Some days the only reason I am still alive is because my family and friends would be very sad if I killed myself. But if I ever mention suicide to these same people I love, I am told how very selfish I am for entertaining the thought.
—  Irony | Nikita Gill

I’ve been thinking a lot about the illusion of pure originality ever since I read this comment from Pablo Neruda, which Mykki Blanco tweeted a few days ago. Last week, a subscriber to my newsletter alerted me to the fact that some other person had started an email newsletter with a structure very similar to mine. “It seems like he’s copied your whole format,” wrote the reader, who was flatteringly indignant on my behalf. I told him that I appreciated him looking out for me, but that I try not to keep tabs on or worry about these things too much. I don’t own the idea of breaking up a newsletter into discrete sections, and I assume that most people subscribe to mine because of the substance of what I include, not due to the fact that I have created a unique new format. Because I haven’t.

A few weeks before that, I had a conversation with a friend who’s an illustrator. She told me that younger artists sometimes ask her to divulge exactly which materials she uses—brushes, ink, paint, paper. She finds it insulting. She said she’d never give away such specific information, because to do so would be a tacit endorsement of other people copying her work. I told her that I didn’t think it was a big deal. All creators do a certain amount of ethical stealing, and no other artist could make the work that she does, even using the exact same materials, because she infuses everything with her point of view—which she owns completely. I would like to tell you I sounded wise, but I probably sounded like an asshole.

Then today a friend tweeted about a new podcast that’s all about friendship. I felt a flash of annoyance: “Hey, we already have a podcast about friendship.” And I had to take a step back and remember that originality is not the virtue it’s made out to be. This is not friendship-podcast Highlander. There can be more than one—or two or three or four—excellent podcasts about friendship. It’s a big and important topic! And then I subscribed to the new podcast. 

Obviously you don’t want someone passing off your words as their own or tracing your illustrations and republishing without attribution. But such instances of straight-up stealing are way less common, I think, than the petulant urge to protect your perceived originality from people who are merely making something similar. I’m putting this here to remind myself that next time I feel the desire to defend and clamp down on my work, it might be time to try making something new instead. And accept that even the new-for-me thing is not going to be totally original.

✿ Daily Story Seed ✿

The Artifician
Write about a character who happens to be a master of a dead magical art: the power to creating matter from thought. Explore the point of view of a character who is able to create anything by simply thinking about it. And, above all, consider this: what is the horrible, unspoken, cost to this power?

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i. the first time you told her you loved her, fireworks went off in your heart.
ii. one day, you closed your eyes and all you could see was her, her, her.
iii. you knew from the second you saw her that the butterflies were real.
iv. sometimes, you cannot tell the difference between her voice and violins.
v. when you fall asleep, your heart is still screaming her name.
vi. every time you breathe, she is stealing away a part of you.
vii. whenever she is in your arms, it doesn’t feel possible to live without her.
—  reasons she is the one

Today we learned that there’s a name for that hazy, dreamy, timeless state of consciousness we experience just before waking up, a space between dreaming and wakefulness. It’s called the Hypnopompic State and it’s when your dreaming brain is trying to make sense of the real world. Have you ever woken in the middle of saying something aloud that suddenly makes absolutely no sense and you feel very confused? That’s the hypnopompic state. If you reach the hypnopompic state while in the middle of REM sleep, you may actually hallucinate for a few moments.

Inspired by a relative who experiences vivid hypnopompic hallucinations, Finnish designer Kustaa Saksi created Hypnopompic, a series of eight wonderfully strange and psychedelic jacquard woven tapestries and limited edition prints. The vibrant tapestries were produced by the TextielLab, which is located inside the TextielMuseum in the city of Tilburg in the southern Netherlands.

Through his medical research, Saksi has managed to link the state of ‘hypnopompic hallucinations’ with a view of the history of art and design. ‘I refer to scientific studies of the subject in my search for inspiration,’ he says. ‘The hypnopompic state has also been affiliated with visual delusions caused by migraine. These graphic patterns, designs and textures are thought to have contributed to the traditions of ornamentation, mosaic and textile.’

Click here to watch a video about the process of creating Saksi’s mindbending tapestries. Visit the TextielLab for additional photos and to learn more about this fascinating project.

[via Yellowtrace]

Everyone else could let go of you like tearing their eyes away from the stars but I still have all the memories of loving you burned into my retinas. 
It’s easiest to forget on cloudy days when I don’t have the sun reminding me of your smile. 
Anyone else could have been enough, but it was always you with the whole sunrise tucked into the color of your eyes and your fingers curled around my wrist, always ready to take off. 
I would have run to the moon and back with you, baby.
I would have followed you anywhere. 
Some days I still find myself at your heels,
my knees skinned and my palms bloody. 
You’ve knocked me down so many times and I need to leave before I can’t get back up.
I say it to myself, over and over again. Walking away. Walking away. I taste it on the tip of my tongue like your strawberry lip gloss. 
I dust myself off and hope for a day where you aren’t the whole sky, when my world doesn’t fit inside your fist anymore.
—  The Girl and the Sky by Auriel Haack
I have romanticized everything
you have ever done to me.
When you wanted to fuck me on
the night you met me, it was
because you were so attracted to
me. When you kissed another girl,
you were trying to make me jealous. When you yelled at me for
kissing another boy, I convinced
myself it was because you loved
me. When you left, I swore it was
never for good.
—  this is a trainwreck, but i wouldn’t love you if it weren’t | S.B.

✐ Daily Weird Prompt ✐

Blue Magic
Write about a character as they get in a fight with their life-long enemy. The catch? During the fight, this character is overwhelmed by anger and actually murders their foe. Double catch? This life-long enemy was actually a magical creature, and this character has just ‘stolen’ their powers.

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Nights that turned into mornings, with friends that turned into family.

Smart Typography Reveals Plots of Oscars Movies

After his series Word As Image, artist Ji Lee started playing with oscars’ nominated movies’ typography by adding symbolic and relevant forms to letters : we see the M used as wings for the A in “Birdman”, the R turned into a sniper held by an I in “American Sniper”, the P and the I shaping a drumstick and a cymbal for “Whiplash”.

★ Daily Character Question ★

Deal With The Devil
Write a scene where your Protagonist is visited by a stranger who offers them great power at no cost whatsoever. What does your Protagonist do? Is the deal too good to be true, or could it be that your Protagonist does not have the heart to let their temptation win for once?

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