Creativity Spell

The idea of this spell is to help with writing, drawing, sewing, knitting, any creative hobby that you have taken up and need a boost to get out of a slump or improve skills. This can be placed into a jar or satchet.

You will need:

  • A corked jar or satchet; The jars can be found in craft stores! 
  • A tea light (optional)
  • lavender
  • anise seed
  • basil
  • rosemary (this is to banish any negativity and improves memory)
  • thyme (again to banish negativity)
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen/paint brush/anything you want to write with
  1. Cast your circle/Meditate
  2. Place the herbs into the jar or satchet, but do not seal yet.
  3. On a piece of paper, write down or draw if you prefer sigils, your intentions. What do you want to gain from this spell? i.e improved skill, motivation to complete a piece of work, etc.
  4. Place the paper into the jar intact, bury it into the herbs so that they increase the chances of success
  5. Light the tea light, and as it starts to melt the wax, say or imagine your intent: e.g My hands will create, my mind will flow with imagination, my brush will stain the paper with my vision. I am creative. 
  6. Once the wax is melted, pour slowly onto the now corked jar, still visualising your intent.
  7. Alternative the previous steps, if you are using a satchet, stitch the satchet closed and do the same method with visualisation or incantation.
  8. Leave the jar/satchet where you usually work, or if you go to school/college/uni and do a creative subject, keep it in your bag or on your person.

Some other tips:

You can use a jar of paint water for this spell, and whilst stirring, speak your incantation. 

Knitting needles can be used in place of wands if you charge them first

Other herbs you can use for this include Catnip, Hawthorn and Vervain

Use stones in place of herbs if you prefer to work with them

If you want to be really creative with this, decorate the satchet or jar before you start the spell to really push the success.

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Glad I could do somethin'. ☺️☺️ Hope you've been having a good day, and wanted to ask what your favorite headcanons regarding Washington and Mulligan were. (Either together or separately, your pick. And feel free to go as in depth as ya want 🙃) lots of emojis today, pretty odd. Ah well. 💙 SMORCH

:0 oh !! thank u ! and ye, here’s some of my favorite hcs for the best boys,,,,

hercules mulligan

  • he’s on the autism spectrum! you’ll often find him making the “brrah” noise under his breath,, he’s stimming
    • his special interest is color theory!! and he loves being asked and he’s more than delighted to tell !! he kind of likes being considered The Expert™
    • (john asks him about color theory often and this makes hercules really excited! john also takes notes while herc is explaining)
    • he has a lot of recipes for slime / floam !
  • he’s taller than laf by one (1) inch and he loves making jokes about it 
    • (”laf probably couldn’t reach this but i sure can”)
  • he likes being creative, be it knitting or doodling or sewing or cooking,, he just really enjoys making stuff with his hands! makes him happy !
  • he doesn’t remember much of his childhood, save for the fact that he immigrated over from ireland when he was really lil,, that’s practically his only memory before the age of eleven
  • herc’s a really positive person!!
    • if he thinks you’re feeling down, he has a knack for knowing just what to say to help you feel better!!
    • he has the most blessed laugh Ever
  • he likes to go to the gym!
  • often comes off as more boastful or cocky, but it’s honestly him being genuinely proud of something he’s done!! he just likes to share,, hercules has done lots of things that he’s got every right to be proud of, and he knows it !
  • he likes to take aesthetic pictures of himself !!

