i feel so lost
i feel so alone
like time is gone
and i’m all
on my own
—  t.m.
Her body is not your bedroom, it is not a place for you to rest your weary head and then leave in a mess in search of greater adventures. Her body is a home, but not for you, it is a sanctuary for her and her alone.
—  Nikita Gill
Her mother told her she could grow up to be anything she wanted be, so she grew up to become the strongest of the strong, the strangest of the strange, the wildest of the wild, the wolf leading wolves.
—  Nikita Gill, For The Red Riding Hood Who Was The Wolf

things to consider:

▪express gratitude and don’t take things for granted

▪include more fruits and veggies in your diet. you’ll feel much lighter and not so gross

▪appreciate nature! take photos, hike and go on picnics. feel the breeze, smell the flowers and pay attention to the beautiful sounds

▪spend less money and save up for the future, you’ll thank yourself later

▪don’t treat people like air. greet the ones who greet you, hold the door open for others instead of rushing inside, offer your help when needed and just be nice in general

▪hug people, hold hands and show affection but only if you and the other part are both comfortable with it

▪try new things! if someone asks you to participate in a competition then do it! if someone asks you to hang out then do it! you know you’ll regret it if you don’t go!

▪express your sexuality! want to have a lot of sex? have a lot of sex! want to try different types of sex? do it! want to wait till marriage? do it! a person who likes to have a lot sex is valid and person who decides to wait or never have sex is valid too!!

▪take care of your skin!! body!! hair!! teeth!!

▪explore your town! you’ll notice how different things are and look early in the mornings, in the middle of the day, late in the evenings and in the middle of the night!!

▪laugh at small stupid things!! learn to laugh at yourself!!

▪learn to appreciate yourself!! accept your flaws and move on! you don’t have to love yourself and honestly i don’t think anyone ever has fully loved themselves

▪read, read, read. reading makes you understand things better, you’ll write and communicate better and you will live more than only your own life!

▪learn something! whether it’s a language, math, another subject, a sport or another interest! attend classes or learn yourself or together with someone!

▪study the subject you actually want to study. work in the field you actually want to work in

▪stay informed. read the news and at least know the big picture of what’s happening around the world

▪cut out the assholes from your life. is someone draining or just simply a bad person? say goodbye and move on!

she tried to escape everything
but it didn’t matter how hard she tried
she stayed a shadow of her past
it’s still written on her skin
—  t.m.
even more random series of prompts
  • “Or, you know, you can not be boring and help me.“ 
  • "HAH, you’re as alone as I am!" 
  • "911? Yes, I’d like to report a loser." 
  • "See you in prison, pal!" 
  • "Thank god, I thought you were serious for a second there." 
  • "That got a lot more complicated than it needed to be." 
  • "Do I look like a cat to you?!" 
  • "Know this; I have all the baggage." 
  • "Time to ruin everything." 
  • "Did you know you have enough bones in your body to make a skeleton?” (B: “…Please stop talking.”) 
  • “Well this is a predicament." 
  • "I built this town with my bare hands." 
  • "Are you labeling me? And not in the metaphorical fashion, you are literally putting a label on me." 
  • "Is this what it’s like being average?" 
  • "That sigh was a lot louder than I intended it to be." 
  • "Hold me." 
  • "Hasta la vista, jackass." 
  • "This can’t be real." 
  • "I’m a romantic, I know ALL the pick-up-lines. Every single one." 
  • "Well isn’t this tubular?!" 
  • "They deny it, but they have no idea what they’re doing." 
  • "Quick, hide me!”

Maybe you’re in your mid-20s, and you’re going through some tough mental health issues, and you’re feeling left out in life. Maybe you sometimes ask yourself if it’s too late for you to heal. To turn everything in your life around.

Some people who are younger than you have it all together. Sticking with your depression seems to make a lot of sense. You’ve learned so late about stuff. Maybe it’s your passion for writing poetry or painting or making music. You’ve learned that you’ve wasted years doing useless things. You’re now living a life filled with regrets, and I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in feeling this way and that you are never too late to heal.

Everyone has made mistakes. Everyone has wasted years. Everyone has their own regrets. And you and I are late bloomers in passion and in healing. We don’t need to compare our progress to anyone other than ourselves. We are what overcomes us at the present moment. We are not prisoners of our pasts, but we are pioneers of our futures.

So please, let’s not stop writing poems, painting, and making music because this is what we love doing because we’re artists. Each and every single one of us is a revolution in the flesh conquering the tyranny of regret and despair. Each and every single one of us are heroes that make the world a better place through healing ourselves through our art. Yes, we are going through our quarter-life crisis, but that’s not going to stop us from creating and healing while there’s still air in our lungs and blood pumping through our hearts.

We are never too late to heal because we’re just getting started and we’re going to leave this place filled with hope and self-love.

—  Juansen Dizon, You Are Never Too Late To Heal
He looked at her with his bottom lip drawn in, studying her face whilst taking a sip of the wine they had opened a while ago.
‘What is it?’ she asked once the silence filled the space between them, soaking their bodies and making her shiver.
He lowered his gaze and sighed.
'Do you want me to be honest? Brutally honest, just once?’
The tone in his voice made her jump and while she really did not want to hear it, did not want to witness the words she knew were about to drop from his lips, she could not do anything but nod.
'If it comes down to it,’ he started, 'the whole problem is that you fill all my emptiness, the hollow space inside of me - whilst I could never fill yours.’
—  // excerpt from a story I’ll never write
it goes like this: looking at her makes you feel all kinds of things. hot and cold and stupidly brave, but it also fills you with doubts from head to toe. it scares you. looking at her scares you. and you wonder how something so simple can make you feel happy, yet incredibly sad. you think: it must be her face. it must be how her eyes light up when she laughs, or the way she crinkles her nose. you think: it must be her determination. it must be how she knows exactly what she wants. at first you can’t get enough of sneaking glances, of holding her hand, but later even the simplest things are enough to send you running. you don’t know who you are when you’re around her. you’re impulsive and bursting with confidence. you’re a wildfire. and you’re bound to get burnt. but the longer you stare, the more you get lost in her dark eyes and you wonder: am i all that? is she worth the pain? the effort? and oh, she is. and you know. that’s what scares you.
it goes like this: her arms are snaked around your torso and being held by her makes you feel all kinds of things. strong and invincible, but soon enough, you falter. because in the end, she leaves you feeling weak. it hurts you. being held by her hurts you. and you wonder how something so simple can be so confusing, so contradicting. you don’t know who you are around her. you find yourself laughing at her jokes, and wondering how to get away from her only moments later. you are a single leaf caught in the eye of a storm. you think: it’s because she’s too much. but is she? are you sure you were ever enough?
—  are you enough? / n.j.