Which “Assassin’s Creed” NPC are you?
  • The girl Arno rejects dancing with at Élise’s party in Versailles
  • The guy who says, “He must be late … and she must be beautiful,” whenever Ezio parkours
  • Beggar woman chasing after Altaïr
  • The Spanish sailor who speaks “a little bit” of English whom Benjamin Hornigold threatens
  • The guy who runs away when Connor asks if he’s Ben Church’s man
  • The kid who steals Jacob’s money first thing after he arrives in London
  • Desmond the corgi
Writing a Novel: Being Unafraid of Failure

Part of the writing process is definitely about having the courage to sit down and write 200+ pages of a novel, but more than that, it’s more recognizably about being unafraid to write something that could potentially be horrible. It’s something that most of us don’t talk about but it’s all somewhere in the back of our minds, “Maybe my book is unreadable.”

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Even if we’re devastated
and our shoulders heavy-weighted,
even if we’re on the ground
and all hope seems to be drowned,
although the sun is already down
in this unenlightened town;
stars are illuminating our paths
and we’ll drive to the seafront
for moonlight baths,
knowing that the sun rising again
is what we’ll see
and so will we.
—  // there’s no time to surrender
The fog on these windows won’t clear,
Despite rays of sun shining in from above,
Despite the warmth in their eyes.
Friends bring in heaters sometimes,
Line them up along the walls of my house
Like soldiers on a battlefield.
Somehow I still manage to stumble,
Blindly, tripping over corpses
With mirrors for faces.
I still cannot name her.
—  poeticallyordinary, the stranger in the mirror

Your 33 on the ACT
Doesn’t mean you need a PhD
An A in math and science
Doesn’t make art an act of defiance
Because the SAT says 1570
You still don’t need to go to MIT

These are the reasons
Their shoulders sag with grievance
Because we bark at them
The only career for you is in STEM
How can we be so insensitive
To say that it’s a waste to be creative?

—  to anyone who’s been told that a certain career or passion is a waste of your intelligence

Time for a challenge! Yay! If you’re interested in joining, please read the blurb below, even if you’re a veteran. There are some changes this round!

Here’s how it works. We’re going to set an overall monthly goal for ourselves, whether it be a certain number of words, craft projects completed, or sketches drawn. 

You’ll also be given the chance to work towards a bonus goal. The bonus goal is a daily goal. This is non-negotiable this time around. The bonus goal must be something that you try to do every day, such as writing 250 words or drawing one sketch. I will not accept bonus goals such as finishing a chapter of a story or knitting a sock. Those can be part of your monthly goals, but not your bonus. (Sorry to be a hardass, but I have to be able to track things easily!)

Then, once June 1st hits, when you’re done creating for the day, just send me a quick email with your progress. Another change this time around is that I will only be accepting emails of your progress and ideally, you will email daily. I don’t mind if you forget a day or two, but I can’t accept variations of this anymore. I know a bunch of you made different arrangements with me in the past, but the challenge has gotten too big, and it’s become too time consuming for me to check multiple sources for progress. I’m sorry!

I’ll keep track on the master spreadsheet and halfway through the month, you’ll get an email with your progress. I definitely encourage everyone to post their progress on their tumblr so we can cheer each other on!

Here’s the FAQ, if you want to take a look. If you have any questions,  you can email me at To sign up, simply send me an email with your monthly goal and if you’re going to work towards a bonus daily goal. I’ll be taking signups until Tuesday, June 3rd. The tag to track/block is #hippo’s creativity challenge

Happy Creating!

Never say never

Higher and higher
sea foam gaze, my desire
falls to the earth
in a crashing wave
I am lost again in those eyes
brings me to heaven
from the grave
Gone, but not forgotten
secret chambers
deep inside my heart
She’s been gone a while
now we’re back to the start
Well done always starts
with just begun
Never say never
until your race is run