george washington

  • if you call him cute he might actually pass out (wosh.exe has stopped responding)
    • despite the amount of compliments he gets, he’s surprisingly self-conscious / insecure about,, practically everything involving him
      • (he never vocalizes this and you’d only know if you’re good at reading his body language)
      • (he internalizes a lot of stuff)
    • he doesn’t know quite how to react other than just kinda clearing his throat and saying thank you (but he appreciates this v much)
  • he actually smiles more than you’d think he would ! he tries to maintain a certain composure (especially during the war) but he sometimes can’t help himself!!
  • sticks out his tongue when concentrating (don’t comment on this he gets embarrassed and he never really realizes that he still does it,,,)
  • likes to give christmas gifts to everyone he works with!
  • due to his upbringing, he’s quite harsh with himself when he shows any emotions he may perceive as “weak”. he’s learning more every day, though, and while it’s likely there’s always going to be a little voice that chastises him if he ever cries, he’s getting better at telling it to stay quiet,,
  • he likes boxing!
  • sometimes he draws, and he’s honestly better than you’d expect!! he has a super cute drawing style,,

Social psychologists are becoming rather brilliant at setting up these gender difference sleights of hand [to show that gender differences disappear in the absence of stereotype threat]. The examples are piling up in all sorts of domains–from social sensitivity to chess to negotiation–but the pièce de resistance is the visuospatial skill of mental rotation performance.

In the classic and most widely used test of this ability, the test taker is shown an unfamiliar three-dimensional shape made up of little cubes–the target–and four other similar shapes. Two of these are the same as the original but have been rotated in three-dimensional space, and two are mirror images. The task is to work out which two are the same as the target. Mental rotation performance is the largest and most reliable gender difference in cognition. In a typical sample, about 75 percent of people who score above average are male. Gender differences in mental rotation ability have even recently been seen in babies three to four and five months of age. While it’s easy to see that a high score on the mental rotation test would be a distinct advantage when it comes to playing Tetris, some also claim (although they’re often strongly disputed) that male superiority in this domain plays a significant role in explaining males’ better representation in science, engineering, and math.

People’s mental rotation ability is malleable; it can be greatly enhanced by training. But there are far quicker, easier ways to modulate mental rotation ability. By…manipulating the social context in such a way that it changes the mind that is performing the task. For example, you can feminize the task. When, in one study, participants were told that performance on mental rotation is probably linked with success on such tasks as “in-flight and carrier-based aviation engineering … nuclear propulsion engineering, undersea approach and evasion, [and] navigation,” the men came out well ahead. Yet when the same test was described as predicting facility for “clothing dress and design, interior decoration and interior design … decorative creative needlepoint, creative sewing and knitting, crocheting [and] flower arrangement,” this emasculating list of activities had a draining effect on male performance.

Alternatively, instead of changing the gender of the task, you can keep the task the same but push gender into the mental background. Matthew McGlone and Joshua Aronson, for example, measured mental rotation ability in students at a selective liberal arts college in the northeastern United States. One group was primed with gender, while another group was primed with their exclusive private-college identity. Women who had been induced to think of themselves as a student at a selective liberal arts college enjoyed a performance boost, scoring significantly higher than gender-primed women. Likewise, Markus Hausmann and colleagues found that although gender-stereotype-primed men outperformed gender-stereotype-primed women, men and women primed with an irrelevant (geographical region-based) stereotype performed similarly on the mental rotation task.

Another outrageous, but successful, approach was recently devised by Italian researcher Angelica Moè. She described the mental rotation test to her Italian high school student participants as a test of spatial abilities and told one group that “men perform better than women in this test, probably for genetic reasons.” The control group was given no information about gender. But a third group was presented with a downright lie. That group was told that “women perform better than men in this test, probably for genetic reasons.” So what effect did this have? In both the men-are-better and the control group, men outperformed women with the usual size of gender difference. But women in the women-are-better group, the recipients of the little white lie, performed just as well as the men.

—  Cordelia Fine, Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

Autism runs in the Pines family. 

Stanford and Stanley Pines are autistic.

  •  Stanford Pine’s special interest is the supernatural/strange phenomenons and science and he tends to hyper-focus on his tasks. 
  • Stanley Pines goes through most of his special interests quite quickly, but for years his special interest was the Stan o’ War boat and his dream of treasure hunting. 

Dipper and Mabel Pines are also autistic.

