Remember when Maya said she didn’t wanna live in a world of stupid purple cats? Remember when Turner said he’d “get rid of that forever?” In Maya’s movie, she imagines saving the world (and herself and Lucas) from the Purple Cat.

The Lucas character has NEVER been costumed in anything like this before. Ever. The GM Creativity callbacks from Triangle forward (technically Permanent Record) basically SCREAM at you to go rewatch the episode. So in Ski Lodge part one, they stick Lucas in a Brooklyn hoodie. Brooklyn is where you go to escape the world of stupid purple cats. But by SL2, Lucas is back in…oh hey, purple.

Hopefully Mr. Jackson hurries it up with the teaching there’s a world beyond purple cats. Because I’m sick of typing “purple cat.” 😂

I think that was the problem"


“I loved him more than I loved myself” I mumble as I begin to wipe the tears from my eyes. “When he left that day, it was almost like he took my existance with him.

—  Tenari Ioapo.
Her aching heart lit your soul on fire.
—  Tenari Ioapo // You loved seeing her in pain.

Oh religion,
you want me beautiful 
in veils,
pure in lingerie,
bad by the pool on a tropical 
summer day,
naked in the water,
naked sipping pretty drinks,
eat the cherry from my mouth.
Tell me I am heaven, 
tell me your desires are bigger
than this world.
Tell me God is mine.
And I am longing for romance.
To be destroyed by love.
I want succes and love.
Lust is paid in
tears, and desires tickle my feet. 
On a hot summer day, I became holy. 

Oh religion,
take me and kiss my wet lips.
You’ve changed me only to be yours.
But my dear, you are going to die
on my belly,
with my soul in your mouth.
Begging God not to let other
men around my hips.

Oh my religion,
you ate me alive
like a pink peach
in July.
Oh, I sin
for you only.

—  The July Religion by Royla Asghar 
I don’t know why, but I can’t get my eyes off of you. You are beyond perfect. When I say you are beautiful, it means you are the song that I want to sing, you are the lullaby that I want to hear every night before I sleep, you are the stars that I want to reach, you are the air that I want to breathe. In your eyes, I could see the galaxies. It makes my heart stop from racing.  And your smiles, it gives me butterflies. It melts me every single time. You are a masterpiece that I don’t want to share. When I say I adore you, it means I would fight every single battle for you. That’s how you mean to me. You are my favorite creation of God, in this life.

a seed breaks through soil
to provide a resting place
for a bee

that ache in your temple
is words pounding on your skull
to break free

the sun rises every morning
to watch the moon sink
below the sea

books are doors to
other worlds but you first
must find the key

if you only
open your eyes everything
will become poetry

—  Leigh, day 306
No, stop. You’re pretty. You’re beautiful too. The contrast between your hair and eyes. The unique way you talk and walk. Those thoughts of blue, yellow, red and white. They’re all beautiful. Those moments you jump out of pure excitement when it’s just for something small. All your values, hope and all the things you would want to change with this world. It will be hard not falling in love with you. There’s so much power in your details, because no one else has the exact same as you. You’re someone to write poems about, a character worthy to be in a really good book. You have so much to offer to this world.
—  t.j. // You’re beautiful