Roleplay Attire Tag, Tentan Bairon ♪

Maral @sunkissed-punchlizard tagged me to do Tentan`s and I couldnt resist. ♥ Tentan is a doll and loves to dress up. Top two are her official outfits, for events and tribal business where she represent the Bairon. Second row is her casual outfits, when she goes to Kugane or on a date with Algun, her healer outfit, and her more lighthearted horsewrangling and crafting outfit. She is a resourceful lass, and loves flowers, light and flowing materials, and doesnt mind showing skin.
So in return I tag @andarion to do one of Lorentz, @ekwehstrian, @lynto-amariyo and @zahkis-ffxiv  ♥