How to make Chewbacca Hummus

I have been getting many positive responses from people about my creative-food-making (thank you!!), and it got me motivated to make more. You know there are so many character-inspired-food all over the internet such as Panda rice balls, Rilakkua Omu-Rice, Totoro Bread, and list just goes on. 

I did a little nerdy “Star Wars” marathon the other day with my newly-nerdy pal and realized there are not so many Star Wars food yet. That’s  how this crazy thing started! :D 

Chewbacca is probably my favorite in the film, so it was easy for me to pick him. But I did A LOT of research what to make him out of. I thought about brown rice, but hey, everyone use rice for making food art. I'might be Asian but I hate to be stereo-typical. Then I thought about cookies and realized all Yukitchen food must be healthy and I didn’t really agree with Chewbacca made out of cookies. Have you seen Chewbacca in film? He is no where closed to being a piece of cookie with cheesy frosting to make his facial parts. He is way more than a cookie. 

Then I thought about hummus. I do make pretty yummy hummus. But hummus is yellow-ish. Yellow is me, not Chewbie. So maybe use an other beans…hmm…. what to do, think Yuki….


So…. that is how we roll today. Today, we are making Chewbie Hummus with black beans. And he was YUMMY! 


Black Beans (2 cans)
Garlic (1~2, chopped)
Lemon (2, squeezed) 
Tahini (¼ cup)
Salt (1 pinch)
Cumin powder (1 spoon)
Coriander Powder (½ spoon)
Cayenne Pepper (depends on preference)
Black Pepper (same)

Broccoli (enough to make a forrest)
Mini tomato (same)
Kaiware (Optional)
Seaweed (1 sheet)
Onion (Little bit) 

Food For Thought

This week I want to encourage you all how to think outside the box and get creative with your food.   I wanted to post this fabulous burger cake, or should I say cake burger…  The fries, garnish and condiments all edible.  For a burger fan there is no better cause for celebration.  Get creative and put your own foodie spin on a dish with a twist and send me your photos, also upcoming this week an article on a Saturday roast club and the secret lunch box challenge.