Attention Awesome Artists


So here’s the deal. We have all these AWESOME meet-up plans that we’re TOTES going to go through with in the Kentucky area. But the posts I make announcing them, while they totally get the attention I want, are so BOOOORINNNG cuz they’re TEXT ONLY!

And that’s where YOU come in!

We are opening the oppertunity for YOU the fantastic artists that we know and love to make us banners for our meet-ups!

What will you get in return?

Well! First you’ll get your art to go around with our posts. (free advertising!)

Second you’ll get one crochet THING from my awesome roommate and fellow meetup planner!

She can make you a doll

a pokemon

or even a plus grubling! (sadly I don’t have a picture for this but they are about 10-11 inches and are kinda similar to the caterpie above. They are the cutest things ever!)

Plus I’ll throw in a crappily made grubling phone charm that I do myself!!

Awesome right!?

If you’re interested just pop me a message in my ask box!

I will write down your tumblr and for every meetup we plan (I already have a caboodle in my head I’m going to need banners for) and in order I will have you make the banner I need! If i run out of artists I will simply offer it to the previous artists who made banners we loved!

(posting this in the kenstuckies & kentuckystuck tags because I want all you local artists to have the first chance!)