  •  Dipper was between special interests when he arrived at Gravity Falls and so after he found the Journal the mysteries of Gravity Falls and the identity of the author/the journals became his special interests very fast. Dipper has more prominent sensory processing issues which is why he tends to wear the same outfit pretty much every day. He also likes to stim by clicking his pen and biting on his pens when he’s trying to concentrate. 
  • Mabel likes to stim by knitting. Knitting and creative art in general is both a stim and a special interest to her. Mabel, much like Stanley, tends to have multiple special interests and/or burns through most special interests pretty fast with only a small number of them being long lasting. Whenever Mabel is distressed and/or has a melt-down she often hides in “sweater town”.
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Name: Guro
Age: 17 (Soon 18)
Country: Norway

My name is Guro.
I like dogs, and to watch sunset. I also enjoy to be creative. My favorite hobbies are taking photos and hiking. I like nature.
I am currently studying Media & Communication in VGS/High School. I enjoy Graphic Design, filmmaking and photography.
I like watching YouTube, and getting inspired.

I can write in English and Norwegian.
I want a penpal, because I want to get to know new people and get more friends.
I would like to send snailmail.

Preferences: I do not have any preference, but it would be nice to have something in common.

“already seen”- chapter 3

(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2)

♫♫no, you don’t know the one who dreams of you at night, and longs to kiss your lips, and longs to hold you tight♫♫ …you know the rest

sliiiightly nsfw

***EDIT: I had to repost this cuz i fuckin deLETED THE ORIGINAL CUZ I’M FUCKIN STUPID AND DIDN’T UNDERSTAND HOW A TUMBLR EXTENSION WORKS but I found a cached version so yay

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Announcing Triles Week 2016!

August 14-20 will be a week full of creation, reflection, enjoyment and all things Triles!

Our little corner of the Degrassi fandom is creative, passionate and close knit, so it is my honor to put on a week to celebrate it all.

I will be announcing the day themes at the end of this week so that you can get a head start on your fanfiction, fan art, fan videos and anything you want to post! All expressions of Triles obsession are welcome!

However, I am still looking for (and hoping for) suggestions as to what you want to be included in Triles Week. Any suggestions for themes are more than welcome!

#TrilesWeek2016 is gunna be great! :)

GleeDegrassi-BigFan (Harper)

An unassuming-looking box starts to make a rather suspect clinking sound.

Removing the lid reveals…

a very sorry looking (and smelling) sight.  Soft whimpering noises can be heard as light strikes the figure within.

Shame on philosophykitten for allowing Clint to smuggle all that alcohol into his box!    (Just kidding!)


Just in case anyone is concerned about the state of my health, I really don’t drink very often. However, the local drunks don’t appear to know what a bin is so bottles can be sourced quite easily.

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Hey!! I love your blog and your writing, so I was wondering if you could do a long oneshot for me? I want Annabeth to have this family reunion where everybody is stuck-up and they all think she's a loser, but then Percy shows up because he knew that her family was snobby. Oh, and Percy is really famous because he saved some kids, so everybody already knows him and they're jealous of Annabeth. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU

Here you go! It’s about 2k which I hope is long enough. Thanks so much for the compliment and the request :D

The worst thing about spending time with the mortal side of my family was that I couldn’t tell them that my favorite hobby was stabbing things.

Family barbecues were painful enough without the stress of avoiding sounding like I belonged in a nuthouse. The constant flow of questions spilling from the mouths of my aunts and uncles, and the judgmental stares from my snobbish cousins, was enough to remind me of why I ran away in the first place. I found that the only way I could get through the day in one piece, was by answering their questions… creatively.

 “I love knitting,” I boasted to one particular aunt whose rosy cheeks shone with not-so-subtle hints of plastic surgery. “I own ten different types of knitting needles, and I run a small charity where I make and donate scarves to the homeless.”

“Wow. That’s… That’s really generous of you, Annabelle.”

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