Autism runs in the Pines family. 

Stanford and Stanley Pines are autistic.

  •  Stanford Pine’s special interest is the supernatural/strange phenomenons and science and he tends to hyper-focus on his tasks. 
  • Stanley Pines goes through most of his special interests quite quickly, but for years his special interest was the Stan o’ War boat and his dream of treasure hunting. 

Dipper and Mabel Pines are also autistic.

  •  Dipper was between special interests when he arrived at Gravity Falls and so after he found the Journal the mysteries of Gravity Falls and the identity of the author/the journals became his special interests very fast. Dipper has more prominent sensory processing issues which is why he tends to wear the same outfit pretty much every day. He also likes to stim by clicking his pen and biting on his pens when he’s trying to concentrate. 
  • Mabel likes to stim by knitting. Knitting and creative art in general is both a stim and a special interest to her. Mabel, much like Stanley, tends to have multiple special interests and/or burns through most special interests pretty fast with only a small number of them being long lasting. Whenever Mabel is distressed and/or has a melt-down she often hides in “sweater town”.

okay I have the pattern all written up and everything, I just need a clever name for them, help me internet D: you can find it here!!

all I can come up with is “Sockolavania” and “A Cozy Time” (Texel gave me “Socks that might play when you fight Sans” because he’s a butt)

also: did you know that it’s really hard to take good pictures of your own feet

(especially if you have cats)