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I’m in love with awesome idea of Coralina AU by @turquoisemagpie and @northeast-artist98 >u< So sorry for giving you any credits ;-; I didn’t know it was yours idea as well ;-; Thank you for correcting me!
And this is little doodle of Anti which has great character desing C:
Really guys, you must check it and her out! C: She has so many great arts and ideas like this >u<
Just wanna say that im so inspired by that AU and her and i can’t wait to see more of her masterpieces >u<
Hope she don’t kill me for this shittly version of her miracles ;-;


That’s Wizard’s Chess | Motion Waves Podcast Ep. 2 ft. PixlPit




April study challenge1️⃣
How do you stay motivated?
The most important things that keep me motivated are my goals. Since I’m still in highschool my biggest goal is to get the best marks possible so there’s nothing stopping me from going to my dream uni✨🌸
Also knowledge is something that I consider as the most important thing ever; nobody is able to take it away from you and knowledge makes you stand out of the crowd.

Another thing is: good grades mean success and success makes you//ME happy!👍🏻💖

And that’s it!