It can be said by any concert junkie that post-concert depression is an awful pit of despair and it’s tough to get out of. You leave the show with some bumps and bruises, maybe a shirt or two and a couple million pixels of the show and a selfie with some of the members. The memories are great and all, but nothing can bring you back to that night and how it felt to connect with your favorite artist.

We’ve all got our favorite albums. If you’re a musician, you’ve probably wanted to recreate those sounds in your bedroom. The problem usually is that recreation always has its nuances and it never sounds quite right.

What if the opportunity arose that could help alleviate post-concert depression and help your in-home recording process at the same time? Well, welcome to 2014 and say hello to Finn McKenty and the CreativeLive crew.

“The technology is there,” said McKenty, the executive producer of the Music & Audio channel of “You can definitely make good music in your bedroom.”

He went on to talk about Skrillex. Now, say what you want about the man, but he’s recorded a lot of his work in hotel rooms, bathrooms, trains, planes… you name it, he’s probably recorded something in there. His plethora of awards proves that it’s the person behind the computer and knowing the technology.

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I have some pretty great friends. Recently, CreativeLive announced they were doing a 30 Day Wedding Photography “Bootcamp”. Now, I have been a wedding photographer for the past three years. And I think I understand a thing or two about the technical how to’s, how to interact, how to document the day. I think I’m pretty good at this job. And I love this job. But, like any art, you are constantly learning and evolving. I’ve consistently booked 10+ weddings last year and this year, and I already have three (and just got an email about four), on the books for 2016. The one thing this bootcamp has taught me is how I can take what I already do, and make it better. How can I direct my clients for stronger, better images. So, with the help of Camille and Walter, I tired out some of the tips I’ve picked up. After ONE hour I could see improvement. Not on how I photograph, but how I encourage people to be photographed. Digital photography has made the option for anyone to be a x, y, or z photographer easy, but it’s the tools you add to your tool belt. I’m excited for wedding season and pushing myself to create and capture some of the best images of my life. 

Camille + Walter

Columbia, SC