surrounded by a bunch of other Egyptian families that emigrated here and were active in their community. I think they all came to Los Angeles because the climate was very similar to Cairo and there was a large Egyptian community here.

I grew up going to a Coptic Orthodox Church, not quite understanding the Coptic language but being able to sing the songs as a child and very much engrossed to the point where all I wanted was to visit my mother and father’s families in Egypt and see what their world was like, which I did numerous times.

So that world and that culture has always been a part of who I am. I am always involved with my culture and its politics, watching everything that evolves there and always hoping for the best.

Were you ever a victim of discrimination?

Growing up, you would hear a lot of comments about terrorism and the terrorists themselves. Their names sounded very similar to the names of my uncles, and I was like, “What is going on?”

And there would be jokes made, but it toughened me up. But you quickly realise it has nothing to do with your world, it’s an idea that people might associate with certain countries – Egypt being one of them – but being different and feeling different only strengthened my idea of who I am as a human being.

In Mr Robot you have a sister; in real life you have a sister who’s older and a twin brother. What was that dynamic like?

Well, I would like to say we were two cute little kids growing up, my brother and I, so my sister may have got jealous at times. It’s hard when you are the older sister and you are all the world to your family, and then these two little devils come along.

So, we had the usual growing pains, but now she is the most loving, supportive sister. She’s an ER doctor in Washington DC. So as impactful and inspiring as this show is and how heroic my character is, it pales in comparison to what my sister does. She is a real hero, as is my brother who’s a schoolteacher.

As kids, did you and your brother ever switch identities?

We have definitely done some very bad things. He always had cuter girlfriends that I wish I had, so we may or may not have changed clothes to play the same boyfriend.

But those days have passed, I assure you. As a kid he may have been more popular, his personality may have showed itself more in public; I was more in my head. But now he looks at me and how everything has changed, and he thinks, “You lucky son of a gun.”

Would you like to start a family of your own?

Of course I would love to have a family. Because I have worked hard and have begun to garner success, I don’t think I’d want to put any woman through that at the moment, because I am very much married to this craft and trying to perfect it.

So, until I accomplish those goals, I wouldn’t want to infect anyone with that type of selfishness. But yes, one day, I would like to have kids, hopefully they’ll look like her.

Are you recognised wherever you go?

It’s wild because when we started, I could walk down the street and no one knew who I was, but now in Manhattan, it’s tough.

But I will stop for anybody, because if you are a fan of this show and if you know who I am and who I am playing, that’s a real blessing.

How do they approach you?

A lot of Elliot, a lot of Rami. It’s funny when you see a girl nudge her boyfriend and then try to hide it, it never ceases to make me laugh and smile. And then within an instant those pictures are on social media.

Robert Downey Jr. came to set the other day because he is a fan of the show, and we have become friends. He is someone I have idolised since watching Chaplin.

Sam and I were shooting when he visited and we were doing a really emotional scene. After we did about four or five takes, Downey was like, “What was wrong with the first take Sam?” And I went, “Yeah, Sam, what was wrong with the first take?” And Sam said, “Well, how many takes do you usually need, Robert?” And he answers, “Two. Usually one is pretty good right off the bat, and the second is just perfecting it.”

And so since that day, Sam has been limiting my takes to two.

With all the attention you’re getting, how do you stay grounded?

My family. They have done that for me since the very beginning. And my friends always let me know who I am.

I grew up in Los Angeles and I never really left the San Fernando Valley. When I was a kid, I didn’t even know Beverly Hills existed until I was in high school.

Everyone always says don’t change or try not to get too sucked into this business or this world, but I never worry about that because of the way I was raised and who I am. I never want to look back at my life and say I cared so much about my work that I let relationships and my family fall to the wayside.

For me, that is the most important thing and an ideal and value that I don’t think I will ever lose.

My favorite/occasionally least favorite part of being a DM

No matter how well you know your players, no matter how many contingencies upon contingencies you plan, your players will always, always do something you don’t expect. Usually something pretty stupid, but sometimes very creative, very ingenious, and completely plot shattering. It can be immensely frustrating when you spend hours upon hours coming up with the perfect story, perfect battle, perfect whatever, and the players manage to completely destroy it within seconds. But hey, it’s not your story, its theirs that you’re telling together. And whatever direction you do end up in, even if you’d never in your wildest imagination thought you’d end up there (but you will most assuredly end up there), is probably going to be very, very awesome. So hang on for a wild ride, because your players are definitely going to take you somewhere bizarre, but fun. 

Also, I want to spend a lot more time with my best friend, a time to connect and make an even stronger bond with him as a person. He’s a man who I look up to and feed off his creative ingenious ways of creating art. A man who I will always love, who I will always cherish his friendship with a great deal of respect. He will always be my best friend.

- Ryan Butler about Justin.