I got a new car! Well, new to me. She’s a 2008 Toyota Matrix, 140000km. Purchased off Kjijii. Total base package so only power locks but manual mirrors and doors (annoying but whatevs) and no cruise control. I am super happy though and can’t complain because my parents graciously paid for it on the basis of me slowly paying them back since my first car died last month. She’s cute and she drives well so it’s all I really need!

little sister didn’t get the a-level results she needed to get into vet school, and it’s all she’s wanted all her life and she’s worked so hard on them and on getting the work experience she needs and she’s the family genius so the parents didn’t think she could not get them, so i’m so worried about what happens next for her and i have no idea how to help why cant i be a better big sister