Tate Britain

Take my hand in yours.

Show me Nocturne: Blue and Gold.
Comment on how the blue of the Thames fading to grey
Reminds you of my sad moods.
Slip in the fact that Whistler was born in the state where I grew up,
And died in the country that you call home.
Make it seem like fate, not coincidence.

Show me Newton.
Talk about Blake’s offense at deism.
Watch the mention of religion skitter past my ears
And right over my head.

Show me Norham Castle, Sunrise.
We’ll squint to make out shapes hidden by sun rays,
But it will only blur more.
We’ll take a few steps back and will see it clearly,
Before strangers obstruct our view.
I’ll comment on how the colours look like that of a child’s nursery.

Show me The Awakening Conscience.
I’ll ask you what you think is happening.
You’ll say that you don’t know.
I’ll point out the absence of a ring on her finger,
A mistress, she was.
She longs for something else.
Annie Miller’s beauty encapsulated in a single painting,
Her own life reflected for a moment.

Show me Beata Beatrix.
I’ll gasp with pleasure,
Recite bits of my favourite Rossetti poems for you to hear.
I’ll tell you the story of Rossetti and Lizzie Siddal,
And though you’ve heard it before,
You listen as though you haven’t.

Show me Ophelia.
Kiss my cheek as I gaze upon it, wide-eyed.
Tell me that I am as fair as Ophelia herself,
And I will smile while I marvel in Lizzie’s grace,
Better depicted by Millais
Than by her own husband.

As we leave
And pass the statue of Millais himself,
We shall embark on our own Shakespearean adventure.
To meet Ophelia’s fate,
Content and unaware of danger
Then drowned all at once,
I pray we refrain.




She waited so patiently for her turn in the photoshoot, but kept this adorable, impatient expression the entire time. 

It’s tough being a supermodel.


“Group Photo” event by Sean Fahie

shot by Artemus Jenkins

Sometimes at random drunken moments, great things happen like child conception and ideas that lead to cool stuff. If you ask Sean Fahie, why he felt the need to bring a bunch of the creatives in Atlanta together for a group photo, he would blame a bit of it on the alcohol, but he would also tell you that sometimes you just need an excuse to hang with people you enjoy.


It’s been over a year since we last discovered the photos of Malaysian Star Wars superfan Zahir Batin (previously featured here). Batin lives in Selangor, Malaysia and uses his Star Wars toys (and a bit of Photoshop) to create photos that play with perspective, making the toys appear real and showing off the natural beauty of his homeland. The first time we featured his work Batin was focusing on using action figures in playful scenarios. More recently he’s been incporating his toy starships, starfighters, and walkers as well, which appear to be touring the Malaysian countryside and interacting with its residents.

He also created this awesome shot in which an Ewok is checking out a duck pond. We aren’t sure if he’s simply enjoying watching the birds or intends to hunt them for his dinner:

Batin also like to demonstrate how he creates his awesome photos, sharing techniques and tips on his Facebook page.

Visit Zahir Batin’s Facebook page or DeviantART and 500px galleries to check out more of his fantastic photography.

[via Yahoo News]


“Combophotos” is a project featuring clever pairs of pictures spliced into single images, playing with scale—and often food—in delightful ways. It’s the brainchild of Stephen McMennamy, a BBDO Atlanta creative director Via